The Best and Worst Evening Gowns of Miss Teen USA 2018 [Review]

The Gowns That Failed and Impressed at Miss Teen USA 2018

Miss Teen USA 2018 will be the the 36th edition of Miss Teen USA pageant, which is slated to take place on May 18, 2018 in Shreveport, Louisiana. During the conclusion of the pageant, Sophia Dominguez Heithoff of Missouri will crown her successor as next Miss Teen USA.

Within few hours we shall see the crowning of new Miss Teen USA 2018. When it comes to pageants, how can we let go off the discussion on the evening gowns. Last night delegates across 51 states of USA walked the runway in their luscious evening gowns during the preliminary evening gown competition.

The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry brings its most liked and disliked evening gowns from the event, let’s have a look. Please note, that the ranking is not based on the performance but rather the design and appearance of the evening gowns.

Best Evening Gowns

Nevada- Britney Barnhart


Britney’s sapphire blue ball gown was custom designed by Jovani Fashions and Henri’s Pageant with over 80,000 sparkling Swarovski crystal embellishments in three different shades of sapphire. The upper portion of the gown was adorned with gorgeous Chantilly lace and a layer of chiffon. The beautiful gown reminded me of Pia Wurtzbach’s farewell gown at Miss Universe 2016. The gown gave all the limelight to the gorgeous Britney!

Alabama- Kennedy Cromeens


The custom made Jovani Fashions gown made Miss Alabama Teen USA 2018 look regal, graceful and queenly. She maintained the spark and vivaciousness of a teen beauty queen as she worked her peach gown well on the runway last night.

New Hampshire- Natalie Jenkins

New Hampshire

Considering this is a teen pageant, the subtle and soft color of the gown channelized the inner beauty of this gorgeous beauty. The simple yet royal design was a complete win win factor on stage!

Oklahoma- Zoe Ferraro


This beautiful evening gown by Sherri Hill gives the illuminating vibes with its fresh and bright color. Given for the teen pageants, this gown is top notch perfect in its design and appearance.

South Carolina- Elizabeth Self

South Carolina

This Gregory Ellenburg gown gave Elizabeth all the freedom to execute her inner princess! From the color to the design, the wonderful evening gown endowed this beauty the liberty to shine like a queen and still maintain the childlike innocence of a princess.

Worst Evening Gowns

Massachusetts- Lexi Woloshchuk


This gown looked completely ill fitted making the candidate look out of shape. From the neckline to the color, everything in this gown was a turn off!

Michigan- Anane Loveday


Full marks for experimenting, but for any teen pageant a dramatic gown like this can go completely wrong, if not worked well on stage.

New Mexico- Madison Turner

New Mexico

The bow on the upper portion of the gown and the ball gown structured design was nothing new we saw on stage. However this gown might not go down as one of the worst designs, but hey, it’s Miss Teen USA after all and we are expecting something better and enchanting!

Oregon- Jaycie Forrester


The design of the gown is quite basic without any intricate details. Moreover, the color of the gown give quite a monotonous impression.

Rhode Island- Aliyah Moore

Rhode Island

From the design to the details, nothing came across as impressive. A very forgettable gown for a pageant like Miss Teen USA!

So these were my choices for the worst and best evening gowns at Miss Teen USA pageant. What were your choices? Do let me know in the comment section below. Meanwhile, have a look at the evening gowns of all the contestants right here.


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4 thoughts on “The Best and Worst Evening Gowns of Miss Teen USA 2018 [Review]

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  1. Please don’t list the opinion of the “worst dress” of these accomplished beautiful teenaged girls. Can you imagine having on the Internet that you had one of the worst dresses on at a national pageant? Maybe that’s the only dress you had available. Maybe that’s the dress that your family could afford. Maybe you felt like a princess …only to have someone put on the Internet that you had the worst dress on. And, this is only an opinion. I hope it’s possible to take that down and apologize to those girls. Please just list the best or most noted. Thank you for your consideration.

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