Reality Check: The Three Most Influential Miss World Titleholders Of The Decade

The Queens Who Made An Impact

Miss World pageant is one of the oldest talked about pageant and its vitality could be understood from the fact that the pageant witnesses maximum participation from the countries all across the globe as compared to any other pageant. While many of the Miss World titleholders have become huge names having gained the celebrity status, it is imperative to dig in a deeper and look back at the past decade.

Few days back we presented the Three Most Influential Miss Universe Titleholders of the Decade, today let’s talk about the Miss World titleholders who have managed to create a powerful impact socially, ethically and morally during their tenure as Miss World. So let’s begin the voyage down the memory lane.

1. Rolene Strauss- Miss World 2014 (South Africa)

rolene strauss miss world 2014.jpg


Rolene Strauss undisputedly deserves to be the queen of the decade, ruling not just over the Miss World throne but also hearts. When she was crowned as Miss World 2014 no one dared to raise a question, she conquered the crown fair and square. Rolene is an asset to the Miss World Organization, coming from a rich medical background. Not only did she accomplished her medical studies as soon as she finished her reign as Miss World, but she also married the love of her life, D’Niel Strauss in 2016 after one year of courtship. In 2017, she gave birth to her son. Despite of being a mother, Rolene is active enough to keep up with the world, attending not just the gym but also slaying the red carpets of noteworthy events.

Lately, the beauty queen has laid down a charitable trust named as The Strauss Foundation along with her husband, with the idea of promoting good health and education among the less privileged members of the society.

The first test tube born lady to win the title of Miss World, what sets her apart is her aspiration to reach the goal without wasting a moment. In the world full of procrastinators, we need someone like Rolene, who can illuminate the paths of the women hoping to tread on the same path.

2. Megan Young- Miss World 2013 (Philippines)

megan young

Being the first Filipina to be crowned as Miss World, Megan Young already etched her name in history when she won the title of Miss World 2013. Never did this beauty queen took her title for granted and continued to be a part of Miss World family either by hosting the coronation eve or visiting different countries as part of the Miss World Organization for philanthropic causes. [Also Read: Success Story of Megan Young]

She has been part of several TV shows in Philippines as an actor and host. The twenty seven years old beauty queen has been modelling and hosting since the age of 15 and is celebrated for her vivaciousness and lively spirit. Keeping her relationship status low key, Megan believes to be the action rather than a mere voice!

3. Manushi Chhillar- Miss World 2017 (India)

manushi chhillar from india is miss world 2017

The first ever Beauty with a Purpose winner to win the title of Miss World, Manushi has achieved various accolades for her philanthropic project. Although it is too early to include her in the list, as her reign has just begun, but look at the momentous feat she has achieved in these three months as Miss World. While the Miss World beauties in last few years fade after the coronation gala, Manushi has maintained the momentum right from the beginning to present. [Also See: Success Story of Manushi Chhillar]

The way she initiated the Beauty with a Purpose Tour in India by being part of several media interactions and philanthropic events, speaks magnanimously about her strong demeanor.

The magnitude of impact caused by her awareness programmes can be gauged from the fact that her state has announced free supply of sanitary napkins in the schools to promote the importance of menstrual hygiene. She has graced many imperative red carpet events and was even awarded as the Indian of the Year by CNN IBN, no wonder why she is one of the most followed Miss World on Instagram following Priyanka Chopra. She has visited many schools across India invoking discussions related to women health and hygiene. Being the youngest reigning beauty queen of 2017, Manushi is definitely going to leave a legacy behind and shall be remembered for her noteworthy work in the years to come!

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Miss World Beauty With A Purpose Tour Begins From India Today!

Miss World Team Embarks On Beauty With A Purpose Tour

After the homecoming events, Manushi Chhillar is now all set to embark on her journey as Miss World 2017, wherein she will be joining her Miss World sisters and the team to visit forty different countries to contribute to several Beauty with a Purpose projects. The Miss World team is currently in India, where Manushi’s Beauty with a Purpose Project on menstrual hygiene and awareness would be worked on. The team will then proceed to other countries.

Today, the six continental queens of Miss World 2017, Annie Evans from New Zealand, Stephanie Hill from England, Solange Sinclair from Jamaica, Ha-eun Kim from Korea, Andrea Meza from Mexico and Magline Jeruto from Kenya landed in India to begin their first Beauty with a Purpose tour. They were joined by Miss World 2016, Stephanie Del Valle and Miss World Organization team member, Barney Walsh. Very soon, the Chairperson of Miss World Organization, Julia Morley will also join them.

miss world 2017 team india beauty with purpose tour.jpg

After India, the Miss World Team will then head over to Indonesia, China, British Virgin Islands followed by the United States of America.

Meet The Contestants of Miss World 2018 HERE!!!


Moments Etched in Hearts: Reminiscing Top 10 Pageant Moments of 2017!

The Best Pageant Moments of 2017

The year is going to bid us good bye in few hours and we are ecstatic about the happy moments, sad for the unfortunate incidents and enthusiastic for what 2018 has to bring for all of us. Amidst this nostalgic and emotional moment of the year, we here bring you some of the most beautiful pageant moments of 2017 which shall be etched in our hearts forever

1. When Pia Wurtzbach Handed Glasses To Steve Harvey



The queen of hearts, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach bid adieu to her Miss Universe title this year on her home turf, Philippines. Her much talked about controversial crowning ceremony was in news all over the globe, so she made sure to bring up that startling moment back with a pinch of humour during the final announcement of Miss Universe 2016. Pia Wurtzbach stole the moment as she hit Steve in the wittiest way. Right before the announcement, Pia interrupted Harvey and gave her bittersweet vengeance by handing him eyeglasses.

2. When Indonesia Won Its First Miss International Crown

Indonesia had impressed all pageant fans with brilliant National Costumes but the country was still trying to cease its lingering hunger for a major crown after its victory at Miss Grand International 2016, and Kevin Lilliana turned this wish a reality. The very effervescent beauty was announced as Miss International 2017 this October and her winning reaction shall be etched in our hearts forever as she created a history to be remembered and cherished.

3. When District of Columbia Won Miss USA Back To Back

District of Columbia has now become the new powerhouse at Miss USA pageant after having back to back victory in 2017 under the representation of Kára McCullough. What can be more wonderful than crowning your friend! The same happened with Deshauna when she crowned Kara who competed with her during Miss District of Columbia USA and was titled as the first runner up to her. She later represented the state at Miss USA pageant and was crowned by her friend, Deshauna winning the Miss USA crown back to back for her state.

4. When Colombia Entered Top 3 of Miss Universe Fourth Time In Row

Colombia knows how to showcase their proficiency and rich heritage at Miss Universe pageant. Laura Gonzalez was a pleasure to watch at Miss Universe 2017 and her performance throughout the coronation gala was not just beautiful but also inspiring. She stole the show that night the moment she said, “This one goes to every single loser in the world because I know how big your dreams are. You know, I’ve been there but you just keep working hard and put so much passion in everything you do because you just might get the chance to stand in front of a thousand people and they’re screaming through their faces that you’re the one here. You’re a champion. Yes!”

5. When South Africa Won Its Second Miss Universe Crown After 38 Years

Miss Universe 2017 South Africa Demi Leigh Nel Peters Crowning

South Africa has been participating at Miss Universe pageant since last 42 years and won its first ever Miss Universe crown back in 1978 under the representation of Margaret Gardiner. South Africa usually sends its winner to Miss World pageant and has won the Miss World crown lately under the representation of Rolene Strauss, who was crowned in 2014. South Africa finally took the risk of sending their main winner to Miss Universe and voila, they have their second Miss Universe!

6. When India Won Miss World Crown After 17 Years

India’s powerhouse status was diminishing in late 2000’s until the country introduced a new theme at their national pageant this year by allotting thirty state representative of each state under the slogan, “We are Changing”. The Organization introduced many changes in the selection criteria and training sessions, crowning Manushi Chhillar for representing India at Miss World 2017. The lady was not just a beautiful face but proved her strength and elegance through her grounded aura and her performance at Miss World 2017 just added stars to her already gleaming personality. On the finale night, when Manushi was announced as the new Miss World, not just the audience and her supporters gasped in happiness but her winning reaction also stole the limelight!

7. When Monalysa Alcantara Won First Miss Brazil Crown For Piaui

Monalysa Alcantara created history this year when she became the first lady from her state, Piaui to win the Miss Brazil crown. Not only this, her victory was recorded as a back to back triumph for a black woman at Miss Brazil. As a representative of Brazil, she was adjudged as a Top 10 finalist at Miss Universe 2017.

8. When 92 Delegates Competed For Miss Universe Crown

Miss Universe pageant usually sees about eighty countries competing for the crown but this year, delegates across 92 countries and territories participated at Miss Universe pageant, surpassing the previous record of 89 contestants in 2011 and 2012.

9. When Miss World Allowed To Know All Delegates Through Head to Head Challenge

This year Miss World pageant became interesting and worth watching by making a commendable move of dividing delegates in twenty different groups for the Head to Head Challenge. Each contestant was asked different question and then a common question, which allowed people to know each contestant in a better and deeper way. The audience got to connect with the pageant in individual way as they got to vote for their favourite contestant making them the winner of Head to Head Challenge, thereby letting them advance to Top 40 quarter-finals. This was the first time when the delegates made the first cut in such huge number.

10. When Steve Harvey Joked About The Oscars Gaffe

Steve Harvey owned the Miss Universe 2017 pageant as the host. His sense of humour left everyone in delight as they witnessed the show progress. He humouredly said, “I’ll tell you what I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving weekend. I’m grateful for the Oscars. Cause it let me off the hook. So, you can sit here and act like you didn’t see what Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway did, but it got me off the hook. Let me explain something to you: Moonlight don’t sound nothing like La La Land. Nothing! There wasn’t but two movies to pick from, and they got it wrong. My mistake at least involved 80 other countries.” He further added before announcing the winner, “Everyone’s waiting on the big moment at the end, to see if I get it right!”

Which was your favourite moment of 2017? Do share in the comment section below! Until then, Happy New Year. See you in 2018! 🙂

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The Wasted Beauties: Reminiscing The Unsung Heroines of 2017

The Unsung Heroines of 2017

What comes to our mind when we first think of a beauty pageant? It is a beautiful face being adorned with the magnificent crown. However, when we dig in deeper, we find that beauty is never enough, but we cannot help to mourn over the wasted beauties in the international pageants, once the pageant is culminated.

Today we are going to talk about those beauties who were in radar of every pageant critic and fan even before arriving the venue of the pageants. Their every action, picture and appearances became the buzz of pageant town, yet they could not penetrate even in the semi-finals on the day of coronation. So what went wrong with our beauties in 2017, let’s find out without further delaying it.

1. Miss International Lithuania 2017- Patricija Belousova

miss international lithuania patricija belousoua

Look at those deep beautiful eyes and you will be stoned I kid you not. Every pageant expert expected her to win the runner up title if not the Miss International crown. She was no less than a queen at the pageant, having nailed her every appearance be it on stage or off it. Her non-placement was one of the shocking occurrences in 2017 pageantry.

2. Miss Universe Russia 2017- Ksenia Alexandrova


Ksenia was expected to make it big at Miss Universe pageant just like her fellow Russian, Ksenia Sukhinova, who walked home with the Miss World crown in 2008. Pensive eyes, finely structured facial features and great presence on runway, the pageant fanatics were rooting for Russia this year. The hopes were shattered when she could not make it to semi-finals.

3. Miss Earth Puerto Rico 2017- Karla Victoria Aponte

Miss Earth 2017 Puerto Rico Karla Aponte

Karla Victoria Aponte was everything we were looking for. She had the face, stage presence and she knew how to perform. This diligent beauty won three gold medals by winning Best in Eco-Video Presentation, Best in Swimsuit and Best in Long Gown pre-pageant activities. Apart from that, she was also titled as Miss JACMI. People were considering her a force to reckon with, but her non-placement made the audience gasp in melancholy.

4. Miss Universe Mexico 2017- Denisse Franco

denisse franco miss universe 2017 mexico

After her power packed performance in preliminary competition, everyone had Mexico in their Top 5. Not only was Denisse beautiful and fierce but she was also someone whom no one would miss to see in semi-finals. What went wrong with her is still a mystery!

5. Miss World Australia 2017- Esma Voloder

miss world australia esma voloder

Those ocean like deep eyes and subtle grace would make anyone fall for Esma! Australia sent a wonderful delegate to Miss World this year but despite of forty delegates making the first cut, this powerhouse representative could not penetrate into semi-finals, which came as a huge shock to many. Esma was also a Top 20 finalist in the Beauty with a Purpose segment and people expected her to at least place if not go far in the race to Miss World crown.

6. Miss Universe Peru 2017- Prissila Howard

miss universe peru prissila howard

After showcasing vava-voom fierce performance in the preliminary competition, Peru was considered to be a force to reckon with at Miss Universe, however her non-placement left people in despair. She was everything Miss Universe stands for! Flawlessly fierce, graceful and sparkling, she turned million heads. But unfortunately, this confidently beautiful woman failed to make the first cut, may be on the basis of continental selection of semi-finalist.

7. Miss International Nepal 2017- Niti Shah

miss nepal international niti shah

Niti Shah made the waves in pageant town right from the day she won her national pageant. Although Nepal does not have the sash factor in pageantry being the budding nation in the pageant town, yet Niti gave sufficient momentum to her sash during her tenure as Miss International Nepal. Her beauty, fierceness and audacity to face camera gave her all the limelight for right reasons.

8. Miss Universe Iceland 2017- Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir

iceland miss universe 2017 arna

Arna was on radar of many pageant experts before the arrival. Her vivacious personality received a lot of attention, but the lady could not move ahead in the coronation gala missing the first cut.

9. Miss World Spain 2017- Elisa Tulian

elisa tulian miss world spain

This lady won so many hearts as soon as she arrived in Sanya. Her “Dances of the World” outfit complemented her effervescent aura and the way she handled herself in Sports Challenge, Top Model and Talent Rounds, becoming the finalist in each of the segment, made her one of the much loved delegates at Miss World 2018. It was sad to see her missing the first cut.

10. Miss Earth Ecuador 2017- Lessie Giler Sanchez


This gorgeous woman gave a tough fight at Miss Earth 2017, trying her best to repeat the victorious feat of Ecuador at Miss Earth pageant. Not only did she win bronze medal in swimsuit competition but was also titled as Miss Laus Group, Miss Rotary Club of Makati and second runner up at Miss Earth Hannah. Her fierceness, grace and photogenic aura deserved to be praised with a placement at least if not with the main crown or runner up title, hence not seeing her penetrate the semi-finals was disheartening.

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Gowns We Wish To Keep In Wardrobe: Reminiscing 10 Best Gowns of 2017

Majestic Gowns To Remember In 2017

1. Miss International 2017- Kevin Lilliana


Kevin Lilliana, who won the first Miss International crown for her nation, Indonesia, looked every inch a queen in this gorgeous masterpiece by Ivan Gunawan. The evening gown which was based on the theme of “Thallasa: Mother of Sea” made her look like a queen even before she was crowned with the coveted title. The aquamarine sequined gown which reflects the beauty of ocean encircling Indonesia is one of the best creations of the year featuring a slight fit-and-flared column gown with beautiful silk chiffon sleeve capes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2. Miss Grand International 2017- Maria Jose Lora

Miss Grand International 2017 Peru Maria Jose Lora Gown.jpg

Maria Jose Lora’s exquisite beauty and fierce corporeal frame enhanced with the glory of a stunning masterpiece by Maritza Mendoza Atelier. The nude gold gown enclosed her curvaceous body like the second skin. The details of the gown are beyond appreciation and the magnificent impact it created on stage is definitely unforgettable.

3. Miss World Indonesia 2017- Achintya Nilsen


This is one of the best gowns we witnessed this year. No wonder it was titled as the “Best Designer Dress” at Miss World 2017 pageant. The beautiful creme colored creation by Melta Tan showcased a see-through ivory colored silk tulle base with gold sequin appliqué. The evening gown looked exquisite with a stiffened overskirt and the sweeping train made this masterpiece all the more royal and majestic.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4. Miss Universe 2016- Iris Mittenaere

The farewell gown always needs to stand out as the entire world witnesses the queen of queens in her final moments of glory. Iris Mittenaere ensured that she looks her best during her final walk as Miss Universe and this gorgeous creation by Michael Cinco fulfilled her dream into reality. The ombré red sequined strapless gown with the plunging neckline and attached crinoline-backed overskirt was every inch the reflection of haute couture magnum opus.

5. Miss World 2017- Manushi Chhillar

When it comes to Miss World pageant, you think of subtle and charming lady with poise and composure. This work of art by Falguni and Shane Peacock was custom made for Manushi on her special request. The off-shoulder, bodycon gown made out of soft pink tulle and pink lace was crystallized with small Swarovski crystals. The gown enhanced her cinched waist and made the queen’s crowning moment all the more memorable.

6. Miss Universe Colombia 2017- Laura Gonzalez

The sequined silver over nude column gown designed by Hernan Zajar was the talk of pageant town post Miss Universe 2017. The long neckline and off shoulder gown dress featured about 51k vertically and diagonally placed sequins which were all hand sewn. The flower applique in the upper torso enhanced the charm of this exotic beauty as she walked the stage in her royalty. The subtle slit made her look graceful.

7. Miss World 2016- Stephanie Del Valle

Catriona_stephanie (2)

This beautiful farewell gown of Stephanie Del Valle complemented her magnificent Miss World crown during her final moments as the reigning queen. This art piece was designed by Carlos Alberto and featured a light blue over nude sequined vaguely fit and flare gown with azure chiffon back capes and innumerable lovely crystals in deep blue, turquoise and silver. The design itself was inspired by the much loved Miss World crown and it would go down in the memory lane of all pageant critics and fans as one of the most well thought of design.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

8. Miss Universe Philippines 2017- Rachel Peters

This lovely evening gown by Val Taguba ensured that the powerhouse delegate looks exuberant in one of the most coveted pageants of the world. The evening gown featured side cut-outs, a plunging neckline, side front slit opening and feathered hem, which made her look like a princess stepping out of the fantasy world.

9. Miss Universe Thailand 2017- Maria Poonlertlarp

Thailand Evening Gown

The stunning evening gown worn by the crowd favourite at Miss Universe 2017 was every inch a unique masterpiece. This majestic creation by Asava Thailand not just made her look fierce and elegant at the same time but also highlighted the ethnicity of traditional Thai costume. The wonderful shoulder flaps and back tulle capes added value to the charisma Maria embodied.

10. Miss Supranational India 2017- Peden Ongmu Namgyal


This lovely creation by Swapnil Shinde was an epitome of grace, vivacity and beauty. The halter-neckline shimmering silver design embraced the corporeal frame of beauty queen making her look super sexy. The design featuring the side front slit was one of the best parts of this piece of art.

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Manushi Chhillar’s First Week as Miss World Reflected The Beauty of Indian Apparel

Six Times Manushi Chhillar Rocked The Desi Look

The newly crowned Miss World 2017, Manushi Chhillar is in her homeland, India for her homecoming ceremonies after brining laurels to her nation by becoming the sixth titleholder from India to win the coveted Miss World crown. The media is going gaga over her and people have already assumed her to be a stunning debutant of Bollywood, however, Manushi has still not forgotten her roots.

Manushi has been rocking the Desi Look throughout the course of the events she has attended right from her first media interaction to her homecoming ceremonies. Let’s find out what did our newly crowned Miss World wore in her first week post the coronation, reflecting the essence of Indian beauty through her wardrobe.

When She Went To Siddhi Vinayak Temple To Seek Blessings of Lord Ganesha

Manushi Chhillar Siddhi Vinayak

Manushi Chhillar looked exquisite in this turquoise Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla outfit. The simple and sober salwar suit was quite a great start to anticipate the gorgeous wardrobe for her upcoming homecoming events.

When She Interacted with Media For The First Time in Mumbai

manushi chhillar press conference mumbai

Manushi’s first press conference with media has been doing rounds on internet for all the right reasons. She has been praised for her witty answers and is reflecting why she deserved to walk home with the prestigious Miss World crown, however, what won hearts apart from her wise words is her stunning demeanour in this beautiful Tarun Tahiliani outfit. The anarkali suit made her look ravishing.

When She Attended Press Conference in The Capital City

Manushi Chhillar press conference delhi

After interacting with media in Mumbai, Manushi went to Delhi to interact with the press in the capital city, New Delhi. Manushi looked exuberant as she donned yet another gorgeous salwar suit by Tarun Tahiliani. Not only did she gain respect for her brilliant charity initiatives but her passion to embrace Indian attire let her fans adore her all the more.

When She Influenced the World at Global Entrepreneurship Summit

miss world manushi ges 2017 hyderabad

Tarun Tahiliani saree made the gorgeous Miss World, Manushi Chhillar all the more enchanting. She seemed an epitome of grace and royalty. This look was one to die for!

When She Met Prime Minister of India

Manushi Chhillar meets Narendra Modi-1

Manushi Chhillar was looking head to toe a queen when she met the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi in the beautiful anarkali by Kehia by Kashmiraa label. She is an embodiment of grace and it reflects in this gorgeous white outfit.

When She Waved India in Homecoming Parade


Manushi Chhillar slayed the hearts of her fans when she came up in this gorgeous saree by Sabhyasachi couture during her homecoming parade in the capital city, Delhi. The colour made her shine beautifully and she looked like a queen in all her glory.

Which Indian apparel won your heart? Do let me know in the comment section below. 🙂

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How Beauty Queens Reacted on Manushi Chhillar’s Win at Miss World 2017

Words of Happiness From Beauty Queens

India is a land of rich cultural diversity, yet when it comes to sportsmanship India stands united to support their representative, be it Cricket, Olympics or Pageants. When Manushi Chhillar won Miss World 2017, Indian beauty queens went ecstatic to share their happiness on their social media handles, here’s what they had to say on India’s victory over their sixth Miss World crown.


The reigning Miss Supranational, Srinidhi Shetty from India could not control her excitement as she watched the grand finale live from Poland amidst her busy schedule as Miss Supranational pageant is ongoing. She wrote, “And the Miss World 2017 is INDIA 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 We did it.. INDIA u made it🤗🇮🇳😙😙 so proud n happpyyy 🇮🇳😙 Our Miss world @manushi_chhillar 💥 @missindiaorg @vineetjain12 @naughtynatty_g #soproud 💥 Congratulations INDIA 😙😙” 

Priyadarshini Chatterjee, who represented India at Miss World last year and preceded Manushi Chhillar as Miss World India expressed, “And we have our new MISS WORLD from INDIAAAAAAAA!!! So proud of you and you deserved every bit of it. Lots of love to you beautiful! ❤️” 

Aditi Arya, who represented India in Sanya, China at Miss World 2015 also could not help but to express her joy as she said, “Our new #MissWorld is from #India!! Such a proud moment for the country! @naughtynatty_g thank you for all your effort and passion towards picking and grooming the best talent for this country @manushi_chhillar you deserved every bit of it with all the dedication you’ve put in and the great package you are!!”

Former Miss World, Priyanka Chopra, who was the last woman from India to bring home the Miss World crown congratulated Manushi on her magnificent win as she wrote, “And we have a successor. Congratulations Manushi Chhillar on becoming Miss World 2017. Cherish and learn, and most importantly enjoy it. Bravo.”

The very first Miss Universe from India, Sushmita Sen also wished Manushi for her win by writing, “India wins Miss World 2017!!!! Congratulations @ManushiChhillar 👏👏👏❤️😁💃🏻yipeeeee about time!!!!👍🇮🇳🙏 super proud!!!! #JaiHind 💪❤️🙏”

Miss Intercontinental India 2017, Priyanka Kumari also expressed her joy as she said, “And here we have it !! Our 6th Miss World crown ♥️ You’ve made all of us proud @manushi_chhillar can’t wait to celebrate it with you 🇮🇳” 

Miss World India, Koyal Rana, who represented India in London at Miss World 2014, said, “Congratulations my sweet little darling. Watching your crowning ceremony, I felt so happy seeing you live the dream I always desired. You had it in you. A pure soul. I am so proud of you. India is so proud of you @manushi_chhillar” 

Former Miss World, Rolene Strauss, who was crowned as Miss World 2014, also congratulated Miss India on her win at Miss World 2017, saying, “Dear @manushi_chhillar  You are Miss World 2017! 👑 Congratulations, this is going to be the journey of a lifetime (continuing for a lifetime 😊) Welcome to the Miss World sisterhood, know that we are excited to support you every step of the way, only a phone call away!
PS: Thank you for borrowing @adevanheerden a last minute dress for the final! What a kind hearted beauty.  @missworld #sisterhood #missworld2017″ 

How India Won Miss World 2017- Success Story You Must Know!

A Story Which Will Inspire You: Road to Miss World 2017

India! A Nation with about 1.3 billion people was the talk of pageant town in 90’s. What any country could not achieve in that era, India did with constant love and support from fans and hard work of Indian representatives and team work. Femina Miss India Organization, which stands as the oldest and most reputed pageant organization of India was not just praised by the global audience but was also feared off as the powerhouse of talent and wisdom.

India won four Miss World crowns in 90’s in the courtesy of Aishwarya Rai (1994), Diana Hayden (1997), Yukta Mookhey (1999) and Priyanka Chopra (2000). Also, India won its first ever Miss Universe crown in 1994 in the courtesy of Sushmita Sen and second Miss Universe crown in 2000 under the representation of Lara Dutta, but soon the glory of India began to fade. After having several runner ups and placements and so many prestigious crowns, India lost its momentum midway in early 2000’s.


The country which used to be a powerhouse of pageant was now called dead by many international pageant fanatics. During all this time, India though managed to reach in Top 5 of Miss World twice under the representation of Parvathy Omnakuttan and Vanya Mishra but failed to bring home the elusive blue crown which they won in 2000. Analogously, Celina Jaitley though managed to reach Top 5 of Miss Universe, could not bring back the Miss Universe crown. Soon, not just the international fans but Indian fans as well begin to lose faith in Indian pageantry, unless Asha Bhat came into power in 2014.

I still remember that night when Asha Bhat was crowned as Miss Supranational 2014. Asha Bhat had reached the finalists spot by then and I was studying for my semester exam which was going to take place the next day. I scrolled down the phone when I saw that Asha has advanced to Top 10, okay, now this was interesting. I wasn’t following Miss Supranational much that year but her energetic swimsuit picture just gave me shivers to know the results and I closed my books to keep myself updated with the pageant, soon I received a message from one of my friend who was there in the venue of coronation saying India won, I remember asking him, “Are you sure?” and he said “Yes! Of course!” Asha Bhat was the first ever Indian woman to be crowned as Miss Supranational, what a feeling of joy and pride that feeling gave me.

Though Asha made the Indian fans very proud, the genuinely dedicated pageant aficionados in india though proud of her victory were still hopeless when it came to Miss World and Miss Universe. India was winning Multimedia and Beauty with a Purpose but still came home empty handed when it came to Miss World crown.

Last year after disappointing performance of India at Miss Universe, India’s hopes were restored when Srinidhi Shetty amazingly performed at Miss Supranational 2016, becoming the only winner to give her country double victories at the said pageant.

In 2016, India witneesed the victory of first ever Asian and Indian to grab Mister World title. Rohit Khandelwal gave a terrific fame and popularity to Femina Miss India and Peter England Mister India Organization.

This year after disappointing performances at Miss Universe and Miss World, India was under pressure to perform not just well but to bring back the crown. Femina Miss India Organization this year came with a commendable come back by launching its slogan “We are Changing.” Not only did Femina Miss India auditioned in each state this year but also gave titles to each state representative, which was indeed a historical move. This year we saw different colours of India on Femina Miss India stage as each of the state showcased their myriad of cultures and ethnicity. Manushi Chhillar, who was representing Haryana at Femina Miss India defeated one of the strongest ever batch in the history of Miss India pageant, becoming first woman from her state to win not just the Femina Miss India crown but now also the Miss World crown.

I remember when I saw her at the auditions of Femina Miss India, I instantly found that “it” factor in her, which made me message her complementing her elegance and aura during the auditions. Manushi was humble enough to respond with a welcoming conversation.

Soon in the North Zone Femina Miss India 2017, Manushi was adjudged as Femina Miss India Haryana 2017, along with winning the title of Miss Rampwalk in north zonals. During her Miss India days, Manushi never acted air-headed but rather was always open to constructive criticisms and suggestions.

Even after she won the crown of Miss World India, she was open to all kind of suggestions over her styling, multimedia handle and other minute details. She was never the “I know it all” sort of person and this is what took her forward. Manushi was always pleasant to acknowledge the support, suggestions and good wishes. It seems like yesterday when I wished her good luck on the day of her departure to Sanya, saying “I know you will come back with the Miss World crown”, and she affirmed, “I hope to make you all proud”, and there she is making entire India proud of her accomplishment.

Manushi showed a praiseworthy transformation since her Miss India days when she reached the Miss World stage. She was acing all rounds, be it Beauty with a Purpose, Multimedia, Top Model Round or Head to Head Challenge. Manushi also presented India’s culture by becoming one of the very few Asian candidates to perform in Dances of the World. She won Head to Head Challenge and Beauty with a Purpose Fatrack, was adjudged as Top 5 finalist in Multimedia and finished as a Top 10 finalist in Top Model Round.

miss world 2017 coronation

On the finale night, Manushi looked beautiful in Falguni and Shane Peacock evening gown and I knew she was going to win India’s sixth Miss World crown when she reflected her golden heart in the final interview round. She was asked, “Which profession do you think deserves the highest salary and why?” to which she answered, “I think a mother deserves the highest respect and when you talk about salary it’s not always about cash but I feel it’s the love and respect that you give to someone. My mother has always been the biggest inspiration in my life. All mothers sacrifice so much for their kids. So, I think it is the job of a mother that deserves the highest salary.”

Today, this aspiring cardiac surgeon is an inspiration to millions not just in India but across the globe, for this wonderful achievement I congratulate Manushi Chhillar and the entire Femina Miss India Team, to gift the world with the beacon of inspiration!

Vagisha Mishra

Manushi Chhillar From India Crowned Miss World 2017

Manushi Chhillar From India Wins Miss World 2017

In the 67th edition of the Miss World pageant which took place on November 18, 2017 at the Crown of Beauty Theatre, Sanya, China PR, Manushi Chhillar from India was crowned as Miss World 2017. During the conclusion of the pageant, Stephanie Del Valle of Puerto Rico crowned her successor as the new Miss World.

manushi chhillar from india is miss world 2017


This is India’s sixth crown after 17 years. Priyanka Chopra was the last Indian to grab Miss World title before Manushi Chhillar. Manushi joins the league of Reita Faria, Aishwarya Rai, Diana Hayden, Yukta Mookhey and Priyanka Chopra as Miss World titleholders from India.

At the same event, Andrea Meza from Mexico was titled as the first runner up, while Stephanie Hill from England finished as the second runner up to Miss World 2017.

The grand finale of Miss World 2017 was hosted by Angela Chow and former Miss World Megan Young and the candidates were judged by dignitaries like Mike Dixon, Donald Harvey, Zhang Zilin, Julia Morley, Rohit Khandelwal and Wenxia Yu. The show began with the Dances of the World wherein few countries showed their bright culture through the means of dances. Thereafter, judges announced their Top 25 quarter-finalists, who were then narrowed down to Top 8 after Evening Gown performances.

Complete Results


  • Miss World 2017- India- Manushi Chhillar
  • First Princess- Mexico – Andrea Meza
  • Second Princess- England – Stephanie Hill

Top 5 Finalists

England – Stephanie Hill
France – Aurore Kichenin
India – Manushi Chhillar
Kenya – Magline Jeruto
Mexico – Andrea Meza

Top 10 Finalists

England – Stephanie Hill
France – Aurore Kichenin
India – Manushi Chhillar
Indonesia – Achintya Holte Nielsen
Jamaica – Solange Sinclair
Kenya – Magline Jeruto
Mexico – Andrea Meza
Russia – Polina Popova
South Africa – Adè van Heerden
South Korea – Ha-eun Kim


El Salvador – Fatima Cuellar
France – Aurore Kichenin
India – Manushi Chhillar
Japan – Haruka Yamashita
Kenya – Magline Jeruto
Macau – Cloe Lan Wan-Ling
Mongolia – Enkhjin Tseveendash §
Nigeria – Ugochi Ihezue
South Africa – Adè van Heerden


Argentina – Avril Marco
Bangladesh – Jessia Islam
Botswana – Nicole Gaelebale
Brazil – Gabrielle Vilela
China – Guan Siyu
Colombia – Maria Daza
Croatia – Tea Mlinarić
Dominican Republic – Aletxa Mueses
El Salvador – Fatima Cuellar
England – Stephanie Hill
France – Aurore Kichenin
Guatemala – Virginia Argueta
India – Manushi Chhillar
Italy – Conny Notarstefano
Jamaica – Solange Sinclair
Japan – Haruka Yamashita
Kazakhstan – Gul’banu Azimkhan
Kenya – Magline Jeruto
South Korea – Ha-eun Kim
Lebanon – Perla Helou
Liberia – Wokie Dolo
Malta – Michela Galea
Mexico – Andrea Meza
Moldova – Ana Badaneu
Nepal – Nikita Chandak
New Zealand – Annie Evans
Peru – Pamela Sánchez
Philippines – Laura Lehmann
Poland – Magdalena Bieńkowska
Sweden – Hanna Haag
Ukraine – Polina Tkach
United States – Clarissa Bowers
Venezuela – Ana Carolina Ugarte
Vietnam – Đỗ Mỹ Linh

Special Awards

  • Beauty with a Purpose- India, South Africa, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines
  • Talent Award- Malta
  • Sports- Dominican Republic
  • Multimedia- Mongolia
  • Top Model- Nigeria
  • People’s Choice Award- Mongolia

Continental Queens

  • Miss World Asia- India
  • Miss World Africa- Kenya
  • Miss World Oceania- New Zealand
  • Miss World Europe- England
  • Miss World Americas- Mexico
  • Miss World Caribbean- Jamaica



Miss World 2017: Meet The Judges of Grand Finale

Miss World 2017- Jury Panel of Finale

The 67th edition of the Miss World pageant is slated to take place on November 18, 2017 at the Crown of Beauty Theatre, Sanya, China PR. During the conclusion of the pageant, Stephanie Del Valle of Puerto Rico will crown her successor as the new Miss World.

This year, Miss World candidates would be judged by the reigning Mister World, Rohit Khandelwal and former Miss World, Wenxia Yu. Rohit Khandelwal is the first Indian and Asian to claim the title of Mister World and was crowned in the year 2016. While Wenxia Yu became second Chinese woman to win the crown of Miss World in 2012.

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Stay tuned as we reveal the complete jury panel here!

Read Final Predictions For Miss World 2017 HERE!


Mongolia Wins Multimedia at Miss World 2017



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