Miss Diva Universe 2020- 5 Best Resort Wear Shoots! [A Review]

Miss Universe India 2020- A Review on the Resort Wear Photoshoot

Miss Diva 2020 is about to kick off in a few days and we cannot hold the excitement. Lately, Liva Miss Diva 2020 released the resort wear photoshoot of the contestants which was shot while they were shortlisted after the final round of auditions. Now we did have a look at their social media handles, audition videos and several other behind the scenes videos to understand who has the potential to shine, these pictures just add more enthrallment to the nail biting competition, so today we are going to be reviewing the resort wear photoshoot of Miss Diva 2020 and talking about the five best pictures which impressed us the most! So let us begin!

Adline Castelino

Adline Castelino

Wow! Now that is a great shot! For people who have been following her journey since many years, this picture would have come as a pleasant surprise for sure. Adline clearly projects confidence, oomph and fierceness needed to shine at the glittering stage of an international pageant.

Tanya Subramanian

Tanya Subramanian

Red is bold, red is fierce and so is Tanya! Look at the posture, elegance and grace she projects in this photoshoot. A beautiful combination of poise and fierceness!

Rushali Yadav

Rushali Yadav

Being India’s Next Model runner up, such stunning shot from Rushali doesn’t comes as a surprise! Rushali looks refined and confident in this one.

Payal Sharma

Payal Sharma

Wow! This is it! This picture is sultry and breathtaking for sure! The posture, the gaze, the confidence, everything is on point.

Farhat Firoza

Farhat Firoza

Farhat has been blessed with a gorgeous face which shines out effortlessly in pictures. I love her expressions, her posture and the refinement of her overall look.

Meanwhile, let us have a look at all the pictures from the resort wear shoot-

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