Miss World 2019: Final Leaderboard and Concluding Review!

Miss World 2019: Final Predictions and Ultimate Picks for Crown!

Miss World 2019 will be the 69th edition of the Miss World pageant. The coronation gala of Miss World 2019 will be held on December 14, 2019 at the Excel London in London, United Kingdom, at the conclusion of which Vanessa Ponce of Mexico will crown her successor as the next Miss World. While we are just few hours away from the grand finale of Miss World 2019, after assessing contestants through various Fastrack Challenges and videos, I am finally here with my final picks for the Miss World crown, so without further delay let’s get started!

Leading the leaderboard is none other than Miss France, Ophély Mézino. France has won the Miss World crown only once and that too back in 1953. After multiple tumultuous placements at Miss World, I believe this is the time when France actually has the stars lined up for its second Miss World crown. Not only did Ophély Mézino paved her way to Top 5 of Top Model Round as well as Top 10 of Beauty with a Purpose Fastrack Challenges, but also holds eloquence and charm worthy of being appreciated. I have my eyes fixed on her!

France- Ophély Mézino

Next up we have Miss Nigeria, Nyekachi Douglas. If there is one woman who is leading the pageant as a one woman army then it is none other than Nyekachi. After winning the Top Model Round, Head to Head Challenge and runner up position in Sports Challenge as well as becoming a finalist in Beauty with a Purpose Challenge, Nigeria has solidified its position to grab the much adored Miss World crown. She is exclusively spontaneous, energetic and vivacious, and I believe this feature might just get Africa another lauded crown in a span of one week.

Following closely is Miss India, Suman Rao. It has not been a very long time since India has been gifted with the Miss World crown, but watching the highly exuberant Suman Rao, India’s vision towards seventh Miss World crown does not seem like a far-fetched dream! Suman has paved her way in the Top Model Round, Beauty with a Purpose Round as well as Talent Round, and in addition has also won the Head to Head Challenge. Do not be surprised if she walks home with the crown tonight!

India- Suman Rao


  • Uganda – Oliver Nakakande
  • Trinidad and Tobago – Tya Janè Ramey
  • Czech Republic – Denisa Spergerová
  • Vietnam – Lương Thùy Linh
  • Venezuela – Isabella Rodríguez
  • Indonesia – Princess Megonondo
  • Jamaica – Toni-Ann Singh

Uganda has shown terrific presence since the initial days of the pageant and it shall be interesting to see how she will perform in the finale tonight. Trinidad and Tobago seemed to have created a momentum in the competition with her mirth and spark. Further, Czech Republic looks like a flag bearer from the European continent. Following her closely is Vietnam predeceasing Venezuela who looks like a drought breaker to the nation. Talking about Miss World and forget Indonesia? That’s not possible! Indonesia has sent another amazing candidate to the Miss World competition. Last but not the least, Jamaica looks like a very promising candidate in the race to the Miss World crown!

So these were my favourites for the Miss World 2019 crown. Whom are you rooting for to be Miss World 2019? Do let me know in the comments below.    

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