Audrey Nabila Monkam Crowned Miss World Cameroon 2020

Audrey Nabila Monkam Crowned Miss Cameroun 2020

Audrey Nabila Monkam was crowned as Miss World Cameroon 2020 in the grand finale of Miss Cameroun 2020 which took place on December 28, 2019 in Yaounde. She succeeds Caroline Nseke as the new Miss Cameroun and will now represent Cameroon at the 70th edition of Miss World pageant wherein Toni Ann Singh from Jamaica will crown her successor as Miss World 2020.

The newly crowned Miss Cameroon 2020, Audrey Nabila, who hails from Bali Nyonga in the North West region of Cameroon is 24 years old and measures 1:80 meter tall. As the winner of the pageant, she received a cash price of 5 million cfa frs, a 4 wheel drive, a ticket of 1.5 million cfa frs offered by Ethiopian Airlines,among other gifts. She is also a Degree holder in Banking and Finance from the University of Buea.

During the same pageant, Marguerite Dieunie Kilama was titled as the first runner up while Rose Noella Moyou Arrey was adjudged as the second runner up. Meanwhile, Charline Stephanie Amougou, Adama Ruth Ule Ayanuru and Duchess Irene Kolle finished as the further runners up respectively.

As the representative of Cameroon at the Miss World 2020 pageant, Audrey Nabila Monkam revealed her project in front of the Minister of Arts and Culture Pierre Ismael Bidoung Mkpwat, to create a vocational program where adults and youths will always sit and discuss to promote cultural diversity, multiculturalism, living together.

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