Miss Grand International 2018: Final Hotpicks and Concluding Verdict!

Miss Grand International 2018: The Final Verdict!

Few hours from now, we will have our new Miss Grand International! Miss Grand International 2018 was a roller coaster of enthralling activities and breathtaking competitions. With each other lady trying to give another a run for money, as the competition progressed, the battle grew to be even more nail biting.

After thoroughly observing behind the scenes videos of different pre-pageant activities, the preliminary competition and the swimsuit competition, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry is all set to present its final verdict on this edition of Miss Grand International 2018. So here we go!

Crown Contenders

India- Meenakshi Chaudhary


Looks like India is all set to win the golden crown! Meenakshi Chaudhary, who is studying to be a dental surgeon, not only is photogenic and has sharp features that shine bright in the crowd, but also has a refined and poised command on the ramp. After claiming the victorious momentum in the pageant world and winning series of praiseworthy pageants like Miss World and Miss Supranational, it seems that Miss Grand International crown is not a far-fetched dream for India when the reigning Miss World, Manushi’s Chhillar’s state successor herself is competing as India at Miss Grand International 2018.

Dominican Republic- Clara Mayté Brito Medina

Dominican Republic

Once again Dominican Republic seems to fly high with vibrant colours! Dominican Republic has come to the competition after doing her homework well. She is smart, confident and most importantly looks like she is enjoying the moment. Her biggest strength is her grace and fierceness at the same time! She is indeed the star that shines bright and high! I am expecting her to be one of the Top 5 contestants tomorrow!

Paraguay- Clara Sosa


This beautiful lady has all the qualities of a winner! She stands out distinctively with her fierce features and impressive body language. Her body is the best in the entire batch and she commands limelight with her arresting facial features and stellar performance. Though her preliminary competition performance was great, I would love to see her having a little more fun on the stage in the finals, being more spontaneous for after that nothing could stop her from achieving the golden crown!

Venezuela- Biliannis Guillermina Álvarez Chirinos


Venezuela is people’s favourite and every other pageant fan is rooting her to be one of the crown contenders. While many critics and fans were disappointed with her swimsuit competition, she was lit as fire on the stage of preliminary competition, giving a great performance in both evening gown and swimsuit rounds. So watch out for this beauty!

Japan- Haruka Oda


Unsullied, smart and novel, Japan is all set to turn heads in the finale! While some people are yet underestimating this pretty woman, her performance says her worth louder! The cheers from the audience during the preliminary competition is a proof enough of her supremacy. I love her sassy twirls and turns during the swimsuit competition and at the same time her royal composure during the evening gown round, all in all, she is locked in Top 5 for me!

Top 10 Semi-Finalists

Words would not be enough to tell how much I adore, admire and appreciate Miss Grand International pageant production, which gives a complete sneak peek of contestants’ caliber via various shoots and pre-pageant activities. After pondering much on all the contestants, I feel Brazil due to her gracious aura can prove to be a pleasant surprise in the finals. Next we have Indonesia, whose playful expressions do all the talking as she glides on the runway. Thereafter, we have the strong and sturdy Australia, who not merely performs but impresses. Followed by the fierce and ravishing Mexico! How can we forget Thailand in this list, she is all set to fly high!

Miss Grand International 2018 Final Hotpicks.jpg

Top 20 Quarter-Finalists

Countries like Kazakhstan, New Zealand and Puerto Rico surely deserve the appreciation. They shined brightly on various occasions during the competition. Sri Lanka was also consistent throughout and I do see her placing in the finals. Subsequently we have the classy and sassy USA, followed by Philippines, who carried herself with composure and grace throughout. Next we have the gorgeous Estonia who shined as a gem during the prelims, followed by Jamaica, Argentina and Colombia.

So these were my final favourites before the new Miss Grand International queen gets crowned! Tell me who ruled your heart in the comment section, opining why your favourite deserves to wear the coveted title of Miss Grand International 2018! Rest we leave up to results, until then have a great time, folks and stay tuned for more reviews on Miss Grand International 2018 lined up for this night.


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