Miss Grand International 2019: First Impressions and Initial Favorites!

Miss Grand International 2019- First Hotpicks!

Miss Grand International kicked off its 7th edition of the pageant couple of days ago in Venezuela. The contestants vying to fill in the shoes of Clara Sosa as the next Miss Grand International, have reached Venezuela. As they say, first impression is the last impression, after observing the body language, eloquence and personality of the contestants, we found some of the striking candidates among the rest. While the Miss Grand International Organization is yet to inaugurate its initial activities, after watching the arrival videos, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry is here to share its initial favourites for the title. So let’s get started!

Crown Contenders

Ecuador- Mara Štefica Topić Verduga

What a terrific start by Ecuador! I just love the way she has landed in Venezuela, carrying so much of oomph, vigour and sassiness, I believe she will lock her place in Top 5 if she continues to proceed in her journey with the same enthusiasm she has portrayed in her first impression. My eyes are completely on this lovely candidate!

Peru- Camila Namie Escribns

Another stunning candidate in the race to win the crown! Her styling, composure and confidence truly reflect the qualities of the crown contender. She is bound to give her fellow contestants a run for money.

Philippines- Samantha Ashley Lo

Samantha is one of the strongest candidates Philippines has ever sent to the Miss Grand International pageant. Be it her facial beauty, her composure or demeanour, she seems to be completely prepared for the competition that is to follow. Keep your eyes on her!

South Africa-  Belindé Bella Schreuder

If you were to ask me my favourite from the African continent, she is the one right now! Her posture, body language and smile gives a fresh breeze of affirmativeness essential in any beauty queen. I wish to see her performance more clearly as the competition unfolds.  

Brazil- Marjorie Marcelle Corrêa Angelotti

Apart from having the pleasant personality and charm, she has the face which Miss Grand International admires. Let’s see how she carries herself further in the coming days.

Notable Mentions

India’s Shivanii Jadhav is one of the eloquent candidates competing for the title this year. She is great on the runway and certainly turn heads when she speaks. Costa Rica, Mexico, Venezuela, Bolivia and Colombia also seem to be fierce in the race to clinch the Miss Grand International crown.

As the pre-pageant activities, photoshoots and other events unfold, we shall be back with an update on our hotpicks. So keep watching this space and stay tuned!

Meanwhile, do not forget to vote for your favourite in the link given below. See you soon!

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Vote For Your Favorite Miss Grand International 2019 Contestant Right Here!

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