Miss World 2018- A Closer Look At Top 30 Finalists!

Miss World 2018- Meet The Top 30 Shortlisted Finalists For The Finals!

Miss World 2018 will be the 68th edition of the Miss World pageant which is slated to take place in Sanya, China on December 8, 2018. During the conclusion of the pageant, Manushi Chhillar of India will crown her successor as the next Miss World.

This year the coronation gala of Miss World will be presented by Frankie Cena, Barney Walsh, Stephanie Del Valle and Jay Kamiraz. After the changed format of Miss World pageant last year, the event has become even more exciting and fun to wait for! While the Head to Head Challenge is garnering appreciation all over the world, announcement of Fastrack Challenge winners prior to finale is making the pageant fans gleam with joy, so without much delay let us have a look at the finalists who have already paved their way to Top 30 of Miss World finals.

Top Model Winner- Miss France, Maëva Coucke


Maëva Coucke was the first contestant to secure her spot in Top 30 as soon as she won the Top Model round. Some of the much loved Miss World winners like Megan Young and Mireia Lalaguna Royo were also the winner of Top Model Round when they competed for the Miss World pageant. With Maëva Coucke winning this imperative challenge, it could be gauged that she is here to go a long way and has certainly earned the spotlight

Talent Winner- Miss Japan, Kanako Date


Kanako Date was the second contestant to enter the semi-finals after giving an impeccable performance from Puccini’s opera Tosca, the aria: Vissi d’Art. She has been consistent in the competition right since she landed in Sanya for the Miss World competition.

Sports Challenge Winner- Miss USA, Marisa Butler


Training since last two years for the sports competition at Miss World pageant, Marisa Butler secured her place in the finals by grabbing sports challenge fastrack fair and square.

Multimedia and BWAP Winner- Miss Nepal, Shrinkhala Khatiwada

nepal miss world 2018 bwap winner

Making noise in the competition without the sash factor, Shrinkhala impressed the audience with her performance and action rather than loaded words. By sweeping the most significant title in the Miss World competition, that is, Beauty with a Purpose, she has solidified her spot in the Top 5. Moreover her Multimedia was a sheer bliss to eyes as she showcased her Miss World journey in an extravagantly beautiful way.

Head to Head Challenge Winners

Now coming to the Head to Head Challenge winners, who get a direct entry to Top 30 of Miss World finals. Unlike last year, where the winner of each group got an entry to finals, this year the Head to Head Challenge was divided in two parts, wherein the first round was assessed on the basis of audience poll and the second one on the basis of jury’s verdict. After the neck to neck battle of words following countries made their space in Top 30 finals of Miss World-


  1. Miss Mauritius- Murielle Ravina
  2. Miss Bangladesh – Jannatul Ferdous
  3. Miss Chile – Anahi Hormazabal
  4. Miss India –Anukreethy Vas
  5. Miss Malaysia – Larissa Ping
  6. Miss Mexico – Vanessa Ponce
  7. Miss Singapore – Vanessa Peh
  8. Miss Thailand – Nicolene Limsnukan
  9. Miss Uganda – Quiin Abenakyo
  10. Miss Venezuela – Veruska Ljubisavljević


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  1. The crown should be given to miss Uganda #abenakyoquiin. We love you so much and may you pliz lift the Ugandan flag higher


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