An Exclusive Interview With Darasing Khurana- Mister International India 2018

In A Conversation With Darasing Khurana

The grand finale of the 12th edition of Mister International pageant is slated to take place on Monday, April 30, 2018 at the National Theater of Yangon in Yangon, Myanmar. This year, the suave and handsome, Darasing Khurana will be representing India at Mister International 2018 pageant.

This 25 years old gentleman is an ambassador of India’s largest blood stem donor’s registry and is serving for the betterment of blood cancer victims. Hailing from Parbhani, Darasing at present is working as a freelance celebrity fashion consultant. His leisure pursuits include acting, traveling, exploring new places and cultures and volunteering for the philanthropic cause.


Lately, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry got a beautiful occasion to interact with the inspiring young lad, wherein he unfolded some of the interesting facets of his personality and shared some of the amazing episodes of his life. So without any further delay, let’s delve in!

Hello, Darasing. How does it feel to be called as ‘India’ at Mister International 2017?

I feel extremely privileged to be called India at such a prestigious platform. That I can represent my country, is such a great honour, and I consider India as one country which has so much to offer, in spite of its deep rooted culture, it is evolving and adapting itself to contemporary times so beautifully. 

Tell us something about your early life. What lead you to the pathway of Mister International?

My early life was in a small town called Parbhani, in Maharashtara, we belong to a conventional joint family having our own textile business. I had nurtured a dream to pursue higher studies since childhood, and a desire to become an actor, perhaps that has led me up this pathway of Mister International

How did you achieve your goal?

In my personal opinion, once we set a goal, it’s our unfailing commitment towards achieving it that encourages us to walk on that pathway, however difficult it may be, we need to move out of our comfort zones and push the envelope further and further, because if our dream is precious it’s our own effort that will lead us to victory.

Who was the inspiring ray of light behind your journey to popularity and fame?

I would say the inspiring light are my parents and the elders of our family, who have cared for me and inculcated precious values that has grounded me all the time. I would attribute the light to all my gurus and well wishers who are always there to guide me, and of course the Almighty, whose presence I can feel many a times.


What is your fitness regime? How are you planning to keep your fitness on game as your international pageant is approaching?

I have been doing cardio empty stomach and weight training in the evenings. What is more import is to monitor diet. I have a massive sweet tooth and avoiding desserts is a very big challenge for me. But I am glad my dedication has defeated my cravings.

If you were to define yourself on the basis of Motto of Mister International “Distinctively Handsome”, how would you introduce yourself?

A phrase like ‘distinctively handsome’ becomes poignant only when it describes a person beyond just physical features, it’s his style, his confidence and his humility that shapes him as a being, and perhaps if the glow on his face reflects this core, this is what I would introduce myself as.

What sets you apart from other contestants in the competition?

As contestants each of us have something unique within us, and all my co contestants are great human beings at core. I can only say what sets me apart is my hard work, my values, my deep desire to contribute to a social cause and my dedication towards this responsibility, I wish to make India proud of her son on a global platform.

Who do you think is going to be your toughest competitor for Mister International 2017?

I think the toughest competitor we have is our own selves, because we have to excel beyond and seek our individual strengths. For me all my competitors are great personas, and each one has his glory.

How confident are you about winning this title for India?

My confidence is in my values and my commitment towards giving a grace and dignity to this coveted title, it should inspire many to be distinct, to follow their hearts desire and to work hard, very hard to achieve anything in life.


What message would you like to give to your fans reading this interview on The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry?

To my fans ,the first thing I would say is a big THANK YOU for being with me, your good wishes and blessings are the bright stars that guide me on this journey. Each one of you is close to my heart and you are my strength to face the toughest hurdles with a confidence that so many of you are holding my hand.

Well that was indeed an overwhelming conversation, Darasing. The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry wishes you all the best as you trail on the road to Mister International 2018. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Pageant and Glamour for coordinating this interview and introducing us to a wonderful interaction with Mister International India, Darasing Khurana.

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