The Actual Story Behind Catriona Gray’s Final Look at Miss Universe 2018!

A Closer Look At Catriona Gray’s Miss Universe Finale Look!

In the recently concluded grand finale of Miss Universe pageant, Catriona Gray was crowned as Miss Universe 2018, becoming the fourth woman from Philippines to win the Miss Universe title. Every year after the Miss Universe pageant culminates, we scrutinize the story behind the winning evening gown, but this time it is much more than the designer and the design. Catriona Gray, who has now officially become the fourth Filipino to win the Miss Universe pageant, wore a mesmerizing evening gown by the ace designer, Mak Tumang.

miss universe 2018 catriona gray finale look.jpg

Catriona’s winning evening gown was inspired by the Mayon Volcano in her hometown, Albay, which also explains the popular terminology behind her famous “lava” walk. Her now-iconic earcuff by Tessera Jewelry, which she was also seen donning during the coronation gala of Binibining Pilipinas 2018, is a tribute to the 3 stars and sun in the Philippines flag. Catriona kept her hair side swept to showcase the beautiful ear cuffs.

Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Gray expressed in the post-pageant press conference that the colour of her finale gown is extra-significant, because her mother beforehand dreamed that she joined and won the Miss Universe competition wearing a red gown.

Truly, the stars aligned in her favour to conquer the universe!

Catriona Gray Crowned Miss Universe 2018, Gives Philippines its Fourth Miss Universe Crown!

Catriona Gray From Philippines Wins Miss Universe 2018

Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray from Philippines was crowned as Miss Universe 2018 in the 67th edition of the Miss Universe pageant which took place on December 16, 2018 at Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand. She becomes the fourth woman from Philippines to claim the Miss Universe title following Pia Wurtzbach‘s tumultuous footsteps after 3 years. As Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Gray succeeds Demi Leigh Nel Peters from South Africa.



Catriona Gray was a much acclaimed face in the pageant industry right since 2016 when she was crowned as Miss World Philippines 2016 and later went on to become a Top 5 finalist at Miss World 2016.


Meanwhile, Miss South Africa, Tamaryn Green, who was vying to retain the Miss Universe crown in South Africa for another consecutive year settled down for the first runner up position. Miss Venezuela, Sthefany Gutiérrez did complete justice to her strong sash as she ended as the second runner up in the coronation gala of Miss Universe 2018. Our predicted winner, Miss Puerto Rico, Kiara Ortega was adjudged as the Top 5 finalist along with Miss Vietnam, H’Hen Niê.

Unlike in recent years, the contestants were trimmed down to 20 semi-finalists. The initial semi-finalists were chosen through a closed-door interview and a preliminary competition held few days back. The continental format which was introduced in the 2017 competition sustained, with the top twenty consisting of five semi-finalists from Europe, five from the Americas, five from Africa and Asia-Pacific, and five wildcards which could come from any continental grouping. This was the first time in Miss Universe history when the initial semi-finalists did not all compete in the swimsuit competition, however, the Top 10 finalists did compete in both the swimsuit and evening gown, based on which the judges came up with a Top 5. The Top 5 competed in the Q&A portion, and were then cut down to a top three. The Top 3 then participated in the final word and final look portions, and the judges came up with their Miss Universe 2018 winner and her two runners-up.

This year seven judges, an all-female panel decided the fate of the Miss Universe contestants, which included- Liliana Gil Valletta (Colombian-American businesswoman and entrepreneur), Janaye Ingram (American political organizer and Miss New Jersey USA 2004), Monique Lhuillier (Filipino-American fashion designer), Michelle McLean (Miss Universe 1992 from Namibia), Iman Oubou (Moroccan-American scientist, entrepreneur, medical missionary, and former beauty pageant titleholder), Bui Simon (Miss Universe 1988 from Thailand) and Richelle Singson-Michael (Filipino businesswoman and architect).

Complete Results

Miss Universe 2018

Miss Universe 2018
  •  PhilippinesCatriona Gray
1st Runner-Up
  •  South Africa — Tamaryn Green
2nd Runner-Up
  •  Venezuela — Sthefany Gutiérrez

Top 5 Finalists:

  •  Puerto Rico — Kiara Ortega
  •  Vietnam — H’Hen Niê

Top 10 Semi-Finalists:

  •  Canada — Marta Stepien
  •  Costa Rica — Natalia Carvajal
  •  Curaçao — Akisha Albert
  •    Nepal — Manita Devkota
  •  Thailand — Sophida Kanchanarin

Top 20 Quarter-Finalists:

  •  Australia — Francesca Hung
  •  Belgium — Zoe Brunet
  •  Brazil — Mayra Dias
  •  Great Britain — Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers
  •  Hungary — Enikő Kecskès
  •  Indonesia — Sonia Fergina Citra
  •  Ireland — Grainne Gallanagh
  •  Jamaica — Emily Maddison
  •  Poland — Magdalena Swat
  •  United States — Sarah Rose Summers

Miss Universe 2018: The Final Hotpicks and Concluding Verdict!

Miss Universe 2018: The Final Predictions!

In less than 24 hours the universe will witness its new queen. After observing the Miss Universe contestants via their social medias, preliminary competition performances and their stories, we are finally here with our final picks for Miss Universe 2018, so without much ado, let us dive in.

Miss universe 2018 final predictions hotpicks

Top 5 Finalists

1. Puerto Rico- Kiara Ortega

Puerto Rico is immensely strong sash when it comes to Miss Universe. Looks like after 12 years, Puerto Rico is all set to conquer the Miss Universe crown yet again! Kiara Ortega’s expressions alone can make people fall for her a million times! During the preliminary competition, Kiara came across as a flawless delegate who effortlessly owned the runway without overdoing her performance. Her eyes did all the talking! Being proficient in theatre, singing and dancing, Kiara comes across as lively and natural, bubbling with vitality, which all in all sums up the motto of Miss Universe, “Confidently Beautiful”.

2. India- Nehal Chudasama

If IMG/WME is to crown an unconventional winner, Nehal Chudasama is the one! It is after 17 years that India has sent such a strong delegate to Miss Universe, who is not just flawless on the stage but is real! Nehal’s passion is quintessentially evident in the way she takes us back to her story of the life which made her the hero she is today! When it comes to performance, Nehal would give many strong sashes a run for money, she is unblemished on stage. If Miss India wins Miss Universe tonight, she will be an inspiration to all young girls across around the world who keep hearing that they are not good enough!

3. Philippines- Catriona Gray

When it comes to performance, Catriona Gray got no competition! Extremely different to the Catriona Gray we saw at Miss World 2016, the new Catriona is more natural, polished and well prepared for all the dicey challenges. During the preliminary competition, Catriona Gray was brilliant on the runway both in the swimsuit and evening gown rounds. Her smile would make any heart skip a beat. Being a martial artist black belt winner, Catriona strikes a beautiful balance between boldness and grace.

4. Canada- Marta Stepien

If we were to award the “Best Body” title to anyone at this pageant, hands down, Marta wins this fair and square. After a long long time, Canada has sent a gorgeous and strong delegate to Miss Universe. Raised by a single parent, the very poised beauty is an engineer by profession. Her preliminary competition performance made people go gaga over her! Canada is back in game!

5. Vietnam- H’Hen Niê

Without a doubt, Vietnam deserves to be in Top 5 this year. H’Hen maintained all the hype which she has been getting right since she won her national title earlier this year. What a flawless preliminary performance! Other than her performance, Vietnam has got a strong story to back her up. Coming from an impoverished backdrop, she served as a nanny to strengthen her finances and later went on to become a global ambassador of an NGO that provides scholarship to the school girls across the world. Such an inspiration!

Top 10 Semi- Finalists

6. Mexico- Andrea Toscano

The very stunning Andrea Toscano is much more than a beautiful face. She performed very well in the prelims and is gaining limelight because of serving the cause related to children, which helps to develop healthy nutrition habits among them.

7. South Africa- Tamaryn Green

There were a lot of expectations from Tamaryn Green as she was vying to take forward the South African legacy. Although she performed quite well, yet her energy somewhere was missing during the prelims, however, let’s wait and watch if she offers us something new in the finals.

8. Nigeria- Aramide Lopez

I would not hesitate to call her the strongest from Africa. She was blazing like fire during the prelims and I completely adored her performance. She is working for the cause related to sanitation and hygiene and is also proficient in martial arts.

9. Curacao- Akisha Albert

Such a stunner! Akisha was brilliant during the evening gown preliminary competition. Being a diabetic patient since a very young age, Akisha conquered it with the help of exercise. At present, she is working for the upliftment of people suffering from Down syndrome. She certainly deserves all the attention! Watch out for her.

10. Jamaica- Emily Maddison

Jamaica never fails to astonish at Miss Universe pageant! Her fierce expressions and royal composure just made many heads turn!

Top 20 Quarter-Finalists

Miss Ecuador, Virginia Limongi walked impeccably on stage and could prove out to be another major surprise in the finals. Meanwhile, Miss El Salvador, Marisela de Montecristo’s story of selling fruits door to door and aspiring to start her own clothing line apart from her brilliant runway skills might garner her a good placement at Miss Universe 2018 finals. Next we have, Colombia who comes across as gracefully spontaneous, followed by Panama. Following up we have Peru, who is the first female sports anchor from her country and has been a part of national volleyball team. Subsequently we have, Spain, who has already created a history of being the first transgender ever competing for the title of Miss Universe. Up next we have the host nation, Thailand, followed by the very lively and vivacious U.S Virgin Islands. Last but not the least we have Venezuela and Indonesia, who have wooed the audience with magnetic charm.

Close Shots

Bulgaria, France and Malta could pull off a surprise in the finals.

So these were my picks for Miss Universe 2018, do let us know who your favourites are for Miss Universe 2018 in the comment section below. And stay tuned for exclusive updates on Miss Universe 2018 finals! 🙂 Tada!

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Miss Universe 2018: 10 Best Evening Gown Round Performances!

Miss Universe 2018: Top 10 Evening Gown Round Performances!

We are only few hours away from Miss Universe 2018! Before we conclude our reviews on Miss Universe 2018 with the final predictions, we are here to present our best picks for evening gown performances during the Preliminary Competition of Miss Universe 2018. So let’s get started!

1. Philippines- Catriona Gray


AMAZING! This was my first reaction on seeing Catriona glide on the runway with ease during the evening gown round of preliminary competition. Miss Philippines was impeccably strong during this segment and her smile, twirls and turns all screamed loud the quality of a winner! In my opinion, she was the best in this segment without a second doubt and her gorgeous gown just added magnificence to her already glittering personality.

2. India- Nehal Chudasama


If you did not notice her until now, I wonder when you will! Nehal was bejewelled in a beautiful gown by Swapnil Shinde, which dazzled her finely carved corporeal frame. What I really loved about Nehal’s performance was her gracious aura, wherein she made the audience gasp in awe without exaggerating her pasarela.

3. Puerto Rico- Kiara Ortega

Puerto Rico

Such a stunner she is! Her fierce expressions are incredibly brilliant and would make anyone her fan. The way she ended her pasarela during the evening gown round was superb!

4. Vietnam- H’Hen Nie


When you don’t get a flaw to point out, people call her not ‘womanly enough’ or ‘boyish’. Vietnam brilliantly executed her evening gown during the said segment and proved that yellow is her colour matching to her vivacious personality.

5. Mexico- Andrea Toscano


Andrea comes across as a vivacious doll! Her million dollar facial beauty is something which shall make anyone’s heart skip a beat. During the preliminary evening gown competition, she affirmed that she is much more than her facial beauty and is here to give her fellow contestants a nerve wrecking competition.

Furthermore, Canada, Curacao, Jamaica, Peru and El Salvador proved out to be very strong in the evening gown preliminary competition.

So these were my picks for the best in evening gown round of the preliminary competition. Who were your favourites during the said segment, do let us know in the comment section below. Also, stay tuned as we bring you final predictions for Miss Universe 2018 in few minutes from now! 🙂

Meanwhile, have a look at the pictures from the evening gown preliminary competition right here!

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Miss Universe 2018: 10 Best Swimsuit Round Performances!

Miss Universe 2018: Top 10 Swimsuit Round Performances!

We are only twenty hours away from Miss Universe 2018 grand finale, and we could not control our enthrallment after seeing Thailand hosting the most glamorous pageant so well. After a spectacular preliminary competition, like every year we are here with our reviews, beginning with the best in swimsuit review. While some favourites faded for us in the prelims, other dark horses took the front, so without any further delay, let’s begin with our picks for best in swimsuit competition.

1. Canada- Marta Stepien


Right since she was crowned, Marta Stepien was considered to be a great competitor for a venerable pageant like Miss Universe. If we were to award a title of ‘Best Body’ in the Miss Universe pageant, Marta would have won that straight away without any qualms. What I really appreciate in Miss Canada is her spontaneity, she did not overdo her performance like many others and stuck to her natural aura. I surely see her performing great in the finals.

2. Philippines- Catriona Gray


Wow! That was my first reaction when I saw Catriona gliding the runway in pink swimsuit. She deserves all the limelight and attention she has been getting even before she won her national title. The smile, the fierce expressions, the runway skills, all speak loud of her winner quality. Completely mesmerized!

3. Vietnam- H’Hen Nie


How I love this woman! Yellow is her colour. I totally am a fan of her fierce expressions, confident body language and the kind of attention she demands while slaying the runway. If all goes fair, no one can stop her from reaching Top 5 in the finals. Thumbs up from my side!

4. India- Nehal Chudasama


Who says India is not a threat? Nehal Chudasama has done her homework very well for the pageant she has been aspiring since her childhood. Her passion reflects in her eyes as she slays the runway. The ferocious gaze she gives to camera would make million heads turn. She is strong in the competition and is here to make it big! Watch out for her.

5. Mexico- Andrea Toscano


The face, the aura, the body gesture all shouts loud for the spotlight. She performed really well in the prelims and could do great in the finals.

6. Puerto Rico- Kiara Ortega


There is something in her eyes which as an audience you can’t resist. More than her walk, her expressions did all the talking, and this I believe is her strongest tool in the competition.

7. Colombia- Valeria Morales


What I really loved about Colombia was her natural charm which she showed without overdoing things. Like a serene breeze, she glided effortlessly on the runway. Her smile just accentuated the beauty of her performance.

8. Ecuador- Virginia Limongi


Her lean and tall corporeal frame made sure to glue all eyes to the runway when she walked on it. Virginia appeared to be very sexy and enchanting as she performed in the swimsuit round.

9. U.S Virgin Islands- Aniska Tonge


Beautiful walk! Aniska turned out to be a pleasant surprise with her charming smile and refined walk. She was effortlessly stunning!

10. Jamaica- Emily Maddison


You can never expect any less than Jamaica! Emily was mind blowing in her walk and composure.

Honorable Mentions

Other than the mentioned beauties, I really admired the swimsuit performance of Belgium, El Salvador, France and Nigeria. Panama and Peru also came quite close to laudable performances. Coming to South Africa, her lack of energy disappointed me, same goes with USA. Spain was also brilliant in the swimsuit competition.

So these were my picks for Best in Swimsuit Preliminary Competition, I will meet you soon with next review on Best in Evening Gown Preliminary Competition. Stay tuned, folks! 🙂

Meanwhile have a look at the swimsuit pictures of all the contestants right here!

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Miss Universe 2018: Evening Gown Photoshoot!

Miss Universe 2018: Evening Gown Photoshoot!

Miss Universe 2018 will be the 67th edition of the Miss Universe pageant and is scheduled to take place on December 16, 2018 at Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand. During the conclusion of the pageant, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters of South Africa will crown her successor as next Miss Universe.

While the pageant has just kicked off a couple of days ago, the Miss Universe contestants right now are busy touring, filming, rehearsing and preparing to compete for the Miss Universe crown in Bangkok, Thailand. Few of the contestants got the opportunity to be the early divas for the camera during the evening gown photoshoot. Have a look!

Miss Universe Malta- Francesca Mifsud




Miss Universe Vietnam- H’Hen Nie




Miss Universe Italy- Erica De Matteis




Miss Universe Greece- Ioanna Bella




Miss Universe Curacao- Akisha Albert




Miss Universe South Africa- Tamaryn Green




Which contestant’s evening gown portrait impressed you the most? Do tell us in the comment section below! Until then, stay tuned to the space as we bring you exclusive reviews very soon!

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VOTE NOW! Who Should Win Miss Universe 2018?

Miss Universe 2018: Vote For Your Favorite!

Miss Universe 2018 will be the 67th edition of the Miss Universe pageant and is scheduled to take place on December 16, 2018 at Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand. During the conclusion of the pageant, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters of South Africa will crown her successor as next Miss Universe.

Miss Universe 2017 South Africa Demi Leigh Nel Peters Crowning

With the grand finale of Miss Universe driving nearby, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry invites all its readers to showcase their opinion as to who deserves to win Miss Universe 2018 pageant in the coming days. Cast your vote for your favorite as the voting lines remain open till the midnight of December 16, 2018. We shall be dedicating a special editorial for the winner of this poll. So what are you waiting for hurry up and begin the fun!

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Miss Universe 2018: Is India Back in Game?

Why is Nehal Chudasama a Force To Reckon With at Miss Universe 2018?

India! The name which was last called as Top 5 finalist at Miss Universe pageant in 2001 when Celina Jaitley represented the then powerhouse nation at world’s most prestigious and acclaimed pageant, and eventually emerged as the fourth runner up. Since last 16 years, India has never been called to Top 5 finalist spot and has even failed to place in the semi-finals since last 3 years.

However, this time the country which is majorly known to be Miss World fanatic not only tried something out of box while escorting the new Miss Universe India but also revamped the entire format, which has eternally been criticized by not merely pageant critics but also fans. The Miss Diva organization which sends delegates from India to Miss Universe went across four zones and presented the mesmerizing aura of the contestants vying to be the next Miss Universe India via various fashion shows, swimsuit presentation and press presentation. Each zone had a new subtitle to offer and different judge to assess the best among the best.

Last weekend, Nehal Chudasama was crowned as Miss Universe India 2018 during the grand finale of Miss Diva Universe 2018. While Nehal now has the responsibility of breaking three years long drought on her shoulders, it must be taken in consideration that she is much more than that. As insane as it might sound, we all know how important the concept of story at Miss Universe pageant is. Nehal is an epitome of living story, who gives hope to million women who have been body shamed or are uncomfortable in their own skin.


Soon after her crowning, posts showcasing fitness transformation of the newly crowned Miss Diva Universe 2018 were doing rounds in the social media, which not only garnered the attention of the pageant fans but also common audience, who keep pageants at bay, calling it as a platform which endorses body shaming. Nehal Chudasama is the answer to all those backlashes pageants receive by voicing the idea of ‘Hum Fit Toh Universe Fit’, which means if we are fit then the universe would also be fit. Nehal Chudasama, who is also a Fitness Consultant apart from being an Anchor, stands as the idol for all those people who do not believe in the miraculous fitness transformation.  Coming from the background where she lost her mother at an early age, and has been looked down by her friends and colleagues due to her weight, Nehal seems to be very strong when it comes to story.


Keeping aside the tale of ‘story’, Nehal’s stage presence is awe striking. She glides on the stage like a dream owning splendour in the swimsuit round and magnificence in the evening gown round. Being an Anchor already, Nehal is not hesitant whenever she gets the podium to voice her opinions. She screams confidence in her body language, be it interacting with the press or the common audience, she exudes grace and charm, a sign of a true diva, the reflection of true ‘Confidently Beautiful’.  In addition, Nehal has been seen enthusiastically involved with significant philanthropic causes like awareness of cancer, which has primarily been the agenda of Miss Universe pageant over years.

All in all, I firmly assert that India is back in game. To say if India would win the Miss Universe crown this year would be quite an early speculation, but do not take India for granted in 2018.   There are surprises every time in pageants, and Nehal Chudasma can be that pleasant surprise this December in Thailand.

Vagisha Mishra

Katrín Lea Elenudóttir Crowned Miss Universe Iceland 2018

Katrín Lea Elenudóttir Crowned Miss Universe Iceland 2018

Katrín Lea Elenudóttir was crowned as Miss Universe Iceland 2018 on August 22, 2018.  She succeeds  Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir as the new Miss Universe Iceland and will now represent Iceland at Miss Universe 2018 wherein Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters of South Africa will crown her successor as next Miss Universe.


Katrín was born in Omsk, Russia to a Russian mother Elena Skorobogatova. As a child, she emigrated from Russia to Iceland, settling in Reykjavík. She is a student at Menntaskólinn í Reykjavík, which is considered to be the most prestigious high school in Iceland. Katrín began her pageantry career at Miss Universe Iceland 2018, competing as Miss Midnight Sun.

Iceland last placed at Miss Universe pageant in 2009 when Ingibjörg Ragnheiður Egilsdóttir was adjudged as Top 15 semi-finalist. The country came closest to winning Miss Universe crown in 1962 when Anna Geirsdóttir was titled as the first runner up. Despite of the placements, Iceland has never won the Miss Universe crown yet.

Meet The Contestants of Miss Universe 2018 Here!

Karina Zhosan Crowned Miss Ukraine Universe 2018

Karina Zhosan Crowned Miss Ukraine Universe 2018

Karina Zhosan was crowned as Miss Ukraine Universe 2018 during the 23rd edition of Miss Universe Ukraine 2018 which took place on August 14, 2018 at the Fairmont Grand Hotel in Kyiv, Ukraine. She succeeds Yana Krasnikova as the new Miss Universe Ukraine and will now represent Ukraine at Miss Universe 2018 wherein Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters of South Africa will crown her successor as next Miss Universe.


Karina has been following the career as a model since the age of 15. The newly crowned Miss Universe Ukraine 2018, Karina Zhosan is a graduate of Odessa National Academy of food technologies with hotel majors and tourism business. Besides she is fluent in 4 languages including Mandarin, Russian, English and Italian. The beauty queen has also established a foundation for orphans in Kenya.

During the same event, Natalia Bolykh was titled as the first runner-up, Valeria Ryabchenko was adjudged as the second runner-up, Anna Duritskaya emerged as the third runner-up and Kateryna Semenyachenko finished as the fourth runner-up.

Ukraine has had a great run at Miss Universe pageant in last few years, having won the runners up title thrice in the years 2014 (2nd runner up), 2011 (1st runner up) and 2010 (third runner up). Ukraine has placed about six times in the decade dating from 2006 to 2014. However, the quest for the first Miss Universe crown remains intact.

Meet The Contestants of Miss Universe 2018 Here!

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