Opinion: Has India Already Got Its Miss World India 2018?

Will One Of Them Fill The Shoes Of Manushi Chhillar As Next Miss World India?

India has already selected its 26 state representatives out of thirty for the most celebrated national pageant of India, Femina Miss India 2018. After scouting talents in three different zones and twenty six states, India has got an amazing batch for the title of Miss World India 2018. Last year after winning Miss World pageant in the courtesy of Manushi Chhillar, India has not only affirmed its potential but has also given a subtle message that the sleeping powerhouse is now ready to roar in the pageant town.

While India is yet to witness its representatives of four states, let’s throw some light on some of the amazing ladies who have the prowess, charm and personality to shine brightly at the platform of Miss World 2018. As we all know that Miss World pageant is no cakewalk and not only does it prefer soft and subtle beauty but it also favors a girl with resolute mind and kind heart, who knows how to be a praiseworthy spokesperson of the Miss World Organization. Besides, Miss World pageant also prefers a woman who is good at sports, runway skills, philanthropic projects and interviews. So keeping in mind the prototype of Miss World pageant, here are few women, whom I think could do exceptionally well at the Miss World pageant!

Haryana- Meenakshi Chaudhary

Meenakshi Chaudhary

Do not be surprised if you see Haryana claiming a back to back victory at Fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2018. Meenakshi came out with a strong story and an impressive profile. Just like her predecessor, Meenakshi is an aspiring doctor, who is also proficient at cooking and outdoor sports. A lady of few words, Meenakshi knows when and what to speak! Having played badminton and swimming at state level, Meenakshi hails from an army background. As a Campus Princess finalist, she has already got a huge exposure, polishing her as one of the finest gems in the batch right now. However, having said that we still need to see more of her in the days to come! Yet, undoubtedly I can sense immense potential in this lady.

Meghalaya- Mary Khyriem

Mary Khyriem Meghalaya

Right since the Fbb Colors Femina Miss India East 2018 competition, I am enamoured with the charm Mary embodies. Representing the beautiful state of Meghalaya, Mary can be a tough crown contender for Miss World India 2018 title with her congenial aura and skilled personality. She has a melodious voice which can do wonders in the Talent Round of Miss World pageant, at the same time she has the beauty and mind to shine at an international platform. At runway, she is a pro as she slays the stage when she walks on it. All in all, it would be indeed wise to crown a North East beauty for a pageant like Miss World, which will not only showcase the diversity of India but will also break the stereotypes of talented ladies with distinctive North-East Indian features not making it quite far in Indian pageantry. Last year, Times Group crowned Peden Ongmu as Miss Supranational India, and if Mary is crowned as Miss World India, we can see yet another milestone being set. Given her impeccable aura, Mary can do great at Top Model Round and Talent Round at Miss World pageant.

Andhra Pradesh- Shreya Rao Kamavarapu

Shreya Rao Kamavarapu

An architect by profession, Shreya Rao Kamavarapu is a fighter, who is representing the state of Andhra Pradesh at Fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2018. Shreya auditioned for Femina Miss India pageant erstwhile in 2017 but could not make it further and this time after polishing her skills, she is back with a bang. This beautiful South Indian beauty loves to proffer her leisure time in painting, music and dance. In addition, Shreya is also a state level basketball and throwback player. The phrase ‘Beauty with Brain’ suits aptly on her persona as she has represented her College as the Secretary for NASA (National association for students of Architecture) in 2014. She is super active on her social media handle and has made the most effective use of it by voicing out her opinions and showcasing her vibrant personality in best way possible. Shreya has already started working on her ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project as she is seen spending time with autistic kids, keeping the desire to set up autism centers all over the country to spread awareness about autism and create learning centers for parents. If given a chance to represent India at Miss World, she can do quite well in Multimedia, Top Model Round and ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ Challenge.

Uttar Pradesh- Himanshi Parashar

Himanshi Parashar

Now many of you might be surprised to see Himanshi here! But I tell you she is one finest find of Femina Miss India 2018 batch. I love this woman for being so full of life, honest, authentic and spontaneous. In this entire journey, what will take Himanshi far is her belief in herself. Neither is she afraid of her competitors, nor boastful about her potential. Rooted yet natural, humble yet promising, I feel Himanshi will go quite ahead in this journey. She has the face, the personality to shine, eloquence to impress and body to turn heads. To add a feather in her hat, Himanshi has also received first rank in zonal and state level yoga championship, so she knows to inhale peace and exhale positivity. If chosen to represent India at Miss World, Himanshi can do great at Multimedia, ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ and Head to Head Challenge. Watch out for this beauty!

West Bengal- Prarthna Sarkar

Prathna Sarkar West Be

If there is someone who can give her fellow contestants a run for money with her strong profile, she is none other than Prarthna Sarkar. Prarthna has everything what Miss World Organization looks for! As an army kid, Prarthna has lived in various cities like Dehradun, Hisar, Jodhpur, Gangtok and Kolkata, which gives her an experience of knowing India a little deeper than her fellow contestants. This resolute woman has a beautiful voice, eloquent aura and adding to her accolades, she has also won the All India Best Cadet (Navy) 2016 title apart from winning a Governors medal. This beauty queen apart from giving an impressive reflection of her personality in interviews and fierce gaze on runway is also the proud owner of intellect. Prarthna erstwhile, has also been selected as one of the youth delegates to represent India on an international platform in Russia. I see her doing exceptionally well at Miss World pageant if given a chance. Not only she speaks well, but is also quite mature of her age, knowing her strengths and weaknesses. She comes across as highly authentic, natural and strong personality. It’s lovely to see someone like her making it to Femina Miss India 2018 batch.

While these are few of those amazing ladies whom I feel can be a wise choice for Miss World pageant, the opinion might vary in the days to come as more facets of the journey will begin to unfold. I am also observing Sumita Bhandari from Uttarakhand, Lily Darnei from Mizoram, Bhavana Durgam from Karnataka, Mekhana Shajan from Kerala to analyze if they fit in the bill of being a Miss World representative, as the finale of Fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2018 is yet quite a few months ahead, and the passing time can change a lot of things. Let me know what you think about these remarkable women in the comment section. Until then, stay tuned. 🙂

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