Virginia Limongi Crowned Miss Ecuador 2018

Virginia Limongi Crowned Miss Universe Ecuador 2018

Virginia Limongi was crowned as Miss Universe Ecuador 2018 in the the 64th edition of Miss Ecuador pageant, which took place on May 5, 2018 in Machala. During the conclusion of the pageant, the outgoing Miss Universe Ecuador, Daniela Cepeda from Guayas crowned Virginia Limongi as the new Miss Universe Ecuador who is now all set to represent Ecuador at Miss Universe 2018 wherein Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters of South Africa will crown her successor as next Miss Universe.


Looks like Miss Universe 2018 is going to be a battle between the Miss World cross overs. After Philippines crowned Catriona Gray, Miss World Philippines 2016 as the new Miss Universe Philippines, Ecuador has also crowned its Miss World Ecuador 2014 as the new Miss Universe Ecuador. [Also See: Will Miss Universe 2018 Be A Battle Between Miss World Crossovers?]

While Virginia Limongi is praised for her well shaped corporeal frame and fierce aura and some felt that she was sent to a wrong pageant when she represented Ecuador at Miss World 2014, this might be their moment of rejoice! Apart from representing Ecuador at Miss World pageant, Virginia Limongi has also been a part of and Top Model of the World 2016 as the representative of her country.


Ecuador last placed at the Miss Universe pageant in 2013 when Constanza María Báez Jalil was titled as the second runner up to Miss Universe 2013, Gabriela Isler. Ecuador has been participating at the said event since 1955, wherein it has placed thrice in the semi-finals. Ecuador is yet to win its first Miss Universe crown.

During the same event, Michelle Huet from Guayas was titled as Miss International Ecuador 2018, Norma Tejada from Miami was adjudged as Miss Grand Ecuador 2018 and Blanca Arambulo from New Jersey was announced as Miss Globe Ecuador 2018. Meanwhile, Heszen Johst from Pastaza and  Ximena Arroyo from Esmeraldas finished as the runners up.

Complete Results

  • Miss Universe Ecuador 2018- Virginia Limongi
  • Miss International Ecuador 2018- Michelle Huet
  • Miss Grand Ecuador 2018- Norma Tejada
  • Miss Globe Ecuador 2018- Blanca Arambulo

Top 6 Finalists:

Blanca Arambulo
Ximena Arroyo
Michelle Huet
Heszen Johst
Virginia Limongi
Norma Tejada

Top 10 Semi-Finalists:

Gabriela Jiménez
Iskra Landucci
Ximena Arroyo
Blanca Arambulo
Heszen Johst
Fernanda Yépez
Michelle Huet
Norma Tejada
Virginia Limongi
Allison Matamoro

Special Awards:

Miss Friendship- Azuay – Mayra Bravo
Miss Photogenic- Miami – Norma Tejada
Miss DUET- Manabí – Virginia Limongi
Miss Tourism Green Gold- Pichincha – Gabriela Jiménez
Miss Punctuality- Guayas – Michelle Huet
Miss NIVEA Skin Care- Manabí – Virginia Limongi
Miss Heaven- Manabí – Virginia Limongi
Miss Popularity- Manabí – Virginia Limongi
Best National Costume- Manabí – Virginia Limongi

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