Clara Sosa From Paraguay Crowned Miss Grand International 2018

Paraguay Wins Miss Grand International 2018 With Clara Sosa!

Clara Sosa from Paraguay was crowned as Miss Grand International 2018 during the 6th edition of Miss Grand International pageant, which took place on October 25, 2018 in Myanmar. She succeeds Maria Jose Lora from Peru as the new Miss Grand International and will now continue to fulfill her duties to be the ambassador of peace and ‘Stop the War’ campaign.


During the same pageant, Meenakshi Chaudhary from India was crowned as the first runner up, Nadia Purwoko from Indonesia was titled as the second runner up, Nicole Marie Colon from Puerto Rico was announced as the third runner up and Haruka Oda from Japan finished as the fourth runner up.


The grand finale of Miss Grand International 2018 comprised of the swimsuit competition, ‘Stop the War’ speech round, evening gown competition and final interview round, wherein former beauty queens like Janelee Chaparro, Claire Elizabeth Parker and Lees Garcia judged the contestants on different parameters.

Complete Results

Miss Grand International 2018- Paraguay – María Clara Sosa Perdomo
First Runner Up- India – Meenakshi Chaudhary
Second Runner Up- Indonesia – Nadia Sristi Purwoko
Third Runner Up- Puerto Rico – Nicole Marie Colón Rivera
Fourth Runner Up- Japan – Haruka Oda

Top 10 Finalists:

Spain – Patricia López Verdes
Mexico – Lezly Viridiana Díaz Pérez
Dominican Republic – Clara Mayté Brito Medina
Venezuela – Biliannis Guillermina Álvarez Chirinos
Vietnam – Bùi Phương Nga

Top 20 Semi-Finalists:

Australia – Kimberly Gundani
Brazil – Gabrielle Vilela de Souza
Costa Rica – Nicole Menayo Alvarado
Cuba – Gladys Carredeguas Mayor
Kazakhstan – Aim Isengalieva
New Zealand – Hayley Rose Robinson
Peru – Andrea Moberg Tobies
Sri Lanka – Pawani Yuwanthika Vithanage
Sweden – Hanna-Louise Haag Tuvér
Thailand – Moss Namoey Chanaphan
Russia – Taliya Nailevna Aybedullina

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