Femina Miss India 2018: Who Had The Best Miss Getaway Goddess Videos? [Review]

The Videos Which Will Make You Pack Your Travel Bags Right Away! A Review On Femina Miss India 2018 Travel Videos

Hey, guys! So I am back with yet another Sunday read, this time with a review on the Cox and Kings Miss Getaway Goddess travel videos by our lovely thirty state representatives of Femina Miss India 2018. Just like last year, this year all the thirty delegates showed the rich culture and heritage of their home states through exuberant videos, so here are the few videos which I liked the most, let’s delve in!

 1. Punjab- Anna Kler

The reason why I loved this video the most among all, as it gave the essence of India in the best way possible. While the other girls went for the Hollywood music in the background, Anna gets full marks for the backdrop music she chose for this video. The song from the movie, Veer Zara, says “Dharti sunehri ambar neela, har mausam rangeela aisa desh hai mera“, which means, “The earth is golden and the sky is blue, every season is colorful, such is my country.” Now the fact that Anna, who completed her education from United States of America, opted this music instead of any random music, made her win the hearts! Thereafter, she opened her video with Punjabi salutation, “Sat Sri Akal“, which certainly gives her the edge again showing familiarity with her state and her affection to her homeland. Furthermore, she elaborated on the history, culture and heritage of Punjab, the voice pace and tone with which she continued the narration was outstanding! Now I can go on and on with this video, but let’s rest this discussion with one word, BRAVO!

2. Jammu and Kashmir- Malika Kapoor

The exotic backdrop music of this video would give anybody goosebumps! Malika Kapoor’s video began with the focus on wonderfully soothing water of Dal Lake, and the sound of receding water just adds to the beauty of this wonderful state, which has been called the heaven on earth since time immemorial. The cinematography of this video is top notch and I won’t be surprised if Jammu and Kashmir wins this sub-contest. The close attention on the natural beauty of Kashmir with the camera capturing blooming flowers and lush green atmosphere was a pleasure to eyes. In addition, Malika’s presence in the video was quite engaging and enchanting. Had there been a voice over in this video, it would have been even more amazing, nonetheless, I would call this video a swell job!

3. West Bengal- Prarthna Sarkar

Prarthna Sarkar is growing on me with every passing day! Such a powerfully beautiful voice this amazing woman possess! The video begins with an awe-striking introduction which goes very well with the cinematography showing the beauty of the “sweetest part of India” as Prarthna says! I would give Prarthna full marks for choosing her own voice over for the presentation of her home state, West Bengal. The fact that I loved in this video was Prarthna covering each and every quintessential feature of Bengal from every nooks and corner. From walking down the lanes where the idols of goddess Durga is shaped, to tasting the famous ‘roshogolla‘ of Bengal, Prarthna truly gives us the essence of Bengal in the best way possible. The tram trains running on Kolkota lanes to the forts and music of West Bengal, would make anyone make a visit to this beautiful place. All in all, great job!

4. Sikkim- Parmila Chhetri

Parmila begins the video with her native salutation, “Tashi delek“, further bowing her head in “Namaste” gesture. Since this very moment, I was kind of sure that this video is going to be fabulous! Had it been a Miss World pageant, Parmila would have instantly emerged as one of the front runners after this video. The backdrop folk music completely compliments the beauty of the cinematography. The video shows the beauty of Kanchenjunga, peaceful avenue of God Buddha. The tranquil atmosphere shown in the video would attract any tourist to pack his bags and go for a Sikkim vacation!

5. Arunachal Pradesh- Osin Mosu

Such a feel good video! I completely loved the narration, cinematography and confidence reflected by Osin in this video. The video gave an optimistic and happy vibes of this beautiful place, by putting the limelight on the lush green atmosphere, cuisine and folk culture. With this video, Osin Mosu has emerged as one of the strong candidates of Femina Miss India 2018, as she ended the video with that confident smile and sparkle in her eyes, saying, “What’s more? Well, you have to come and visit here to witness, experience and rejoice in the spectrum of options my land has to offer!” She is completely pageant ready to represent Arunachal Padesh at India’s biggest pageant, Femina Miss India 2018.

Honorable Mentions

While it was not easy to pick the five best videos among so many well filmed videos and the stories each video had to tell, I would like to mention some of the wonderful videos which left a smile on my face as I watched them. I really loved the video by Ruopfuzhano Wiso from Nagaland, which gave a great narration of her beautiful state. Meanwhile, north east states completely mesmerized me with their representations. Be it Mary Khyriem from Meghalaya or Lily Darnei from Mizoram, each video gave something really impressive to witness and hear. I also loved Gayatri Bharadwaj‘s video about her home state, Delhi along with the beautiful representation of Haryana by Meenakshi Chaudhary. Aashna Gurav from Goa also gave a quite great picture of her state, Goa. In addition, Himanshi Parashar‘s childlike innocence was a treat to eyes as she showed us her home state, Uttar Pradesh. Sai Kamakshi Bhaskarla from Telangana and Bhavana Durgam from Karnataka also gave us beautiful pictures of their respective states. All in all, this segment was a total HIT!

What is your opinion on the Cox and Kings Miss Getaway Goddess travel videos, do let me know in the comment section below! Until then, good bye! 🙂

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