Journey From Pageant Expert To Miss USA 2018 Contestant: Story Of Dani Walker!

Dani Walker On The Way To Create History At Miss USA 2018?

Usually we see pageant experts giving tips, suggestions and reviews on the pageants but what happens when a pageant expert joins the pageant? Interesting, isn’t it? This year at Miss USA 2018, we are going to witness somewhat similar thing! Dani Walker, who became a YouTube sensation with her channel, Pageant Access by giving illuminating advices, helpful tutorials and engaging pageant reviews won the hearts of her fans worldwide when she was crowned as Miss Montana USA 2018.

Dani Walker has a decade of experience as a pageant coach and expert and she has earned all the respect subsequent to being part of several integral pageants like National Americana Miss, Miss America Organization and Miss USA state pageants.


She has been mentoring girls on various aspects of pageants through her different tutorial videos, so there is no wonder that as a pageant expert and coach, she knows how to play her cards smartly. Dani certainly has an edge as she knows every nooks and corners of the pageant town. When on the ramp, she knows how to slay the runway with her perfect pageant walk and when on camera, she knows her best angles to project her most impressive facet.

Apart from having mesmerizing facial beauty, Dani is photogenic and telegenic. I certainly believe, she is here to go a long way! However having said that, these days pageants look for someone with spontaneity and a convincing aura, hence there is a possibility with too much of planning of do’s and don’ts Dani might be perceived as rehearsed and repetitive. While her experiences will boost her to foray in the path to Miss USA 2018, it might also mar her chances from being reflected as a genuine and natural beauty queen.

In addition, Dani Walker is also quite mature than her fellow contestants, being 28 years old. Nonetheless, we have seen queens like Olivia Jordan and Pia Wurtzbach making it huge in pageants despite of their age, so we cannot really judge a contestant based on her age. But having said that, since last few years we are seeing young girls walking home with the crowns!

29089629_625767814436317_8673846381674233856_n (1)

Furthermore, she is wearing the sash of one of the least successful state at Miss USA pageant, which has not won the Miss USA crown even once and last placed in semi-finals long back in 1958.

Do you think Dani Walker would fight against all odds tumultuously and get the first Miss USA crown to Montana with her expertise in pageants? Do let me know in the comment sections.

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