Miss Diva 2020 Preliminary Competition Review- Who Stood Out?

Miss Universe India 2020- The Divas Who Stood Out in the Prelims

Miss Diva Organization officially unveiled the contestants competing for the title of Miss Universe India 2020 and Miss Supranational India 2020 in Mumbai on 22nd January, 2020 at Hilton Hotel wherein the contestants of Miss Diva 2020 walked down the runway in Gavin Miguel’s gown. During the same event winners of three sub-contests were also sashed, whereby Malashya Kashyap was announced as Miss Body Beautiful, Rashalika Sabharwal was titled as Miss Glowing Skin and Rushali Yadav was sashed as Times Miss Sudoku. It was announced that the Miss Diva 2020 contestants will now face another preliminary challenge in Benguluru, leading to the grand finale of the event on 22nd February, 2020.

While we are yet to release our latest hotpick, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry discerned to come up with a review on few of the standouts from tonight’s event. So without much delay, let us begin.

Adline Castelino

I would not hesitate to say at all that right now she is the strongest crown contender for Miss Diva 2020. She is a perfect blend of elegance, fierceness, modesty and sophistication and it showed in tonight’s event. Her expressions are certainly one to die for!

Aavriti Choudhary

Such a pleasant surprise she is! Not only did she impress me through her photoshoots but she also ablaze the runway tonight with her chic humility and intense fierceness. Love her twirls and turns and her glittering confident smile she wore throughout her presence at the stage.

Vaishnavi Ganesh

The last one to enter the competition, but what a beautiful showstopper! Vaishnavi is not someone who could be ignored, and she certainly shines with her grace and finishing.

Lavanya Gunasekar

While I completely adore the kind of profile Lavanya has apart from her awe striking photoshoots and remarkable stage presence besides her hourglass corporeal frame, I would really appreciate her to use her social media handle actively like her many fellow contestants, for she is one who has the ability to win it all. Loved her tonight!

Rushali Yadav

Although Rushali is not flawless at the ramp, she has the potential to polish her skills and emerge as a frontrunner. She did not disappoint tonight and performed well but certainly the expectations are higher from her.

Megha Sachdeva

Ferociously fierce! Megha gave a decent performance tonight although she needs to tone down her expressions her little bit.

Payal Sharma

She is sexy and she knows it! What confidence, what oomph. Loved how she carried herself confidently on the stage.

Anisha Sharma

Anisha might not be the most talked about contestant of the batch but she delivered when it mattered. Really appreciate her parasela.

Shreya Poonja

Campus Princess Winner should never be overlooked for she wins after being assessed on various factors and Shreya precisely proved this fact to be true tonight. A decent performer!

So these were my favourites from the preliminary event of Miss Diva 2020, do not forget to share your favourite for the crown by voting for your favourite in the link given below.

Vote For Your Favorite Miss Diva 2020 Contestant Here!!!

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