Gowns We Wish To Keep In Wardrobe: Reminiscing 10 Best Pageant Gowns of 2019!

Majestic Gowns to Remember in 2019

Talking about pageants and missed out a conversation on evening gowns? Eh! Not going to happen, right? As the decade ends, we are here to reminisce the best gowns of the year, looking at which made us feel “Oh! I need to have this one in my wardrobe.” So what are we waiting for, let us get started!

Miss Universe Thailand, Fahsai Paweensuda Drouin

Miss Universe Thailand, Fahsai Paweensuda Drouin

Thailand might have not won the crown, but it surely won the hearts when she took over the runway in an exuberant glazing red evening gown with a colossal thigh-high slit. This beautiful evening gown was designed by Surface Adhit Dhirakittiwat. The best feature of this awe striking gown was a sequined leg, which made it incredibly unique and impactful at the Miss Universe stage. If observed closely, the elaborate silver crystal beadwork framing the bodice in the design of falling stars was so ensnaring that one could never put off eyes from this amazing masterpiece.

Miss Universe France, Maeva Coucke

Miss Universe France, Maeva Coucke

One of the most laudable evening gown at the Miss Universe stage, France never disappoints when it comes to the selection of evening gowns. The ivory sequined feathered gown was designed by the renowned Lebanese designer, Ziad Nakad. Not only the colour white emphasized the simplicity and elegance of the lady but the sequins and feathers at the bottom half and sleeves gave her a royal look.

Miss Universe Puerto Rico, Madison Anderson

Miss Universe Puerto Rico, Madison Anderson

This beautiful mirrored mosaic gown was designed by Luis Antonio. Not only did the mirrored sequins hugged her body flawlessly but the incredibly fierce column shape of the gown made her look irresistible for the title.

Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Gray

Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Gray

Talking about the best evening gowns of the year and miss out on Catriona’s masterpiece during her farewell walk? Impossible! For her final walk as Miss Universe, the beauty queen glittered in a blue alon or wave inspired mermaid gown which was titled as “Reflection.” It was designed by none other than Mak Tumang. The evening gown was a combination of the now-iconic Mayon and Adarna, two gowns that Catriona wore when she competed for the Miss Universe 2018, which paid tribute to the country’s Mayon Volcano and Ibong Adarna respectively. The iridescent blue gown was intricately covered in Swarovski crystals and feather appliqués. Loved it completely!

Miss Mexico International, Andrea Toscano

Miss Mexico International, Andrea Toscano

Such a lovely gown! Andrea Toscano wore this sparkling silver gown, which featured stunning silver beaded and pearl sequin applique over a net backdrop. The gown was entirely roofed in beads at the neck lined torso including bell-shaped sleeves.

Miss India World, Suman Rao

Miss World India, Suman Rao

Falguin and Shane Peacock knows how to adorn it’s queens with majesty. Dressed in a white silver sequined gown, Suman looked exquisite. Not only the fitting of the gown praiseworthy, but  the delicate rhinestones falling from her shoulders portrayed her as highly mesmerizing.

Miss Grand International 2019, Valentina Figueroa

Miss Grand International 2019, Valentina Figueroa

This masterpiece was designed by the renowned Venezuelan designer, Nidal Nouaihed. Although the gown was on style with the swerve of nude gowns, it featured a nude tulle illusion base with outstanding silver sequins right the way through. The gown had a centre front slit and appealing horsehair netting shoulder detail.

 Miss Universe Indonesia, Frederika Alexis Cull

Miss Universe Indonesia, Frederika Alexis Cull

This gown was appreciated by everyone around the world! This one-shoulder red and black sequined gown was designed by the celebrated Indonesian designer, Tex Saverio and was inspired by the “Spirit of the Phoenix”, featuring a side-front slit over and above a shoulder fall drape.

Miss International 2019, Sireethorn Leearamwat

Miss Thailand International 2019, Sireethorn Leearamwat

Thailand won its first Miss International crown with the lady dressed in blush pink colored evening gown that featured an entirely beaded dress above tulle with feathers. The gown accessorized with armbands in blush pink colored feathers and the sequin applique was brilliantly eyecatching.

Miss World Philippines, Michelle Dee

Miss World Philippines, Michelle Dee

Francis Libiran never disappoints with his amazing work! The teal colored sequined gown with a front opening, sheer illusion panels, and spectacular full sleeve drapes looked beautiful on Michelle as she took over the Miss World stage.

Miss Grand International 2018: The Best and Worst Evening Gowns at Welcome Event!

The Gowns That Failed and Impressed at Miss Grand International 2018

Miss Grand International 2018 will be the 6th edition of the Miss Grand International pageant which is slated to take place on October 25, 2018 in Myanmar. During the conclusion of the pageant, Maria Jose Lora from Peru will crown her successor as new Miss Grand International.

While the pageant season has just begun with Miss Grand International being the first rising star among all, like every year, we begin with our discussion on the best part of pageants, which is, yes, you guessed it right, evening gowns! As they say, first impression is the last impression, the candidates vying to win the golden Miss Grand International crown got a chance to build their first impression during the press conference and media interactions, wherein each delegate had to introduce herself.

Talking about pageants and you miss the discussion on the worst and best evening gowns? Bizarre ain’t it? So how could I miss to present my ideas on which evening gown impressed me with the charisma and which horrendously horrified me. Please note that our attention is not how the girl carried herself in the evening gown but solely on how impressive a particular evening gown is. So let’s go!


1. Thailand- Namoey Chanaphan


Thailand never fails to impress at all when it comes to styling and dressing! What a gorgeous gown for the gorgeous girl. What made the gown look alluring were the pearl like beads with intricate details. While the gown did not look extra for the event, it was also not simple enough to be forgettable among the rest. The intricate details helped the lady to shine and the floor length design just made the beauty more queenly, regal and graceful.

2. Mexico- Lezly Díaz 


The beautiful gown made Lezly Díaz look crown ready with its charismatic attributes. The feather work reminded us of Ivian Sarcos winning evening gown from Miss World 2011. The color, fitting and intricate details all shouted for a deserving limelight.

3. India- Meenakshi Chaudhary


Wow! The look was breathtaking enough to make all the people following Miss Grand International pageant gasp in awe. The beautiful Falguni and Shane Peacock Indian traditional attire made Meenakshi stand out in the crowd with sheer glory. Not only did it reflect the beauty of Indian culture but with the vibrant tinch in the colour, it added grandeur to the charm of the candidate.

4. Paraguay- Clara Sosa


As they say, less is more! The gown did not try too hard to gain the spotlight. Beautiful fitting, sober and somber design with the sequins doing all the drama, Paraguay made the entry to the pageant in a magnificent way without saying much.

5. Ecuador- Blanca Arambulo


Now you might be surprised to see this one on the list! But this outfit made a style statement last night with an unusual colored gown showcasing a little unusual design. Ecuador did manage to stand out with her crisp styling and dressing.


1. Bulgaria- Beloslava Slavcheva Yordanova


The ill fitted evening gown with no design made a poor show at the runway! The color was dull and the makeup and hair made the entire look even more shabby.

2. Moldova- Alexandra Predus


The slit in the gown did not look neat and the net sleeves did not add any beauty to the outfit. The ill fitting made it look all the more unlikable.

3. Albania- Klaudia Kalia


The gown appeared to be simply served to runway without any customized fitting or finishing. The structure of the gown was straight and did not add to any drama robbing the girl chance of showing her curves.

4. Canada- Grace Diamani


The gown did not do justice to an event like press conference or welcome event. The length of the gown was improper and the color too dull to be forgettable in the lot.

5. Lithuania- Jūratė Stasiūnaitė


The fitting of the gown was extremely poor making the candidate appear bulky.

So these were our choices for the worst and best evening gowns at Miss Grand International pageant. What were your choices? Do let us know in the comment section below. Meanwhile, have a look at the evening gowns of all the contestants right here. Also, stay tuned as we release more reviews in the days to come!

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The Best and Worst Evening Gowns of Miss Teen USA 2018 [Review]

The Gowns That Failed and Impressed at Miss Teen USA 2018

Miss Teen USA 2018 will be the the 36th edition of Miss Teen USA pageant, which is slated to take place on May 18, 2018 in Shreveport, Louisiana. During the conclusion of the pageant, Sophia Dominguez Heithoff of Missouri will crown her successor as next Miss Teen USA.

Within few hours we shall see the crowning of new Miss Teen USA 2018. When it comes to pageants, how can we let go off the discussion on the evening gowns. Last night delegates across 51 states of USA walked the runway in their luscious evening gowns during the preliminary evening gown competition.

The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry brings its most liked and disliked evening gowns from the event, let’s have a look. Please note, that the ranking is not based on the performance but rather the design and appearance of the evening gowns.

Best Evening Gowns

Nevada- Britney Barnhart


Britney’s sapphire blue ball gown was custom designed by Jovani Fashions and Henri’s Pageant with over 80,000 sparkling Swarovski crystal embellishments in three different shades of sapphire. The upper portion of the gown was adorned with gorgeous Chantilly lace and a layer of chiffon. The beautiful gown reminded me of Pia Wurtzbach’s farewell gown at Miss Universe 2016. The gown gave all the limelight to the gorgeous Britney!

Alabama- Kennedy Cromeens


The custom made Jovani Fashions gown made Miss Alabama Teen USA 2018 look regal, graceful and queenly. She maintained the spark and vivaciousness of a teen beauty queen as she worked her peach gown well on the runway last night.

New Hampshire- Natalie Jenkins

New Hampshire

Considering this is a teen pageant, the subtle and soft color of the gown channelized the inner beauty of this gorgeous beauty. The simple yet royal design was a complete win win factor on stage!

Oklahoma- Zoe Ferraro


This beautiful evening gown by Sherri Hill gives the illuminating vibes with its fresh and bright color. Given for the teen pageants, this gown is top notch perfect in its design and appearance.

South Carolina- Elizabeth Self

South Carolina

This Gregory Ellenburg gown gave Elizabeth all the freedom to execute her inner princess! From the color to the design, the wonderful evening gown endowed this beauty the liberty to shine like a queen and still maintain the childlike innocence of a princess.

Worst Evening Gowns

Massachusetts- Lexi Woloshchuk


This gown looked completely ill fitted making the candidate look out of shape. From the neckline to the color, everything in this gown was a turn off!

Michigan- Anane Loveday


Full marks for experimenting, but for any teen pageant a dramatic gown like this can go completely wrong, if not worked well on stage.

New Mexico- Madison Turner

New Mexico

The bow on the upper portion of the gown and the ball gown structured design was nothing new we saw on stage. However this gown might not go down as one of the worst designs, but hey, it’s Miss Teen USA after all and we are expecting something better and enchanting!

Oregon- Jaycie Forrester


The design of the gown is quite basic without any intricate details. Moreover, the color of the gown give quite a monotonous impression.

Rhode Island- Aliyah Moore

Rhode Island

From the design to the details, nothing came across as impressive. A very forgettable gown for a pageant like Miss Teen USA!

So these were my choices for the worst and best evening gowns at Miss Teen USA pageant. What were your choices? Do let me know in the comment section below. Meanwhile, have a look at the evening gowns of all the contestants right here.


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8 Times Olivia Culpo Proved Why She is the Trendiest Miss Universe EVER!

An Exclusive Sneak Peak To Olivia Culpo’s Wardrobe!

Five years ago, this American beauty became the first ever titleholder from Rhode Island to win Miss USA and was also eventually crowned as the eighth Miss Universe from United States of America. Olivia Culpo! The name is enough to envision the spunk, liveliness and vivacity this former Miss Universe embodies.

Although it has been four years since Olivia Culpo passed on her crown to her successor, her style never fails to amaze her fans even today! While Olivia Culpo is seen donning trendy yet comfortable set of clothes, she is also careful about not ignoring her hairdo and this is pretty much evident from her latest haircut, which is worthy of being rated as a ten on ten. So without any further ado let’s have a peep into the trendiest Miss Universe’s wardrobe diaries!

In this look, Olivia Culpo is wearing chic Lucky Larsie Boots and is carrying a Versace studded purse. The top she is wearing is pretty amazing and is an exclusive pick from Veronica Beard. The full zip summer cargo skirt is also from Veronica Beard, which looks superb when paired up with black buckles clinch belt from Alexander McQueen.


This look is super chic and can be easily donned up in a late night party or casual day out. Here Olivia Culpo is wearing Leather Boots from Isabel Marant which gets a chic appearance when teamed up with the Audrey Sunglasses. The simple yet elegant Danny’s T-Shirt looks expensive as she teams it up with the Erika Belt from Isabel Marant.


This look is one of my absolute favourite as it not only looks casual but also chic and trendy. This neat look is pulled up when the suede pocket jacket is teamed up with denim shorts from Lucky Brand. Adding up to the beauty, these stunning Saint Laurent boots goes magnificently well with the Celine Tote Bag.



This winter look is a must have for every girl! This super fashionable yet comfortable green high neck sweater is from Forever 21 and is paired up with the same colour trench coat from Wallis Khakhi and trousers. The Edie Parker Box Clutch just adds up to the charm she embodies in this look.


This unusual yet trendy look is why we call Olivia Culpo the trendiest Miss Universe ever! This fabulous John Paul Ataker shirt looks a masterpiece when teamed up with white crisp trouser from Zara.

Olivia Culpo

This bohemian look is worthy to be smitten for! The dainty look Olivia Culpo dons here goes to courtesy of a beautiful fringe top from Vatanika and Alice and Olivia Betsy Super Flared Jeans. The Pavia Pumps from DSW goes pretty well with the entire look.


This traveller look is a dream for any female solo traveller. The patchwork denim long skirt from Saint Laurent is paired up with Stella McCartney Buckle Belt, Puma Vikky Platform Sneakers, a crop top and denim jacket from Are You Am I.


This street look is simple yet noteworthy. In this look, Olivia is wearing Are You Am I Minka Long Sleeve Top with J Brands Black Pants, Gucci Sneak Slippers and Tod’s Wave Bag. The look is absolutely comfortable yet trendy.

black pants

So which was your favourite look from the look book of Olivia Culpo? Do not forget to share your opinions on the same in the comment section below!

The Winning Evening Gown of Miss South Africa 2017: HIT or MISS?

Miss South Africa 2017 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS?

Miss South Africa 2017 concluded with the crowning of Demi Leigh Nel-Peters last Sunday and the audience could not help but fall in love with the effortless beauty of the newly crowned beauty queen. But amidst the sea of admiration, as every pageant fanatic and pageant expert would not fail to notice the kind of evening gown, Demi Leigh Nel Peters was donning, I too fell into web of opinions on noticing the winning evening gown of Miss South Africa 2017.


The light teal coloured evening gown of the newly crowned Miss South Africa 2017 was totally a hit in my opinion. The subtle designs and soothing effect of the evening gown was definitely accentuating the effervescence Demi Leigh Nel Peters was carrying with her vivacious smile. The trail at the back of the evening gown highlights the royalty of the beauty queen making her seem all the more regal and majestic, reflecting her as someone who owns a personality of substance.

Furthermore, the hairdo of Demi Leigh Nel Peters just works as a cherry on the cake as it highlights the design of the evening gown in all grandeur. The nude heels allows the audience’s attention to be placed intact on the evening gown and that is why I give this look a ten on ten, labelling it as a complete HIT.

So what’s your take on the evening gown of Miss South Africa 2017? Do let me know via the comment section right below the screen. 🙂

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Confused About Kind Of Makeup To Wear While Auditioning For a Pageant? Here is your Mantra!

Nail Your Auditions With Minimal Yet Effective Makeup

Hey guys! So it’s a pageant tutorial blog post after a long long time. I am often asked by pageant aspirants about how to do their makeup during auditions and closed door interviews. So this blog post is all about how to nail your simple and subtle look effortlessly.

Being in pageant these days is not about donning a bold, glamorous and sensational look all the time, but more about how you present yourself as a personality of substance, which comes more to spotlight when you proudly flaunt yourself with minimal efforts. So let’s delve in to how to dazzle as a natural beauty during auditions and low key pre pageant activities.

Bid Goodbye to Foundation

Nothing looks more over the top than the cakey layer of foundation, making your skin look aged and smudgy. Opt for a BB cream or CC cream instead, which blends gently to your skin tone without leaving any thick traces. Do not forget to keep a beauty blender in your vanity, to make the process hassle free and quick.

urvashi rautela miss india.jpg
Urvashi Rautela- Miss Universe India 2015

How About Concealer?

Of course concealer comes handy when you are to hide those red patches or dark circles underneath your eyes, but an excessive layering of it can make you look artificial. Dab the concealer gently near your eyes, stretching it out to your cheekbone.

Befriend a Subtle Mascara

After seeing the intense trend of fanned and pumped eyelashes, pageant girls often diminish their natural beauty by opting something which makes them look quite artificial. Instead, go for transparent mascara, which helps in the long lasting lash tint. Neither they are thickly noticeable, nor do they make the eyes look cakey. Rather, it enhances the beauty of your eyes.

kylie verzosa miss international 2016
Kylie Verzosa- Miss International 2016

Hola Hola Neutral Eye Shadows

Cream or beige coloured eye shadow highlights your eyebrow bone without gleaming as too bold to be noticed. Chose a colour which matches your skin tone but is one tone brighter in order to pop your eyes brightly when exposed to light.

Neutral Lip Colours Key To Shine!

I have stressed the importance of neutral lip colour time and again. While doing makeup, how could you not help pay heed to lips! Rather than going for a rich matte or glossy lip colour,  go for a tinted balm, which gives a sheer pleasant colour apart from keeping your lips hydrated.

Srinidhi Shetty- Miss Supranational 2016

So that’s how you effortlessly nail the subtle or nearly “no makeup look”. Do not forget to share if you have something exciting regarding donning the subtle makeup look in the comment section below! 🙂 Until next post, see you!

Review: The Best and Worst Evening Gowns of Miss Universe!

Miss Universe 2016: The Best and Worst Dressed Queens

Talking about Miss Universe and you miss the discussion on the worst and best evening gowns? Bizarre ain’t it? So how could I miss to present my ideas on which evening gown impressed me with the charisma and which horrendously horrified me. In my former article, I expressed my views on the best evening gown round performances, but here my attention is not how the girl carried herself in the evening gown but solely on how impressive a particular evening gown is. So let’s go!

The Gowns Which Were a HIT

Brazil- Raissa Santana


Everyone remember the graceful and fierce performance of Miss Brazil, but what one can never forget is the beautiful evening gown which accentuated the beauty of the exotic beauty. On the preliminary competition eve, Raissa Santana was found wearing a creation of Alexandre Herchcovitch. The gown had floral appliques embellished with hundreds of precious crystals from Bohemia, Czech Republic. The gown is totally a ten on ten!

India- Roshmitha Harimurthy


It’s after a long long time that Miss India has been given such a magnificent evening gown. This beautiful gown was designed by Swapnil Shinde. Everything about this gown was sheer perfection! From the plunging neckline, charming bead work and full length sleeves, the cold red coloured gown shouted loud elegance and radiance!

France- Iris Mittenaere

France (1).jpg

Not any typical evening gown, Iris’s sunburst yellow sequined off shoulder gown was totally highlighting her ethereal beauty. From the perfectly fitted shape which accentuated her curves, the mermaid shaped gown was a hit, crammed with a lot of grace and elegance. The colour was a stand out in the crowd!

Mexico- Kristal Silva


Kristal Silva is known for her fierce persona and in that beautiful evening gown she did not look less than a queen. The crystal embellished evening gown and the high slit made her look congenial all the more!

Ukraine- Alena Spodynyuk


This Ziad Nakad evening gown deserves a standing ovation! What a masterpiece! If Alena Spodynyuk places in the semi-finals tonight, this evening gown is surely responsible for taking her one step closer to it.

The Gowns Which Were a MISS

Kazakhstan- Darina Kulsitova


This evening gown was the biggest miss of the pageant. Though designed nicely and embellished with lots of precious gems, the delegate representing the gown could not even stand properly. Her weary body language every time she held on the pleats to walk was easily visible.

Bolivia- Antonella Moscatelli


This evening gown looked more like a gift wrapping paper than a dress to be worn at a major event like Miss Universe. The colour was quite pale and the laces and ribbons just made the entire appearance quite shoddy.

Sweden- Ida Ovmar


If you noticed, she wore the same evening gown in the National Costume Round. The gown appeared more to be the collection of solitaire cards and less of an impactful dress to highlight a beauty queen’s beauty on a pageant like Miss Universe.

Myanmar- Htet Htet Htun


We have already seen so many cupcakes and ribbon memes with respect to evening gowns presented in former editions of Miss Universe, and this one joins the cluster of the very same club. The colour seems too harsh on eyes, and instead of highlighting the delegate’s beauty it makes her look a bit timid and bulky.

Croatia- Barbara Filipović


The evening gown tried to replicate Oxana Fedorova’s style with minimal changes and was totally a flop. The evening gown appeared more like a casual sundress to be worn on a casual day out. The length issues and styling overall just made the entire look a miss.

Which was your favourite evening gown of the entire pageant? Do share your views in the comment section below.

Miss Universe 2016 will be the 65th edition of Miss Universe pageant. Miss Universe 2016 is slated to take place on January 30, 2017 in Manila, Philippines. This year more than 80 countries will compete for the title of Miss Universe 2016, hoping to be crowned by Pia Wurtzbach from Philippines  as next Miss Universe.

Meanwhile, do not forget to vote for your favorite contestant in this link below. The voting lines closes tonight and the winner of this poll shall be featured in a special editorial by tonight.

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Find Out How To Pose On Red Carpet Like a True Queen!

Pose Like A Pro On Red Carpet! 

The relationship of a beauty queen and red carpet is inseparable. When you are competing for the crown, you’ll have to visit various events and shows where you would need to walk the red carpet. While it may seem just another part of living the life of a beauty queen, make sure that your red carpet impression not just becomes an everlasting one but also breathtaking one!

Today, I am presenting the best poses my beautiful ladies out there can strike next time when they hit the red carpet! Remember the red carpet photographs are not only about your best wardrobes, hair or makeup but also how confidently you present yourself to camera in your best angles. Ensure that you stand out! So let’s go on the exciting roller coaster ride. 🙂

The Knee Pop


This pose is not just easy to strike but also enchanting and suave! The pose looks good from many angles and doesn’t look contrived at all. If you are wearing eye-catching shoes, this pose will surely help the happy feet garner attention. This pose also highlights your curves in a magnificent way as it shifts all your weight on one leg and drops the other knee forward-center.

The Ankle Cross


ankle cross.jpg

Simple to strike yet filled with fun element, the ankle cross pose is one of its league! If you wish to look 10 pounds thinner and long legged instantly, the ankle cross pose is the right one for you. Step forward and keep your legs tightly over each other, resting your weight on the front foot. Or, lean on your back leg and delicately crisscross your other leg at the ankle. You are sorted!

The Svelte-From-the-Side Stance

svelte from side.jpg

This pose never goes out of fashion, especially if for the beauty pageant ladies! Turn to the side, suck in your tummy, bend one knee, and slightly arch your back! Tilt your head down to one side to complete the glossy S-shape. This pose will redefine your elegance along with making you look slimmer and graceful.

The Over-the-Shoulder

over the shoulder.jpg

Want to flaunt that sexy backless dress? Try the over the shoulder pose! It’s a killer pose to save for extra-special occasions. Just turn away from the lens, plant your feet tightly together, and glance back at your photographer. And there’s the killer glance all over the red carpet!

The Hand on Hip

Hand on hip.jpg

Classic yet effervescent pose! The hand-on-hip always comes across as poised and effortless. How I love this pose! 😉 Just lift your hand, place it on hip and you are good to go! Relax your shoulders and drop them back and away from your ears. Bend your elbow and rest yourself in comfortable position. Voila! You have got a picture perfect pose!

The Double-Handed Hip

double handed hip.jpg

Want to look effortlessly graceful yet sexy at the same time? Then the double handed hip is the right pose for you! This will make you shine as a star on the red carpet leaving you look like the center of attention. Square off your shoulders and stand up straight! Wait a minute! Don’t forget the kittenish gape and devious smile.

The Lean Back

lean back.jpg

If you have a super-slender figure, this pose will lends you a little extra curve mileage. This vava-voom pose creates a hip-jut from the front and an exaggerated S-curve from the rear view, giving a voluptuous illusion. Do not forget to place one foot in front of the other in a slightly angled way and lean slightly backwards, pulling your shoulders down in the process.

The Forward Step

forward step.jpg

This pose will work as a cherry on the cake on your red carpet look! Just believe you are taking jaunty steps forward in front of a mirror and pausing to smile in between. This lovely pose will convincingly appear as if you’re actually walking the red carpet, and that my lady, is the beauty of this pose.

Perfect Patrician Posture

patrician posture.jpg

This is a favorite pose of many beauty queens all around the world! It alludes to an unshakable, composed, confident and poised persona, so what are you waiting for! Stand up straight, lock those knees, square your shoulders back and flaunt that gleamingly radiant smile.

So which is your favorite red carpet pose? Also do not forget to share which beauty queen has impressed you the most in her red carpet appearances till date. Until then, I, Vagisha Mishra sign off waiting to receive your lovely comments and opinions! 🙂

Find Out How To Cope With Depression Like A True Queen!

Sail Your Boat Amidst The Tide of Depression Effortlessly: Not Easy But Not Difficult Too!

At one point of life you may break down like a mirror, wanting to leave everything aside, brushing off your career or an ambition which you once strongly aspired to accomplish! Relax! You are not the only one facing this turmoil. Life of a beauty queen though seems glamorous but can be highly depressing one. You may meet exceedingly non-gracious people or may break down after facing failures, but believe me you are the queen, with or without the crown. Today, I am going to talk about how to cope up with depression while competing in a beauty pageant!

Heard the saying, “The grass always seems greener on the other side,” well it isn’t! Many of you reading this post must be thinking “Voila! Vagisha always talks of being optimistic, but has she ever experienced depression first hand?” Well, nothing to be ashamed off, being depressed is a feeling you experience at some point or the other in your life, at least for once! Life would have been so plain without a pinch of salt and sugar at various intervals. The same happened with me not so long back!

Yes! At one point of time, I felt so devastated that I left everything aside for few days, even my dearest place, my blog! But that was not the right thing to do. Soon after I left the blog blank for few weeks, I received many mails and messages from some of the really gracious readers here, inquisitively asking about my whereabouts and wellness and conveying how much they are missing my writings! That’s when I understood, life is so much beautiful even if some of my wishes remain unfulfilled.

I am sure, everyone has bunch of well wishers around them, who always want to see them in their best state no matter what comes! I soon realized, getting up at the runway after tripping is the sign of a true queen, and that’s when I tasted the essence of life. So let’s go into how to cope up with depression effectively, so that it never haunts you back! 🙂

1. Healing Process Begins From Within

Understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of your situation! Speculate and think what went wrong, putting you in such irretrievable condition and improve with every passing moment. Mend your faults, contemplate on your loopholes and let go of what is gone. Focus on future and let past drown in the salty ocean at the back!

2. Cry It Loud

Weeping is not a sign of weakness. It is a purgation of your soul and mind, a cleansing process which I find quite essential in the process of healing. Never keep depressing thoughts in your mind for a long time, it will only worsen your woes. Cry it loud at once and get over with it. Understand nothing can be undone now, and it’s better to accept what comes your way and walk like a queen, never looking back at the destination you have crossed!


3. Stop Cursing Yourself

I know it is highly disappointing to know that you could have avoided yourself to be put in an adverse situation, but why live in “what if’s”. Accept the present, learn from past mistakes and embrace yourself with love. If you can’t love yourself, no one can! 🙂

4. Take a Break

And by break, I do not intend a mainstream party or vacation but an off from the hypocrite world. Keep yourself away from social media for few days and lie down on your couch with your favourite book. Seek the beauty of nature, go on a walk. Spend time in gyming and become a better version of yourself both spiritually and physically. Come back as a warrior!

5. Share Your Emotions

Share what you are feeling with your friends and family. Listen to their advices but work on your whims. Sharing what you are going through help you lose a burden your soul embodies beneath the garb of a fake smile. Don’t hesitate to bring forth your mistakes, but don’t be a damsel in distress. Be bold but not bitchy!


6. Gift Yourself That Favourite Dress

Okay! Now this may sound insane, but trust me shopping is a fabulous therapy. You will feel so much better once you gift yourself your favourite pair of heels or dress once you have started improving with every passing time. Be a better version of yourself and make sure it does not go unheeded by your own soul. 🙂

7. Be Open to New Doors

Always be open to new opportunities and endeavours. I know it hurts to lose something which you completely adore, but life is like a train. It stops at specific destinations to keep the journey ongoing in an adventurous way. Explore the world, who knows you might find a better door than the one being closed! 🙂

8. Never Complaint

It is human nature to curse and curb on what is not meant for us. Be a queen not a bitch! Sometimes life treats us unfairly enough to be described in words, but always remember every failure teaches us a lot which success could never have. As they say “To err is human, and to forgive is divine.” Believe in divinity, and am sure miracles will soon knock your door. Good deeds never go unpaid! 🙂

So that is how I deal with stress and depression, I hope it gives a ray of hope to millions of pageant aspirants out there. Now let’s find out how other beauty queens deal with stress and depression.

Lately, I got an occasion to interact with Cherity Bhagoe, 1st Runner Up at Reina Intercontinental 2015 and Athaliah Samuel, Miss World Trinidad & Tobago 2012, wherein I asked them how they deal with depression. Let’s see what the former beauty queens have to say!

Athaliah Samuel (Former Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2012, Miss Intercontinental Trinidad and Tobago 2014, Top Model T&T 2015 and Best Model of the Year T&T 2016)-


“Not everyone is built for the race of life and the Boulders it throws at you. My suggestive ABC for dealing with depression are-

A- attitude- change it!! It every time you see yourself as nothing you will dwell on being nothing. Your attitude plays a big role on seeing you through and making better.

B- Believe- Believe in God, and also add him to all things around you. The moment you believe that God is by your side and can see you through, that’s when that weight raises off of your shoulders.

C- Charity- Give back!! You don’t always need to give money or things that you have but lending your experience in things that you’ve faced can save yours and other people’s lives. Depressed people tend to hold things in but the best way to deal with matters is talking about it. Probably somewhere out there someone may have a solution to your problem and or your story may let others know they aren’t the only one who goes through things as such. Hi brave!

Quite much but necessary”

Chaerity Bhagoe (Reina Intercontinental 2015 First Runner Up)-


“We all hit a certain point in life where we just want to give up and let it all sink. I had this moment as well. After being out for almost a year I came back and now I’m stronger than ever. The lesson I’ve learned is to never give up on your dreams. Even if it won’t happen right away, eventually it will. Remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

So before you hit to drinking, smoking, hooking up with some random guy or self harming, just close your eyes and think are you yet there where you once thought to be? If not, fasten your seat belt and ride on the roller coaster of life, I am sure it will take you to greater places if not the same where you once wanted to be!

And if you still feel low, write an email to your blogger buddy, I am always there to lend you a shoulder and peter out your insecurities! 🙂 Till next blog post, see you soon!

Vagisha Mishra

5 Things No One Told You About Pageant Perfect Nails!

Episode 8: How To Keep Your Nails Impressive in a Pageant? 

If you are a pageant girl, I am sure you must have strike out the checklist of makeup, shoes and dresses by now. But hey, what about your nails? As a pageant girl you need to change your attire quite often, as a consequence keeping up your nails neat and elegant for a pageant could be a Herculean task.

If you fail to pay attention to the appearance of your nail, you could end up having a curtailed look and being an aspiring beauty queen it can actually cost you a big deal. So today I am going to talk about the ideal nails for a beauty pageant, and how to get the pageant perfect nails with ease!

1. Never Go For Loud Nail Colour

Pageant perfect nails are the ones which are not distracting or off-putting. Keep your nails simple and sober. Never go for loud nail colours, instead try to opt a French Manicure or paint up your nails in neutral colours or something complimenting your skin tone, which may not be distracting. If you go for loud colours, the attention of judges might go to your fingers straight away and of course for the wrong reasons.

olivia culpo.jpg
Olivia Culpo Wore a Natural Shade Nail Paint at Miss Universe 2012

2. Manicure is Imperative

The appearance of your nails and your hand as whole is crucial whenever you are competing in a pageant. Your hands would be the first thing people will notice when you will meet them and shake your hands while introducing yourself for the first time. From day to day pre-pageant activities your hands will certainly play a vital role in shaping an impression about your personality, so make sure you get fine acrylic or gel manicure before you leave for a pageant. A beautiful hand is the mirror of your beautiful personality.

3. What is the Ideal Length of Nails?

Never go for crazy long nails like a wild cat, the frenzy length of nails can give a bitchy impression about you to the judges. Remember you are not Kim Kardashian flaunting stylish long nails at Instagram but a pageant aspirant competing to be the spokesperson of a particular organization, and in this case the perceptions do differ! In contrary to long nails, simple and short nails give modest impression about your personality, giving the vibe that the lady is not trying too hard to grab attention, but rather is effortlessly beautiful.

megan young.jpg
Megan Young Kept Her Nail Short at Miss World 2013

4. Elegant Nails Keep The Attention Intact To Your Face

Simple and sober nails that are not too long or not painted in loud colours, keep the attention of the audience intact to your beautiful face. Winning a pageant requires confident gaze and you can effectively establish a wonderful eye contact only when the audience and judges gaze at your pretty face and not at your long and loud nails. Remember matching nail paints is a no-no for pageant.

5. Say No To Nail Art

I have met many women who keep trying different nail arts on their nails while putting flowers, stars or an assortment of different nail accessories. I know it can be fun for many of you, but at the pageant it does not give a right impression about your personality. Please do not experiment with nail arts while competing in a pageant. Keep your finger and toe nails simple!

More on French Manicure and perfect shades of nail colors for pageant in coming weeks! Till then, stay tuned! 🙂

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