Miss Universe 2018: The Final Hotpicks and Concluding Verdict!

Miss Universe 2018: The Final Predictions!

In less than 24 hours the universe will witness its new queen. After observing the Miss Universe contestants via their social medias, preliminary competition performances and their stories, we are finally here with our final picks for Miss Universe 2018, so without much ado, let us dive in.

Miss universe 2018 final predictions hotpicks

Top 5 Finalists

1. Puerto Rico- Kiara Ortega

Puerto Rico is immensely strong sash when it comes to Miss Universe. Looks like after 12 years, Puerto Rico is all set to conquer the Miss Universe crown yet again! Kiara Ortega’s expressions alone can make people fall for her a million times! During the preliminary competition, Kiara came across as a flawless delegate who effortlessly owned the runway without overdoing her performance. Her eyes did all the talking! Being proficient in theatre, singing and dancing, Kiara comes across as lively and natural, bubbling with vitality, which all in all sums up the motto of Miss Universe, “Confidently Beautiful”.

2. India- Nehal Chudasama

If IMG/WME is to crown an unconventional winner, Nehal Chudasama is the one! It is after 17 years that India has sent such a strong delegate to Miss Universe, who is not just flawless on the stage but is real! Nehal’s passion is quintessentially evident in the way she takes us back to her story of the life which made her the hero she is today! When it comes to performance, Nehal would give many strong sashes a run for money, she is unblemished on stage. If Miss India wins Miss Universe tonight, she will be an inspiration to all young girls across around the world who keep hearing that they are not good enough!

3. Philippines- Catriona Gray

When it comes to performance, Catriona Gray got no competition! Extremely different to the Catriona Gray we saw at Miss World 2016, the new Catriona is more natural, polished and well prepared for all the dicey challenges. During the preliminary competition, Catriona Gray was brilliant on the runway both in the swimsuit and evening gown rounds. Her smile would make any heart skip a beat. Being a martial artist black belt winner, Catriona strikes a beautiful balance between boldness and grace.

4. Canada- Marta Stepien

If we were to award the “Best Body” title to anyone at this pageant, hands down, Marta wins this fair and square. After a long long time, Canada has sent a gorgeous and strong delegate to Miss Universe. Raised by a single parent, the very poised beauty is an engineer by profession. Her preliminary competition performance made people go gaga over her! Canada is back in game!

5. Vietnam- H’Hen Niê

Without a doubt, Vietnam deserves to be in Top 5 this year. H’Hen maintained all the hype which she has been getting right since she won her national title earlier this year. What a flawless preliminary performance! Other than her performance, Vietnam has got a strong story to back her up. Coming from an impoverished backdrop, she served as a nanny to strengthen her finances and later went on to become a global ambassador of an NGO that provides scholarship to the school girls across the world. Such an inspiration!

Top 10 Semi- Finalists

6. Mexico- Andrea Toscano

The very stunning Andrea Toscano is much more than a beautiful face. She performed very well in the prelims and is gaining limelight because of serving the cause related to children, which helps to develop healthy nutrition habits among them.

7. South Africa- Tamaryn Green

There were a lot of expectations from Tamaryn Green as she was vying to take forward the South African legacy. Although she performed quite well, yet her energy somewhere was missing during the prelims, however, let’s wait and watch if she offers us something new in the finals.

8. Nigeria- Aramide Lopez

I would not hesitate to call her the strongest from Africa. She was blazing like fire during the prelims and I completely adored her performance. She is working for the cause related to sanitation and hygiene and is also proficient in martial arts.

9. Curacao- Akisha Albert

Such a stunner! Akisha was brilliant during the evening gown preliminary competition. Being a diabetic patient since a very young age, Akisha conquered it with the help of exercise. At present, she is working for the upliftment of people suffering from Down syndrome. She certainly deserves all the attention! Watch out for her.

10. Jamaica- Emily Maddison

Jamaica never fails to astonish at Miss Universe pageant! Her fierce expressions and royal composure just made many heads turn!

Top 20 Quarter-Finalists

Miss Ecuador, Virginia Limongi walked impeccably on stage and could prove out to be another major surprise in the finals. Meanwhile, Miss El Salvador, Marisela de Montecristo’s story of selling fruits door to door and aspiring to start her own clothing line apart from her brilliant runway skills might garner her a good placement at Miss Universe 2018 finals. Next we have, Colombia who comes across as gracefully spontaneous, followed by Panama. Following up we have Peru, who is the first female sports anchor from her country and has been a part of national volleyball team. Subsequently we have, Spain, who has already created a history of being the first transgender ever competing for the title of Miss Universe. Up next we have the host nation, Thailand, followed by the very lively and vivacious U.S Virgin Islands. Last but not the least we have Venezuela and Indonesia, who have wooed the audience with magnetic charm.

Close Shots

Bulgaria, France and Malta could pull off a surprise in the finals.

So these were my picks for Miss Universe 2018, do let us know who your favourites are for Miss Universe 2018 in the comment section below. And stay tuned for exclusive updates on Miss Universe 2018 finals! 🙂 Tada!

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