Wishlist: Will Miss Universe 2018 Be A Battle Between Miss World Crossovers?

The Possible Battle Of Crossovers At Miss Universe 2018

Miss Universe 2018 will be the 67th edition of the Miss Universe pageant. During the conclusion of the pageant, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters of South Africa will crown her successor as next Miss Universe. Although the Miss Universe pageant is quite few months far, it seems like this edition is going to break all the records of TRP and popularity.

This year seems a bloodbath battle between many powerful sashes at the Miss Universe pageant. Countries like Philippines, Brazil, USA and Ecuador are back with the cross over participants, and if at all they win their respective national pageants, the competition at Miss Universe pageant is going to be nerve-wrecking than ever before just like Miss Universe 2013 finale when Patricia Rodriguez of Spain came closest to win the title thereby attaining first runner up position. So without awaiting much, let’s get into details.

Philippines- Catriona Gray

catriona gray miss universe philippines 2018

Does this name even needs introduction? Catriona Gray was one of the favorites at Miss World 2016 pageant, and she justly proved all the hype as she entered the Top 5 of Miss World 2016. Being a finalist at a pageant like Miss World is no cakewalk and Catriona definitely has an edge over all the fellow contestants at Binibining Pilipinas 2018. Not only does she has the experience of an international platform, but she has turned back stronger than ever. She is now being herself, rather than being moulded into a prototype of any particular pageant. If she enters Miss Universe 2018 pageant, it will be hard for any hurdle amidst to stop her entering into final five.

Brazil- Sancler Frantz


How can we forget this exotically beautiful young lady! Named as the Continental Beauty of Americas at Miss World 2013 and finishing as a Top 5 finalist at the same, Sancler was adored by the pageant fanatics all across the globe. She has the face, charm and grace to woo the cameras and turn million heads on the runway. If she goes on to win Miss Universe Brazil 2018, the battle will turn not just interesting but also challenging for other candidates.

United States of America- Genesis Davila

Miss Florida USA 2018 Genesis Davila

Genesis Davila has created an interesting history by being the only woman to have claimed the title of Miss Florida USA twice. Having represented Puerto Rico at Miss World 2014, Genesis is now fighting with fifty other state representatives at Miss USA 2018 to win the right to represent the United States at Miss Universe pageant. She is fierce, struts the runway like a pro and knows to talk the walk and walk the talk. If she wins the right to be USA in the upcoming edition of Miss Universe, we shall see not just the United States cheering for her but also her homeland, Puerto Rico rooting for this fierce woman!

Ecuador- Virginia Limongi 

Virginia Limongi

This beauty queen is praised for her well shaped corporeal frame and fierce aura. While some feel this beauty queen was sent to a wrong pageant when she represented Ecuador at Miss World 2014, this might be their moment of rejoice! Virginia is currently vying to be the sash bearer of Ecuador at Miss Universe pageant. While the lady could not make the cut at Miss World, four years of experience matter in polishing a gem. She is here to change her fate on the international platform and if she wins Miss Ecuador 2018, we might get to see how this charming lady fares at the Miss Universe 2018 pageant.

Which cross over beauty queen do you want to see winning their respective national pageant? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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Dayanara Martinez Crowned Miss World Puerto Rico 2018

Dayanara Martinez Crowned Miss Mundo Puerto Rico 2018

Dayanara Martinez from Canóvanas was crowned as Miss World Puerto Rico 2018 in the grand finale of Miss Mundo Puerto Rico on January 17, 2018 at the Raúl Juliá Theater of the Art Museum of Puerto Rico. Dayanara Martinez succeeds Stephanie Del Valle as the representative of Puerto Rico at Miss World pageant and will now be representing the country at Miss World 2018 wherein Manushi Chhillar of India will crown her successor as next Miss World.

miss world puerto rico 2018 crowned dayanara martinez.jpg
Dayanara Martinez Crowned Miss World Puerto Rico 2018

During the same event, Miss Trujillo, Alto Mónica Serrano was titled as the first runner up while Miss Ponce, Yarelis Salgado was adjudged as the second runner up.

miss world puerto rico 2018 dayana martinez

Due to unavoidable natural calamities in Puerto Rico, the pageant was cancelled twice, consequentially leading the nation to be absent from Miss World pageant, when the reigning queen herself belonged to the country. Stephanie Del Valle, who won the Miss World crown in 2016 had to pass on her crown without her nation competing at the Miss World 2017 pageant.

Puerto Rico has won the Miss World crown twice under the representation of Wilnelia Merced, who was crowned as Miss World 1975 and Stephanie Del Valle, who was titled as Miss World 2016. After the hiatus of one year, Puerto Rico is back at the Miss World pageant.

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Reigning Miss World, Stephanie Del Valle Gives an Emotional Farewell Speech!

Stephanie Del Valle on Passing Her Miss World Crown!

Within twelve hours we will know our Miss World 2017 winner. In the last moments of her reign, the reigning Miss World, Stephanie Del Valle unfolds her journey as Miss World in an interview with Barney Walsh.


Stephanie Del Valle opined since her country, Puerto Rico has not participated this year, she has got a constant excuse to spend time with all the contestants and staff all the time. Being with contestants, she says, she feels just like another contestant vying for the title.

Further when Barney stated, “You’ve had a lot of fun being Miss World this year, but there have been difficult times too, we don’t have a Miss Puerto Rico this year in the competition because of the Hurricane,” Stephanie turned emotional replying, “It was actually scary moment for everyone because there was nobody alive in Puerto Rico who had ever experienced a hurricane of that magnitude. Currently in Puerto Rico, people still don’t have water, electricity. Diseases that had completely eradicated from Puerto Rico have started to come back, and it’s very scary. I want to do something for Puerto Rico, for the islands of the Caribbean.”

On being asked about, “How difficult is it going to be to hand over the crown?” Stephanie said, “Incredibly difficult! Just because this crown symbolizes more than just having won Miss World, you know the crown is the symbol of ‘beauty with a purpose’ but personally it is also a symbol of me having evolved as a person because I am not the same person who I was the moment I was crowned, it’s kind of like an end to this circle. So, I don’t know if I might just run away and keep it forever (laughs).

Well, we too are going to miss her wonderful reign and the passion with which she involved with the Miss World Organization to work towards Beauty with a Purpose, but a fairy tale has to end for another wonderful story to begin! 🙂


How This Winning Reaction of 2016, Won The Hearts!

The Best Crown Winning Moment of 2016

2016 just bid adieu and we are here in a brand new year to foresee even more thrilling pageant moments. But like every year, I am here with my yearly review on the beautiful kaleidoscopic moments of 2016, and this inauguration begins with the theme of “Best Winning Reaction of 2016”. So let’s gets started.

In every pageant, there comes a time when two beautiful women are standing holding hands on the stage, with million eyes glued to their sparkling yet anxious faces and ears bonded to the voices of presenters. The couple of seconds become the longest and most noteworthy moment of the coronation gala when the name of new beauty queen is about to be announced, and bang! There are graffiti, cheers, fireworks and applauds all over on the announcement of the new beauty queen. Indeed one of the best moments of any pageant! So which winning reaction won the hearts in 2016?

Without further delay, let’s break the ice! The best winning reaction of 2016 goes to Stephanie Dell Valle from Puerto Rico, who was lately crowned as Miss World 2016. This was Puerto Rico’s second win at the Miss World pageant, the first being 41 years formerly when Wilnelia Merced became the first ever Puerto Rican to get crowned as Miss World in 1975.  Since 23 years, no Caribbean contestant was able to clinch the crown of Miss World, and this year Puerto Rico accomplished the hard-hitting task.

The record of Puerto Rico at Miss World pageant is not as exceptional as it is in other pageants. Puerto Rico last placed at Miss World in 2013 in Top 30 quarter finalists spot under the representation of Janelee Marcus Chaparro Colón. Puerto Rico’s highest placement till 2016 came when Amanda Victoria Vilanova Pérez was crowned as the second runner up at Miss World 2011. Therefore, for a country which is not a prevalent sash at Miss World, Top 5 finish too is a big deal.


As Stephanie Del Valle confessed in an interview that she was not expecting her to win but rather was hoping Philippines or Kenya to be crowned as the new Miss World, when Julia Morely, the Founder and Chairperson of Miss World Organization announced “Puerto Rico” as the new Miss World, she indeed showed her most spontaneous, lively and vibrant reaction which made her glitter with surprise, awe and gratitude. Stephanie Del Valle’s winning reaction as Miss World would always be remembered as one of the best in pageant history as it is something the pageant fanatics have not seen since a long time in pageants. Alongside, the cheering motivation of her co-contestants shouting proudly “Puerto Rico” at the time of announcement reflects how gregarious the beauty queen must be in person!

Before taking an off take a look at other priceless winning reactions of 2016 which made these beauty queens glow even more vibrantly! 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stay tuned to keep a track on more best and worst moments reviews of 2016!

The Secret Behind The Winning Gown of Miss World 2016!

Miss World 2016: The Secret of Winning Evening Gown!

The 66th edition of the Miss World pageant took place on 18th December 2016 at MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland, United States, Washington, D.C. During the conclusion of the pageant, Miss World 2015, Mireia Lalaguna Royo of Spain passed on her crown to Stephanie Del Valle from Puerto Rico.

Behind the winning mantra of crown, there is always an evening gown supporting the queen from within. So let’s delve into the secret behind the winning evening gown of Stephanie Del Valle, which you must know.


The magnificent evening gown of the newly crowned Miss World was designed by the ace fashion designer Carlos Alberto. The stunning evening gown was a reminiscence of the former Miss World queens who reigned supreme when they competed in pink evening gowns. Be it Megan Young, Rolene Strauss or Ivian Sarcos, everyone dazzled when they donned the pink evening gown on the coronation gala. Coincidentally, the newly crowned Miss World was also dressed in pink!

This is not the first time when Carlos Alberto’s creation has won an international crown. Prior to Stephanie Del Valle’s winning evening gown at Miss World, Carlos Alberto came into fame when he designed the winning evening gown of Zuleyka Rivera, who won the Miss Universe crown back in 2006.


After winning the Miss World crown, Stephanie Del Valle confessed in an interview that she always wanted to represent her country in the most philanthropic pageant of the world, which was of course, the Miss World pageant. When Stephanie Del Valle won the Miss Mundo Puerto Rico 2016 crown, she soon got in touch with Carlos Alberto, reflecting that she wants a very wide ball gown for the finale night of Miss World 2016.

The winning evening gown of Stephanie Del Valle which is light pink in colour is made in the fabric of silk with ruffles. The evening gown contains 24 thousand swarovsky stones and has bodice with transparency at the sides. Carlos Alberto even exclaimed, “God gave me the best girl to represent my dream design.” 

Did you like the winning evening gown of Miss World 2016, Stephanie Del Valle? Do share your opinions in the comment section right below the page! 🙂

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Miss World 2016 Grand Finale- The Night Of Honest Review!

Miss World 2016 Grand Finale- Straight From Heart Review!

Miss World 2016 culminated just few hours ago with the crowning of Stephanie Del Valle of Puerto Rico getting crowned as the new Miss World and Yaritza Reyes of Dominican Republic and Natasha Mannuela of Indonesia as the runner ups respectively.


The 66th edition of Miss World was totally a spectacular one to talk about, so I am here with my honest review on the grand finale of Miss World 2016. So let’s go! 🙂

The Opening Number


It would be unfair if I don’t mention that Miss World 2016 opening was magnificent. The grand finale of Miss World 2016 ditched the traditionally boring introduction of delegates where the ladies walked down the stage in evening gowns while their country’s name was announced by the host of the show in the background.


This year the contestants opened the grand finale of Miss World pageant with an energetic, spunky and vibrant dance number where the delegates were divided in three groups donning red, blue and white dresses. This totally reminded me of the fun element Miss Grand International and Miss Supranational opening numbers embody. Indeed a laudable change by Miss World!

megan-young-host-miss-world-2016The show was hosted by former Miss World, Megan Young, who won the first Miss World crown for Philippines back in 2013. Megan Young as usual looked charismatic in a beautiful silver evening gown with her shimmering locks let down straight.

Fun Facts

  1. It is after 41 years that Puerto Rico has won the Miss World crown. The nation won its first crown in 1975.
  2. This is Puerto Rico’s second Miss World Crown.
  3. Philippines wins Multimedia Challenge at Miss World back to back.
  4. Indonesia wins “Beauty with a Purpose” Challenge Event back to back at Miss World .

Leaderboard Scrapped

The Miss World Organization abandoned the Leaderboard system this year, which kept the audience curiously glued to the show till its conclusion. After taking up the stage, Megan Young along with Steve Morley announced the winners of Fatrack Challenge Events, who made a direct entry to Top 20 quarter finalists spot.

Challenge Winners

The first quarter finalist of the evening was Natasha Mannuela from Indonesia, who got a direct entry to quarter finals after winning “Beauty with a Purpose” Challenge Event. The second semi-finalist of the show was Catriona Gray from Philippines, who won the Multimedia Challenge Event. The third quarter finalist of the pageant was Natalia Short from Cook Islands who won the Sports Challenge Event. The fourth quarter finalist was Jing Kong from China PR who sealed her spot in the quarter finals by winning the Top Model Round. The fifth quarter finalist of the eve was Bayartsetseg Altangerel from Mongolia who grabbed her spot by winning the Talent Challenge Event.


Announcement of Finalists

Subsequently, the remaining list of 15 quarter finalists were announced to the audience in no particular order, which included France (Morgane Edvige), Kenya (Evelyn Thungu), United States (Audra Mari), India (Priyadarshini Chatterjee), Slovakia (Kristína Činčurová), Belgium (Lenty Frans), Puerto Rico (Stephanie Del Valle), Australia (Madeline Cowe), Thailand (Jinnita Buddee), Brazil (Beatrice Fontoura), Ghana (Antoinette Delali Kemavor), Japan (Priyanka Yoshikawa), Dominican Republic (Yaritza Reyes), Hungary (Tímea Gelencsér) and Korea (Hyun Wang).

After taking the stage in their black cocktail dresses, the Top 20 quarter finalists were then narrowed down to Top 10 semi-finalists, where they flaunted their beautiful evening gowns while answering the interview round by the host of the eve, Megan Young. Making it to the Top 10 semi-finals were, Philippines (Catriona Gray), Brazil (Beatrice Fontoura), Belgium (Lenty Frans), Indonesia (Natasha Mannuela), Kenya (Evelyn Thungu), United States (Audra Mari), China PR (Jing Kong), Dominican Republic (Yaritza Reyes), Puerto Rico (Stephanie Del Valle) and Korea (Hyun Wang).


Surprises and Shocks

The entry of Korea was a total surprise. Other than Korea and Brazil, I predicted eight semi-finalists correctly in my prediction lists.


Surprisingly, Tímea Gelencsér from Hungary, who was considered to be major front runner for the crown and was topping every leaderboard of pageant critics, including mine, could not advance to Top 10 semi-finals. The reason behind this is stated to be her aloof persona by many of the sources present in the venue, revealing that she did not mingled well with other delegates and staff present there. But whether this rumour is true or not cannot be claimed. Inclusion of the host delegate, Audra Mari of United States in the Top 10 semi-finals was also not a surprise.

Best Evening Gown

Miss World Philippines, Catriona Gray had the best evening gown of the show. The coral coloured Francis Libirian creation was spectacular and her subtle and sober styling just added glitters to her beautiful aura. catriona-gray-evening-gown-miss-world-2016Catriona’s beautiful evening gown with a high bun styling reminded of Megan Young when she was competing at Miss World 2013.

If Only She Was There!

Ana Girault from Mexico, who was talk of the pageant world even before the Miss World pageant kicked off, was shockingly snubbed from the Top 20 quarter finals. If only she was there, her fans would have loved to see her dazzle in her lovely evening gown.

The Continental Aspect

It is after 23 years that a contestant from Caribbean has won the Miss World crown. The last time Caribbean country won the crown of Miss World was in the year 1993 when Lisa Hanna from Jamaica won the said pageant. This year witnessed the placement of two Caribbean countries, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic and two Asian countries, Philippines and Indonesia and one African delegate, Kenya in Top 5, which was indeed a commendable thing to perceive. The pageant witnessed total American, Oceania and European blackout in the Top 5.

Out of 20 shortlisted quarter finalists, 8 delegates were from Asia including Indonesia, Philippines, China PR, Korea, India, Thailand, Mongolia and Japan which flamboyantly reflected the Asian dominance. Two African delegates joined the quarter finals with Kenya and Ghana, where Kenya earned the highest placement for Africa by reaching to the Top 5 spot. Total four European delegates placed in quarter finals with Slovakia, Hungary, France and Belgium.The highest placement for Europe was achieved by Lenty Frans from Belgium, who reached to Top 10 semi-finals, becoming the only delegate from Europe to crack the semi-finals. There were only two American delegates in Top 10 semi-finals with Brazil and United States of America. Two Oceania countries placed in quarter finals with Australia and Cook Islands.

So overall it was an Asian dominance at Miss World 2016.

The Final Answer

The final question and answer was superb in this edition. Unlike former editions, where the contestants were asked why do they want to be next Miss World, this year we heard myriad of questions and interesting answers

Miss World Kenya 2016- Evelyn Njambi Thungu

Miss World 1988, Linda Petursdottir: What can you do to improve education in the world?

Answer: “What we can do to improve education in the world… Obviously, it begins with empowering every child to understand that education is important, and Nelson Mandela said that it is the weapon that a child can use to face the future. So first let’s educate our parents that education is important and then we shall have all children on board to achieve their dreams.”

Evelyn’s answer tough talks about an impressive initiative, sounds fragmented and scattered. It lacks the concise and concrete factor an answer should embody.

Miss World Puerto 2016- Stephanie Del Valle

Miss World 1975, Wilnelia Lady Forsyth: “If you have an opportunity to change something about the world, what would it be?”

Answer: “If I have the opportunity to change something about the world, I think what I would do is send a message of how important it is to change exclusion for acceptance, to promote and provide justice for others, and the importance of helping those in need. Thank you.”


Honestly, Stephanie Del Valle had the best answer of the night. She was natural, spontaneous and came across as a genuine personality competing for the title of Miss World. She did not limited the qualities of a perfect Miss World to herself but rather talked of how she could take the advocacy to yet another praiseworthy level even without explicitly mentioning it. Ten on ten from my side!

Miss World Indonesia 2016- Natasha Mannuela

Miss World 2002, Azra Akin: “How would you convince others to help their communities?”

Answer: “How to convince others is… Have to start from myself first. Then to start with love, then other people could see our sincere (sic) and they can inspire on how, what we do. And then [we] can continue it and share it to others again. And then one world can be one and can inspire all the world with love. Thank you.”

Natasha Mannuela’s answer was genuine and it did not sound rehearsed at all with that spontaneous body language she embodied with that enchanting smile. Although the content of her answer was not too great yet she managed to convince the jury of her impeccable personality, and that is what matters at the end of the day.natasha-mannuela-miss-world-2016-runner-up

Miss World Dominican Republic 2016- Yaritza Reyes

Miss World 2008, Ksenia Sukhinova: “What do you think should we be teaching the next generation about protecting our planet?”

Answer: “I think we should be teaching our next generation to protect our planet. This is the only one we have. We shall protect Mother Earth. We should all be together and encourage communities and contribute with making campaigns so people can collect their trash. We have already global warming. We cannot stop it but we can enhance opportunities to make it better.”


Impressive answer for sure! With that confident, bold and bang on to the point answer, Yaritza indeed convinced everyone that being a crossover contestant from Miss Universe cannot stop her way from achieving the laurels. Anybody would be swayed with that impressive answer and so did the jury sitting in the panel.

Miss World Philippines 2016- Catriona Gray

Miss World 2015, Mireia Lalaguna: “Which qualities do you think it will take to wear my crown?”

Answer: “I think, first of all, it takes bravery. To be a Miss World is to carry a burning torch. It is like action carried out by one to illuminate the lives of many. And I would dedicate my whole self, my love for the arts and my voice to try to uplift, empower and educate people. And it would be my greatest honor and duty to hold this torch high enough so that all the world could feel and see its light. Thank you.”


Impressive, concise and brilliant answer certainly. Catriona Gray delivered her final answer in the best possible way and I believe she had the wittiest and most intellectual answer among other Top 5 finalists. However, having said that, her body language perhaps lacked the spontaneity that the judges were looking for. I would have loved to see her in at least runner up spot, but the competition was totally a nerve wrecking one, and it was anybody’s game after the final question and answer round.

The Farewell

Mireia Lalaguna Royo of Spain was the first Miss World titleholder from her country.

The beauty queen bid farewell to her reign as Miss World in a silver evening gown. Not a fan of the evening gown, but the styling made Mireia look quite appealing in the grand coronation gala.


The Winning Reaction

It is not even 24 hours since the Miss World 2016 finale culminated and I have already watched the crowning moment hundreds of time just to catch the glimpse of the priceless winning reaction of Stephanie Del Valle. The reaction is totally natural, instinctual and overwhelming one, something which we did not witnessed since past many years! Even the crowd standing behind the Top 5 finalists jumped with joy when they heard Miss World 2016 was Puerto Rico.


Prior to winning the crown, Stephanie Del Valle even confessed that she was expecting either Philippines or Kenya to win and hence she immediately rushed to get her crown when her name was announced as the winner. Totally a spontaneous and bubbly beauty queen!

My Predictions

In my final hotpicks, I predicted 13 quarter finalists correctly out of 20 shortlisted finalists. In my first hotpicks, I had Belgium and Slovak Republic in my prediction list, however I replaced them with Latvia and Croatia in the final hotpicks, which indeed proved out to be wrong.

Out of 11 semi-finalists, I predicted eight semi-finalists correctly in my hotpicks. Other than Korea and Brazil everyone was there in my hotpicks. Out of Top 5 finalists, I predicted 3 finalists correctly by placing Philippines, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic in my Top 5 of Final Hotpicks with Indonesia behind only at the seventh spot.


So with this I conclude my review of Miss World 2016 grand finale. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Do share your views and opinions regarding the coronation eve of the pageant with me in the comment section! 🙂

And as I say good bye till next blog post, I promise to return with interesting blog posts very soon!


Vagisha Mishra


Stephanie Del Valle From Puerto Rico Crowned Miss World 2016

Puerto Rico Wins Miss World 2016 Crown!

The 66th edition of the Miss World pageant took place on 18th December 2016 at MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland, United States, Washington, D.C. During the conclusion of the pageant, Miss World 2015, Mireia Lalaguna Royo of Spain passed on her crown to Stephanie Del Valle from Puerto Rico.

This is the second time Puerto Rico has won Miss World crown. The country won its first crown in 1975 when Wilnelia Merced represented Puerto Rico. It is after 41 years that Puerto Rico has won the Miss World crown back.

miss world 2016 stephanie dell valle.jpg

At the same event, Yaritza Reyes from Dominican Republic was titled as the first runner up and Natasha Mannuela from Indonesia was adjudged as the second runner up.

The show was hosted by former Miss World, Megan Young for the third consecutive time. The grand finale of Miss World 2016 was quite different from the erstwhile editions. The show began with a grand opening number where the contestants vying for the Miss World crown entertained the audience with an enchanting dance number.

Thereafter, the winners of Fastrack Challenge Events were announced before the audience, who took the stage as confirmed quarter finalists of the evening. Subsequently, the quarter finalists were trimmed down to Top 10 semi-finalists, who then gave a short interview to the host of the evening, Megan Young. After a musical performance, the contestants were further narrowed down to Top 5 finalists.

Complete Results

Continental Queens

Continental Queen of Africa-  Kenya – Evelyn Thungu
Continental Queen of Americas-United States – Audra Mari
Continental Queen of Asia & Oceania-Indonesia – Natasha Mannuela
Continental Queen of Caribbean- Puerto Rico – Stephanie Del Valle
Continental Queen of Europe- Belgium – Lenty Frans

Top 20 Quarter Finalists

1. France- Morgane Edvige
2. Kenya- Evelyn Thungu
3. United States- Audra Mari
4. India- Priyadarshini Chatterjee
5. Slovakia– Kristína Činčurová
6. Belgium– Lenty Frans
7. Puerto Rico- Stephanie Del Valle
8. Australia– Madeline Cowe
9. Thailand– Jinnita Buddee
10. Brazil – Beatrice Fontoura
11. Ghana– Antoinette Delali Kemavor
12. Japan– Priyanka Yoshikawa
13. Dominican Republic– Yaritza Reyes
14. Hungary– Tímea Gelencsér
15. Korea– Hyun Wang
16. China PR– Jing Kong
17. Philippines- Catriona Gray
18. Mongolia – Bayartsetseg Altangerel
19. Cook Islands- Natalia Short
20. Indonesia- Natasha Mannuela

Top 11 Semi-Finalists

1. Philippines- Catriona Gray
2. Brazil- Beatrice Fontoura
3. Belgium- Lenty Frans
4. Indonesia- Natasha Mannuela
5. Kenya- Evelyn Thungu
6. United States- Audra Mari
7. China PR- Jing Kong
8. Dominican Republic- Yaritza Reyes
9. Puerto Rico- Stephanie Del Valle
10. Korea– Hyun Wang
11. Mongolia (People’s Choice Winner)– Bayartsetseg Altangerel

Top 5 Finalists

1. Kenya- Evelyn Thungu
2. Puerto Rico- Stephanie Del Valle
3. Indonesia- Natasha Mannuela
4. Dominican Republic – Yaritza Reyes
5. Philippines- Catriona Gray

Morgane Edvige From France Wins Reader’s Choice Poll of TKOP!

Miss World France 2016 Wins The Reader’s Poll of The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry!

Miss World 2016 is only four hours far to begin and the readers of The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry have already decided their winner, and she is none other than Miss World France 2016, Morgane Edvige! Hearty hearty congratulations to Miss World France along with the best wishes for the Miss World 2016 grand finale which is only few hours far.

Morgane Edvige Miss World 2016 France.jpg

Morgane Edvige won the poll with 19.95% acquiring 33,305 votes among the total votes of 166,934. Following her closely was Natalia Short from Cook Islands, who was in the fame because of winning the Sports Challenge Event at Miss World 2016. Cook Islands won the runner up spot with 13.26% acquiring 22,138 votes.

Have a look at Top 10 voting results-

  1. France- Morgane Edvige 19.95% (33,305 votes)
  2. Cook Islands- Natalia Short 13.26% (22,138 votes)
  3. Puerto Rico- Stephanie Del Valle 12.22% (20,398 votes)
  4. Aruba- Lynette Do Nascimento 6.96% (11,621 votes)
  5. Kenya- Evelyn Njambi Thungu 4.69% (7,823 votes)
  6. Gibraltar-Kayley Mifsud 4.43% (7,403 votes)
  7. Dominican Republic- Yaritza Reyes 3.98% (6,648 votes)
  8. Sri Lanka- Amritaa De Silva 3.36% (5,606 votes)
  9. Venezuela- Diana Croce 3.07% (5,124 votes)
  10. Lebanon- Sandy Tabet 3.07% (5,119 votes)

You can have the look at complete results of the voting poll right at this link.

Morgane Edvige is also amongst predicted front runner for Miss World 2016 crown in the final hotpicks of The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry.

While the beauty queen competes for the very coveted title tonight. The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry and the readers who made her win the Reader’s Choice Poll wish her all the best! 🙂

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Miss World 2016: Mogolia Wins Talent Challenge Event, Becomes Fourth Semi-Finalist!

Mongolia Wins Talent Round at Miss World 2016!

Miss World Mongolia 2016, Bayartsetseg Altangerel, who impressed everyone with her remarkable magic during the Talent Challenge Event, where she stunned the audience with her impressive magic skills has won the Talent Round. The beauty queen hence gets a direct entry to Top 20 of Miss World 2016 grand finale.

Have a look at Bayartsetseg Altangerel’s performance during the Talent Round right here:

(Watch all Talent Round performances here)

The 66th edition of the Miss World pageant is slated to take place on 18th December 2016 at MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland, United States, Washington, D.C. During the conclusion of the pageant, Mireia Lalaguna Royo of Spain will pass on her crown to her successor.

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Miss World 2016: Philippines Wins Multimedia Award, Becomes Third Semi-Finalist!

Catriona Gray Wins Multimedia Title For Philippines Back to Back at Miss World!

With only one day left for the Miss World 2016 grand finale, the Miss World Organization officially announced that Catriona Gray from Philippines is the winner of Multimedia Challenge Event.

This shall not come as a surprise as Miss World Philippines 2016 was already doing great at the social media with her engaging post and tantalizing aura reflected on the web via brilliant videos, photos or updates.


Catriona Gray after bagging the maximum number of votes through the official Mobstar voting app alongside impressing the jury with her vital social media handle has successfully managed to grab the coveted Multimedia title back to back for the Philippines.

Last year, Hillarie Parungao also won the Multimedia title at Miss World pageant. Catriona Gray now gets a direct entry to Top 20 of Miss World 2016.

The 66th edition of the Miss World pageant is slated to take place on 18th December 2016 at MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland, United States, Washington, D.C. During the conclusion of the pageant, Mireia Lalaguna Royo of Spain will pass on her crown to her successor.

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