Femina Miss India 2018: Top 10 Arrival Outfits Of The Day!

The Girls Who Shined On Arrivals: Road To Femina Miss India 2018

And it’s that time of the year again! It’s time for Femina Miss India 2018! Before a pageant critic, I would call myself an ardent pageant enthusiast, and while writing the very first post on Femina Miss India 2018, I could not control my exhilaration to express my early opinions! As it is said first impression is the last impression, and today we got to glance on all our state representatives for the very initial time, consequentially the first look matters a lot, to gauge as to who stands out most effectively in the crowd of beauties.

As you all know, Femina Miss India 2018 kicked off today at Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel. It was a wonderful site to eyes as the contestants from each states assembled at one platform after an exhilarating wait and mindful speculations. So without further delaying it, I am here going to talk about my favorite looks of the day, so here you go!

1. Meghalaya- Mary Khyriem


Without trying too hard, Mary emerged as one of the most beautiful candidates on the very first day. She was found wearing a wonderful red dress, complimenting her alluring persona matching with a pair of black stilettos. The colour brought out her inner spontaneity beautifully! She is going to go a long long way, am sure!

2. Madhya Pradesh- Meena Ahir


Like I said in my live session on Instagram, Meena Ahir’s strength is her photogenic face. She shined on the day of arrivals with her layered wardrobe, making her appear suave and classy. Layered style statement is always a win-win factor whenever it comes to airport look, and Meena implemented that very well. She was found wearing a chic white tank top layered with a black coat and red trousers, which went perfectly along with her black heels. The subtle accessories enhanced her style statement.

3. Andhra Pradesh- Shreya Rao Kamavarapu 


There were much speculations about Shreya since the beginning of the pageant and she lived up to that hype. She looked incredibly classy with the simple yet chic white crop top paired with peach culottes. Although the outfit came across as quiet simple yet it let her personality do all the talking for her and she amazingly carried it well with her spectacles and little bag!

4. Odisha- Shrutiksha Nayak 


Shrutiksha nailed her arrival outfit with a beautiful emerald green colored jumpsuit. She made her look glamorous with dazzling earrings and great pair of heels. She totally shined on her day one!

5. Bihar- Bhavna Jain


What I really admire in this outfit is that Bhavna is not just looking sleek and sexy yet her comfort is also reflected in a subtle way. Through this outfit, Bhavna shows that she sets her own style statement rather than simply imitating someone else’s style. She looked lovely on the day one!

6. Sikkim- Pramila Chhetri


She is growing on me since the morning! What a stellar start! Even though she wore a simple white crop top with pair of denims and stilettos, yet she stood out wonderfully in all the group photos. I am loving the way she is showcasing herself. From her hairdo to her makeup, everything is top notch! Expect this lady to place.

7. Uttarakhand- Sumita Bhandari


When fashion meets comfort, this is what we get to see! Sumita stood out very well since the beginning. She wore a lovely pink crop top paired with stylish pair of denims and stylish heels. Her messy hair and no make up look, made her all the more enchanting. She has strengthened her image quite strongly on the day one.

8. Uttar Pradesh- Himanshi Parashar


Jumspuits are always in at pageants! Himanshi wore the trendy striped jumpsuit with no makeup look, she looked naturally beautiful and shined in all photos and videos.

9. Gujrat- Anushka Luhar


Anushka’s simple look did not let the limelight away from her. The simple yet chic skirt top made her look quite voguish as she paired it with beautiful earrings and ring along with a clutch.

10. Manipur- Nimrit Ahluwalia 


The turquoise color complimented her vivacious persona and she did steal the limelight as she entered the venue with the noteworthy entry.

The 55th edition of Femina Miss India is slated to take place in Mumbai on June 20, 2018. During the conclusion of the Femina Miss India 2018 pageant, the reigning Miss World, Manushi Chhillar from Haryana will crown her successor as the next representative of India at Miss World 2018.

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