Who Will Win Miss USA 2018? The Final Hotpicks And Concluding Review!

Miss USA 2018: The Final Predictions!

Tonight we shall get our new Miss USA! With only few hours left for the crowning of Miss USA 2018, let’s talk about some of the very intelligent and brilliant women who can shine bright like diamonds in the grand finale tonight.

Top 5

1. Georgia- Marianny Egurrola


I think it’s high time that United States must crown a Latina as next Miss USA. After watching the preliminary competition, there is no doubt that Marianny deserves the title of Miss USA 2018 fair and square. While gliding down the runway in both the swimsuit and evening gown rounds, Marianny channelized her inner confidence and spark, which worked beautifully in her favour. I am smitten by her stage presence. This 25 years old Colombian has erstwhile represented the state of La Guajira at Miss Colombia 2014, and now it seems that her dream of representing herself at Miss Universe pageant might just come true!

2. District of Columbia- Bryce Armstrong

District of Columbia

Time for the three peat win? Well, I wouldn’t mind at all. The way Bryce wrapped up her preliminary round performance in both swimsuit and evening gown, would make anyone her fan! Those killer expression, that magnetic charm and sizzling twirls and turns on the runway are awe-striking. In addition, Bryce is considered to be one of the very witty and intellectual lady in the batch, no wonder District of Columbia is playing its game top notch! I am certainly watching out for this beauty in the finale.

3. Massachusetts- Allissa Latham


Allissa was one of the very pleasant surprises of the preliminary eve. The confidence with which she walked the runway, would give any contestant a run for money. What sparkle in eyes does she have! The way she played with her fierce expressions on stage would make anyone turn his head in awe. Indeed a charismatic contestant!

4. Kentucky- Braea Tilford


Apart from the stellar performance Braea gave during the preliminary competition, being an influential public speaker, no one can really stop her from penetrating in the Top 5. Her swimsuit performance was brutally fierce while her evening gown was enchantingly graceful and regal. She is definitely going to shine.

5. New Mexico- Kristen Leyva

New Mexico

Such a stunner! She is the silent hero of the game! Many people might not know her potential, but she executes it at the time when its needed the most. From her arrival look to all the candid and then to preliminary competition, Kristen has impressed me throughout the competition. Waiting for her to show her final move tonight!

Top 10 Finalists

6. Hawaii- Julianne Chu


The very gorgeous Julianne did a fair job as she performed in both the swimsuit and evening gown preliminary competition. Her impression would not be forgettable.

7. Maryland- Brittinay Nicolette


Apart from a fabulous stage presence, runway skills and gorgeous face, what might work in favour of Brittinay is her inspiring story. She has served as an organ donor since last many years and has been a part of various philanthropic projects. Definitely a substantial personality.

8. Rhode Island- Daescia DeMoranville

Rhode Island

Another stunning surprise of this batch! I totally loved how Rhode Island projected herself on stage. The way she ended her final pose with sheer confidence was a win-win factor of her performance. With her powerful personality, she has managed to win several hearts.

9. Oklahoma- Cheyene Darling


While its completely impossible to channelize the same vivacity the only Miss USA from Oklahoma, Olivia Jordan had, Cheyene has come a long way! A wonderful delegate to gaze at the competition, her performance brought a smile on my face as she glided the runway with her charming smile and mesmerizing aura. She can go quite ahead in this competition.

10. Tennessee- Alexandra Harper


No wonder Alexandra knows all the do’s and don’ts on the stage, when her mother herself had been crowned as Miss Tennessee USA back in 1981. Being a beauty blogger and photographer, Alexandra has an impressive knowledge about the pageant industry, which shows when she is walking the runway or answering the interview questions. In this great batch, this lady is a pleasure to witness.

Top 15 Semi-Finalists

11. Nevada- Carolina Urrea

12. Alaska- Brooke Johnson

13. New York- Genesis Suero

14. Louisiana- Lauren Vizza

15. Florida- Génesis Dávila

Which contestant are you rooting for to win the title of Miss USA 2018? Do let me know in the comment section below!

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