Miss Diva 2020- Final Hotpicks and Concluding Review

Miss Universe India 2020- Final Predictions

Miss Diva 2020 will be the 8th edition of Miss Diva pageant which is scheduled to be held on 22nd February, 2020. During the conclusion of the pageant, the outgoing Miss Universe India, Vartika Singh, who placed as a semi-finalist in Miss Universe 2019 pageant, will pass on her crown to her successor. The winner of Miss Diva 2020 pageant will represent India at Miss Universe 2020. In addition, Shefali Sood will crown her successor, who will represent India at the Miss Supranational 2020 pageant, which will be held in Poland. This will be the first edition of Miss Diva under Liva Fluid Fashion as the Yamaha Fascino stint with the said pageant ends.

After analyzing the contestants through various videos, social media interactions as well as advocacies, we are finally here with our final picks for Miss Diva 2020 crown, so without further delay let us begin!

10. Archana Ravi

Archana Ravi

23 years old, Archana Ravi is not a newbie in pageants. Having represented India at Miss Super Globe International 2018 and having won the first runner up position we can say, she has the exposure of knowing how a pageant candidate should be tailored. She has initiated a campaign called “Buddy Project” wherein she works to empower underprivileged children. Apart from that she has also been part of a Kannada movie. She is confident when she speaks but her only drawback is her styling.

9. Anisha Sharma

Anisha Sharma

Having met Anisha in Femina Miss India Chhattisgarh 2019 auditions, I must say that she has come a really long way. From her walk to talk to posture, she has shown an immensely brilliant transformation. While I haven’t really heard her speaking for a very long duration, knowing the fact that she was titled as one of the best speakers at the High Court, I am impressed with her profile, expecting a decent performance from her in the finals.

8. Vaishnavi Ganesh

Vaishnavi Ganesh

18 years old, 5 feet 10 inches tall Vaishnavi comes across as a strong contestant in the competition. She is confident on the runway and give fierce vibes with her gaze. She is also photogenic in her stance. However, if she comes back for pageants the next time with even more preparations, polishing her skills, she can win one of the crowns.

7. Shreya Poonja

Shreya Poonja

Winning Campus Princess is not a cakewalk, and winning the same she has established her worth. Shreya Poonja, who is only 19 and stands 5 feet 8 inches tall looks natural, determined and confident from all the recent preliminary events we have witnessed till date.

6. Arshina Sumbul

Arshina Sumbul

21 years old Arshina Sumbul holds the title of Miss Elite Rajasthan 2018. I really appreciate her vivacious aura, she seems to be pretty easy going as her live sessions indicate her to be. Further, she looks confident in her own skin.

5. Aavriti Chaudhary

Aavriti Chaudhary

21 years old Aavriti Chaudhary is a classic example of raw Indian beauty. I love her skin tone and natural curly hair. She sets the fire on stage when she walks and looks incredibly fierce and sexy in all the photoshoots. She speaks well as well. However, she needs to be more prompt and spontaneous while answering tricky question.

4. Lavanya Gunasekar

Lavanya Gunasekar

24 years old, Lavanya is a doctor by profession, which makes her profile strong alone when considered from the perspective of IMG at Miss Universe. She is not only a highly eloquent speaker but is also a beautiful example of how dynamic a modern woman could be. I really appreciate all her photoshoots and if she wins the crown of Miss Universe India I would be really happy.

3. Roshni Sharma

Roshni Sharma

Winning the title of Miss Photogenic at any pageant is not a cakewalk and when it is Miss Diva or Femina Miss India it does matter for we have seen candidate like Vartika Singh winning this subtitle and even winning the crown. Roshni is a spontaneous and confident speaker and stands for a wonderful advocacy where she teaches slum children arts and rugby. Having such a modelesque face, Roshni could do wonders at both Miss Universe and Miss Supranational.

Miss Supranational India 2020- Rushali Yadav

Rushali Yadav

22 years old, Rushali Yadav is one of the most wisest choice for Miss Supranational pageant. She has a beautiful face and she knows how to project her features in shoots, thanks to her second runner up stint at Cycle 4 of India’s Next Top Model. She has the experience and exposure to present herself with fierceness and confidence. She knows how to kill it on stage.

Miss Universe India 2020- Adline Castelino

Adline Castelino

21 years old Adline is a model by profession. She is associated with the cause to uplift and empower the female farmers of the country. She is a perfect blend of grace, eloquence, spontaneity and fierceness. Her biggest asset is her flexibility to shape herself according to the situations both on the runway as well as on the camera or even off the camera. She has been consistent throughout the pageant. Her styling has been impeccable and if she is given the chance to wear the sash of India at Miss Universe I am sure, she will put back India on the map of the said pageant.

So these were my favorites for the crown. Also do not forget to watch my final review on Miss Diva at my YouTube Channel and do SUBSCRIBE to the channel. Until then, good bye! 🙂

Miss Diva 2020 Preliminary Competition Review- Who Stood Out?

Miss Universe India 2020- The Divas Who Stood Out in the Prelims

Miss Diva Organization officially unveiled the contestants competing for the title of Miss Universe India 2020 and Miss Supranational India 2020 in Mumbai on 22nd January, 2020 at Hilton Hotel wherein the contestants of Miss Diva 2020 walked down the runway in Gavin Miguel’s gown. During the same event winners of three sub-contests were also sashed, whereby Malashya Kashyap was announced as Miss Body Beautiful, Rashalika Sabharwal was titled as Miss Glowing Skin and Rushali Yadav was sashed as Times Miss Sudoku. It was announced that the Miss Diva 2020 contestants will now face another preliminary challenge in Benguluru, leading to the grand finale of the event on 22nd February, 2020.

While we are yet to release our latest hotpick, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry discerned to come up with a review on few of the standouts from tonight’s event. So without much delay, let us begin.

Adline Castelino

I would not hesitate to say at all that right now she is the strongest crown contender for Miss Diva 2020. She is a perfect blend of elegance, fierceness, modesty and sophistication and it showed in tonight’s event. Her expressions are certainly one to die for!

Aavriti Choudhary

Such a pleasant surprise she is! Not only did she impress me through her photoshoots but she also ablaze the runway tonight with her chic humility and intense fierceness. Love her twirls and turns and her glittering confident smile she wore throughout her presence at the stage.

Vaishnavi Ganesh

The last one to enter the competition, but what a beautiful showstopper! Vaishnavi is not someone who could be ignored, and she certainly shines with her grace and finishing.

Lavanya Gunasekar

While I completely adore the kind of profile Lavanya has apart from her awe striking photoshoots and remarkable stage presence besides her hourglass corporeal frame, I would really appreciate her to use her social media handle actively like her many fellow contestants, for she is one who has the ability to win it all. Loved her tonight!

Rushali Yadav

Although Rushali is not flawless at the ramp, she has the potential to polish her skills and emerge as a frontrunner. She did not disappoint tonight and performed well but certainly the expectations are higher from her.

Megha Sachdeva

Ferociously fierce! Megha gave a decent performance tonight although she needs to tone down her expressions her little bit.

Payal Sharma

She is sexy and she knows it! What confidence, what oomph. Loved how she carried herself confidently on the stage.

Anisha Sharma

Anisha might not be the most talked about contestant of the batch but she delivered when it mattered. Really appreciate her parasela.

Shreya Poonja

Campus Princess Winner should never be overlooked for she wins after being assessed on various factors and Shreya precisely proved this fact to be true tonight. A decent performer!

So these were my favourites from the preliminary event of Miss Diva 2020, do not forget to share your favourite for the crown by voting for your favourite in the link given below.

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Miss Diva Universe 2020- 5 Best Resort Wear Shoots! [A Review]

Miss Universe India 2020- A Review on the Resort Wear Photoshoot

Miss Diva 2020 is about to kick off in a few days and we cannot hold the excitement. Lately, Liva Miss Diva 2020 released the resort wear photoshoot of the contestants which was shot while they were shortlisted after the final round of auditions. Now we did have a look at their social media handles, audition videos and several other behind the scenes videos to understand who has the potential to shine, these pictures just add more enthrallment to the nail biting competition, so today we are going to be reviewing the resort wear photoshoot of Miss Diva 2020 and talking about the five best pictures which impressed us the most! So let us begin!

Adline Castelino

Adline Castelino

Wow! Now that is a great shot! For people who have been following her journey since many years, this picture would have come as a pleasant surprise for sure. Adline clearly projects confidence, oomph and fierceness needed to shine at the glittering stage of an international pageant.

Tanya Subramanian

Tanya Subramanian

Red is bold, red is fierce and so is Tanya! Look at the posture, elegance and grace she projects in this photoshoot. A beautiful combination of poise and fierceness!

Rushali Yadav

Rushali Yadav

Being India’s Next Model runner up, such stunning shot from Rushali doesn’t comes as a surprise! Rushali looks refined and confident in this one.

Payal Sharma

Payal Sharma

Wow! This is it! This picture is sultry and breathtaking for sure! The posture, the gaze, the confidence, everything is on point.

Farhat Firoza

Farhat Firoza

Farhat has been blessed with a gorgeous face which shines out effortlessly in pictures. I love her expressions, her posture and the refinement of her overall look.

Meanwhile, let us have a look at all the pictures from the resort wear shoot-

Who is your favourite to win Miss Diva 2020? Do let us know by voting for your favourite in the link given below.

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Smrite Bhatia Crowned Mrs World India 2020

Smrite Bhatia to Represent India at Mrs World 2020

Smrite Bhatia from Vizag has been crowned as Mrs World India 2020. She will now represent India at the Mrs World competition which will be held in Los Angeles, United States in 2020. Smrite Bhatia won the Covisionara Global Mrs. India 2019-20 title last month and held a press conference in Vizag on December 25, 2019 to announce her participation in the upcoming Mrs World pageant.

The newly crowned Mrs World India opined, “My journey started three months ago after being shortlisted in the competition. A proper timetable, goal sheet and eight hours of work everyday helped me win awards. For any competition, I complete my preparation a month in advance and divide my time equally between family and professional responsibilities.” She further added, “Through these competitions, I hope to carry forward the aspirations of a billion people and show the world the fantastic progress that womanhood has made, not just in India but worldwide.

India last won the Mrs World title in 2001 when Aditi Govitrikar was crowned as the titleholder of the said pageant. Aditi Govitrikar is the only titleholder of Mrs World pageant from India.

Miss Diva 2020: First Impressions and Initial Review on the Miss Universe India 2020 Batch!

Miss Diva Universe 2020: First Hotpicks

It’s that time of the year again! Being an Indian, writing about Femina Miss India and Miss Diva has been a maudlin feeling for me.  I am more than happy about the fact that Miss Diva Organization is finally happening a year early, which shall give the newly elected Miss Universe India a lot of time to not only undergo extensive training but also build a much required social media momentum. With the beginning of new decade, Miss Diva Organization took a remarkably commendable step by finishing it’s auditioning and shortlisting process in 2019 itself, and promising the commencement of Miss Diva 2020 pageant in the mid-January.

Miss Diva 2020 will be the 8th edition of Miss Diva pageant which is scheduled to be held in February, 2020. During the conclusion of the pageant, the outgoing Miss Universe India, Vartika Singh, who placed as a semi-finalist in Miss Universe 2019 pageant, will pass on her crown to her successor. The winner of Miss Diva 2020 pageant will represent India at Miss Universe 2020. In addition, Shefali Sood will crown her successor, who will represent India at the Miss Supranational 2020 pageant, which will be held in Poland. This will be the first edition of Miss Diva under Liva Fluid Fashion as the Yamaha Fascino stint with the said pageant ends.

Miss Diva Organization recently unveiled the Top 19 contestants as well as 5 wildcard contestants, one of whom will join the Top 20 of Miss Diva finalists. After going through the social media profile, audition videos and photoshoots of various contestants, I am here with my pre-arrival favourites for Miss Diva 2020, so without further delay, let us delve in!

Potential Top 5 Finalists

Lavanya Gunasekar – This woman is a keeper for Miss Diva Organization. Besides having an accomplished and rich educational background as a doctor, Lavanya is not merely a model but also a dancer and singer. After seeing her talk in the auditions, I am convinced that she is going to go a long way. Will she win Miss Diva 2020? Too early to comment on this question, but I must say she fits the IMG bill very well. Do not be surprised if she makes it to Top 3 of Miss Diva 2020!

Lavanya Gunasekar Gandhi

Archana Ravi – Another amazing lady I am eyeing on for the title of Miss Diva 2020 as of now. Not only is she photogenic and elegant in her pictures, but she is even better in motion. I love the way she speaks and projects her thoughts. The clarity in her thoughts highlights that her speech is not at all rehearsed but well planned and organized. Would love to see more of her!

Archana Ravikumar

Adline Castelino – For people who have known her since many years know her real potential which is yet to be witnessed by the world. This amazing lady has already come a long way, evolving day by day in her eloquence, posture and projection. I cannot wait to see her performance at Miss Diva 2020.

Adline Castelino

Roshni Sharma – The moment Roshni’s picture went viral on social media, people went gaga over her! She effectively stands out in photoshoots and is certainly going to be benefited in the days to come during Miss Diva pageant for being photogenic. In addition, she speaks spontaneously and confidently, which is truly an asset for her. Would want to see more of her!

Roshni Sharma

Tanya Subramanian – It is a truth universally acknowledged, that no one can ignore a happy woman. The biggest asset of Tanya is her spontaneity, which would never be ignored at any pageant. At this stage, she comes across as a highly natural yet confident woman. If groomed and polished well, she may do great in the days to come!

Tanya Subramanian

Potential Semi-Finalists:

Nishi Bharadwaj was one of the finalists at Fbb Femina Miss India Haryana when Manushi Chhillar competed and finally won the crown of Miss Haryana and made her ticket to Miss India and eventually Miss World. Having represented India at Miss Earth, Nishi certainly has an edge over other contestants in terms of international pageant exposure, now it is up to her, how she is going to advance further with these privileges.

Rushali Yadav has one of the greatest edge over her fellow contestants as she is a runner up of Indian Television’s most reputed modelling show, which is, India’s Next Top Model. She has a great swimsuit body and looks commendable in her photoshoots.

Rashalika Sabharwal has an amazing fan base in her social media which is surely going to benefit her during the Miss Diva competition, other than that she has a commercially favourable face to shine.

Arshina Sumbul although looks naive but comes across as a fierce crown contender, while I am yet to hear her speak, I would love to see more of her.

Shivangi Sharma has a gorgeous face and holds a prior Femina Miss India Uttarakhand pageant experience. If she polishes her communication skills, she will surely give her fellow contestants a run for money.

So these were my initial favourites for Miss Universe India 2020 and Miss Supranational India 2020 titles. The list is surely going to see some of the changes when the pageant commences, until then stay tuned for more updates and do not forget to share your favourites with us by casting your vote in the link below.

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Aayushi Dholakia from India Crowned Miss Teen International 2019

Aayushi Dholakia of India Wins Miss Teen International 2019

Aayushi Dholakia from India was crowned as Miss Teen International 2019 at the grand finale of the Miss Teen International 2019 on December 19, 2019 at Kingdom of Dreams in Gurugram, India.

Apart from winning the prestigious crown, she also won Best National Costume and Best in Speech special awards at Miss Teen International 2019 pageant. At the same event, Paraguay’s Yessenia Garcia was crowned first runner-up and Botswana’s Anicia Gaothusi was adjudged as second runner-up and Miss Teen Africa. Other continental queens at this year’s Miss Teen International competition included Vietnam’s Thu Pham (Miss Teen Asia), Italy’s Maria Luisa Piras (Miss Teen Europe) and Brazil’s Alessandra Santos (Miss Teen Americas).

Aayushi Dholakia is a student at Anand Vidyavihar School, Vadodara. She is in eleventh grade and masters various dance forms. She is also a sportsperson and has taken part in several zonal and state-level sports competitions. At the age of 14, she established a Happy Go Happy Club to organize various activities at old age homes. She is the Interact District Representative for Rotary District 3060 and also the current president of the Interact Club of Baroda Cosmopolitan.

Miss World 2019: Final Leaderboard and Concluding Review!

Miss World 2019: Final Predictions and Ultimate Picks for Crown!

Miss World 2019 will be the 69th edition of the Miss World pageant. The coronation gala of Miss World 2019 will be held on December 14, 2019 at the Excel London in London, United Kingdom, at the conclusion of which Vanessa Ponce of Mexico will crown her successor as the next Miss World. While we are just few hours away from the grand finale of Miss World 2019, after assessing contestants through various Fastrack Challenges and videos, I am finally here with my final picks for the Miss World crown, so without further delay let’s get started!

Leading the leaderboard is none other than Miss France, Ophély Mézino. France has won the Miss World crown only once and that too back in 1953. After multiple tumultuous placements at Miss World, I believe this is the time when France actually has the stars lined up for its second Miss World crown. Not only did Ophély Mézino paved her way to Top 5 of Top Model Round as well as Top 10 of Beauty with a Purpose Fastrack Challenges, but also holds eloquence and charm worthy of being appreciated. I have my eyes fixed on her!

France- Ophély Mézino

Next up we have Miss Nigeria, Nyekachi Douglas. If there is one woman who is leading the pageant as a one woman army then it is none other than Nyekachi. After winning the Top Model Round, Head to Head Challenge and runner up position in Sports Challenge as well as becoming a finalist in Beauty with a Purpose Challenge, Nigeria has solidified its position to grab the much adored Miss World crown. She is exclusively spontaneous, energetic and vivacious, and I believe this feature might just get Africa another lauded crown in a span of one week.

Following closely is Miss India, Suman Rao. It has not been a very long time since India has been gifted with the Miss World crown, but watching the highly exuberant Suman Rao, India’s vision towards seventh Miss World crown does not seem like a far-fetched dream! Suman has paved her way in the Top Model Round, Beauty with a Purpose Round as well as Talent Round, and in addition has also won the Head to Head Challenge. Do not be surprised if she walks home with the crown tonight!

India- Suman Rao


  • Uganda – Oliver Nakakande
  • Trinidad and Tobago – Tya Janè Ramey
  • Czech Republic – Denisa Spergerová
  • Vietnam – Lương Thùy Linh
  • Venezuela – Isabella Rodríguez
  • Indonesia – Princess Megonondo
  • Jamaica – Toni-Ann Singh

Uganda has shown terrific presence since the initial days of the pageant and it shall be interesting to see how she will perform in the finale tonight. Trinidad and Tobago seemed to have created a momentum in the competition with her mirth and spark. Further, Czech Republic looks like a flag bearer from the European continent. Following her closely is Vietnam predeceasing Venezuela who looks like a drought breaker to the nation. Talking about Miss World and forget Indonesia? That’s not possible! Indonesia has sent another amazing candidate to the Miss World competition. Last but not the least, Jamaica looks like a very promising candidate in the race to the Miss World crown!

So these were my favourites for the Miss World 2019 crown. Whom are you rooting for to be Miss World 2019? Do let me know in the comments below.    

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Miss International 2019- Final Predictions

Miss International 2019- Final Hotpicks

Within 24 hours we will have a new Miss International! While Miss International Organization is renowned to crown elegant, wise and charming women as queens where the ladies are not merely seen as the candidates but rather spokespersons of the organization, we are here with our favourite candidates for Miss International 2019 title.

1. Mexico- Andrea Toscano

2. Uganda- Evelyn Namatovu Karonde

3. Colombia- Alejandra Vengoechea

4. Indonesia- Jolene Marie Cholock-Rotinsulu

5. Czech Republic- Andrea Prchalová

6. Philippines- Bea Patricia Magtanong

7. Venezuela- Melissa Jiménez

8. Japan- Tomomi Okada Sevaldsen

9. Belarus- Maria Perviy

10. Belgium- Rachel Nimegeers

11. Puerto Rico- Ivana Carolina Irizarry

12. United Kingdom- Harriotte Lane

13. Canada- Megha Sandhu

14. Brazil- Carolina Stankevicius Cruz

15. India- Simrithi Haresh Bathija

As we have seen many pageant crossover queens come, slay and walk off with the crown, I believe this is the moment where Mexico can claim this huge victory. Further, if Miss International Organization is thinking to write a new history, they may step ahead and crown an African delegate which should be none other than Uganda. In addition, Colombia’s strong presence in the competition cannot be ignored and she can make it big in tomorrow’s competition. Watching Indonesia’s strong game in pageantry since last few years, it would not be a surprise if we see the nation entering in Top 5 again. Czech Republic has a beautiful face and owns an elegant demeanour which is much appreciated by the Miss International Organization.

Who do you think will walk home with the crown of Miss International 2019? Tell us in the comments.

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Miss Earth 2019- Schedule, Contestants and News!

Road To Miss Earth 2019

Miss Earth 2019 will be the 19th edition of the Miss Earth pageant. Miss Earth 2019 is scheduled to take place on October 26th, 2019 at Cove Manila, Okada Manila in Parañaque City, Philippines. Nguyễn Phương Khánh of Vietnam will crown her successor as the new Miss Earth at the end of the event.


This year the contestants are divided into three groups- Air, Water and Fire, wherein they shall be competing against each other in different activities. Now let us have a look at the contestants vying to win the title of Miss Earth 2019-

Hotpicks: Miss Earth 2019 First Impressions and Initial Standouts!

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Miss World 2018 Final Hotpicks: The Concluding Verdict!

Miss World 2018- The Final Predictions!

Miss World 2018 will be the 68th edition of the Miss World pageant which is all set to culminate in Sanya, China on December 8, 2018. In less than 24 hours, the reigning Miss World Manushi Chhillar of India will be passing on her crown to her successor. How can the pageant season be complete without speculations and opinions, so before Miss World pageant bids us adieu till the next year, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry is here to present its final predictions and review on Miss World 2018, so let us get started!

miss world 2018 final predictions

Top 5 Finalists:

1. Mexico- Vanessa Ponce

If Mexico was to satiate its thirst for the Miss World crown, I believe this was the moment for which the Miss World Organization was waiting for. I feel the crown is Vanessa’s to loose at the moment, who is already a known face in the entertainment industry after her victorious stint at Mexico’s Top Model in 2014. The way she won the Head to Head Challenge not only gives the glimpse of her confidence but also highlights the maturity with which she handles her demenour. After garnering Top 32 spot in the Top Model Round, Top 18 in Sports Round and being runner up in the most vital fastrack challenges like ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ and Multimedia, Mexico may finally win its first ever Miss World crown.

2. Nepal- Shrinkhala Khatiwada

What a beautiful contestant Nepal has sent to Miss World pageant this year. Prior to arrivals, Shrinkhala was always in the radar of pageant critics because of her saccharine looks, but post the arrivals, the lady has affirmed that she is much more than her appearance! Sweeping two most significant fastrack titles like ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ and Multimedia, Nepal did not only asserted her prominence in the competition, but also secured her spot in Top 5 finals with the courage and valiance she displayed through the entire pageant. Apart from her fun-filed and vivacious social media posts, Shrinkhala never went on missing in any scene, thereby being Top 32 in Top Model round and Top 20 in Head to Head Challenge. Winning the runner up position in Sanya Tourism Promotional Video award, just adds to the fact that she is appreciated well by the Miss World Organization. For me, she is surely locked in the Top 3!

3. France- Maëva Coucke

With her early victory in the Top Model challenge, France certainly gained all the limelight, turning heads! But soon as the competition caught speed, the more spontaneous aura of Miss Nepal and Miss Mexico started overshadowing her. Nonetheless, anything is possible in pageantry and with her eloquence, grace and confidence, Maëva can bring back her nation on the Miss World map after long drought of more than 60 years.

4. Trinidad and Tobago- Ysabel Bisnath

The best candidate from the Caribbean, Ysabel Bisnath’s calm and composed aura would make anyone admire the gracious lady. Throughout the competition, Ysabel came across as refined delegate, who though talked less, but when she did, she made sure everyone listens to it. After her notable placement as Top 20 finalist in Head to Head Challenge and Top 12 finalist in the ‘Beauty with a Purpose’, she is here to make her impression count!

5. China- Mao Peirui

Someone pointed out right, the key to success is consistency and here we have the host girl proving it! Right since the competition began, China almost won two Fastrack challenges by bagging first runner up title both in Talent round and Top Model round. Her ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project was also appreciated by the Miss World Organization as she made her space in the Top 25 of BWAP Challenge by talking about the issues of education. Not only did she bagged World Fashion Designer Award but also bagged the first runner up title in Sanya Tourism Promotional Video Award. Do not be surprised if you see China being called in Top 5 tonight!

Top 10 Finalists

6. UgandaQuiin Abenakyo

Having already created history by entering in Top 30 finals for the first time Uganda’s Quiin is impressing her fans all around the world by offering fresh vibes and spontaneous aura. Currently, she is the strongest from Africa besides South Africa.

7. New Zealand- Jessica Tyson

Jessica has such a stunning face and an awe-striking personality! Her picturesque aura while appears great as she treads the runway, her kind heart is evident as she raises crucial issue like sexual abuse of children in her ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project, which also made her the first runner up in the BWAP Challenge. Precisely the strongest contestant from Oceania!

8. Indonesia- Alya Nurshabrina

Indonesia never disappoints at the Miss World pageant. While Alya’s ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project revolved around village water sanitation and agriculture, making her the first runner up in BWAP Challenge, her Top 18 stint in the Talent round just affirms that she is one of the proficient contestants contending for the imperative title like Miss World.

9. Chile- Anahí Hormazabal

That gorgeous face is enough to give the contestants a run for money! Chile by winning the Head to Head challenge proved that she is much more than a beautiful face. Her ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project raising the concern of social integration program was very well received by Miss World organization.

10. Vietnam- Trần Tiểu Vy

Vietnam’s powerful ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project talking about providing water for remote village not just garnered her the runner up position in the BWAP challenge, but also asserted how much gravity as a contestant does Vietnam possesses. Being flawless on ramp and sturdy in her demenour, Vietnam has it all to make her spot in Top 10 of Miss World finals.

Top 15 Semi-Finalists

11. Panama- Solaris Barba

Solaris Barba is consistently giving power packed performance in all the challenges. Be it Talent Round, Top Model Challenge, Sports Challenge or BWAP Challenge, she has made her presence felt everywhere. This lady certainly deserves a spotlight.

12. India- Anukreethy Vas

Anukreethy’s story of struggle being brought up by a single parent created splash in the pageant town. After winning Head to Head Challenge and ending as Top 18 finalist for Talent round, India is all set to make its place in the semi-finals.

13. Russia- Natalya Stroeva

She is the first ever Miss Russia who has her roots in Asian heritage. Russia’s strong ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project serving orphans, being an orphan herself speaks volumes about her as a person and as a Miss World contestant. She is certainly not going to go unnoticed by the Organization.

14. South Africa- Thulisa Keyi

After winning World Fashion Designer Dress, Thulisa proved that South Africa can never be taken casually at Miss World pageant after Rolene Strauss left a magnificent legacy. Thulisa is a marvelously eloquent speaker and totally deserves a spot in semi-finals.

15. Venezuela- Veruska Ljubisavljević

Looks like Venezuela is now ready to come back to Miss World map after a long drought. In the Head to Head Challenge, Veruska proved that the powerhouse nation might be sleeping but is not dead. Watch out for this beauty!

So these were our favorites for Miss World 2018. Who are your favorites? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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A Closer Look at Top 30 Finalists of Miss World 2018!

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