5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Sarah Rose Summers- Miss USA 2018!

5 Things You Never Knew About Sarah Rose Summers!

In the 67th edition of Miss USA pageant held in Sherevport, Louisiana on May 21, 2018, Sarah Rose Summers from Nebraska was crowned as Miss USA 2018. While the world is still celebrating the victorious feat of Sarah as the new Miss USA, why not unfold some of the interesting facets of her life. Here we go!

1. She is a Registered Nurse


After graduating from Texas Christian University, Sarah Rose went on to become a certified child life specialist. Being a registered nurse, Sarah Rose Summers has earned two at Texas Christian University in child development and strategic communication. During the coronation eve of Miss USA 2018, Sarah disclosed the reason behind choosing her profession saying, “I was in the children’s hospital in Omaha when I was 5 years old. I don’t remember a whole lot of it, but I remember my parents being really scared and I had never seen my dad scared before. My nurse was amazing, and she really is who I strive to be like. I’m now a certified child life specialist, which is the liaison between the children and families and the medical team. It’s just so empowering helping the patients understand their diagnosis, understand different procedures and support them through those as well.

2. The Newly Crowned Miss USA is Taken!


Had you been dreaming of dating Miss USA 2018, Sarah Rose Summers at some point of time, let us tell you that she is taken! Sarah is currently dating East Texas Baptist University alum, Conner Combs, with whom she is constantly seen going to night clubs or church. They make a beautiful pair indeed!

3. She is Trained by Former Miss USA Titleholders


The newly crowned Miss USA 2018, Sarah Rose Summers left no stone unturned when it came to training sessions. Sarah was constantly in touch with the former Miss USAs and Pageantology Co-Founders, Susie and Shandi, who coincidentally also happened to be the mentors of the newly crowned Miss Teen USA 2018, Hailey Colborn.

4. She is the History-Maker!


Sarah Summers Rose became the first ever woman from Nebraska to be crowned as Miss USA. Since its participation at Miss USA, the closest Nebraska ever came to winning the Miss USA title was back in 1955 when Donna Jo Streever was adjudged as 2nd runner up. Considered to be a poor performer at Miss USA pageant, Nebraska has placed only 12 times in its 67 years of participation. By winning this edition of Miss USA pageant, Sarah writes the history as the first woman from her state to wear the elusive Miss USA crown.

5. She is a Pageant Veteran


For those who follow Miss USA and Miss Teen USA ardently, would not be surprised to see Sarah Rose Summers as Nebraska at Miss USA. The beauty holds the record of winning Miss Nebraska Teen USA in 2012. Even while competing at Miss Teen USA 2012, when she was just 17 years old, Sarah had already won the titles of Nebraska’s National American Miss Junior Teen 2010 and National American Miss Junior Teen 2010.

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