Beatrice Doudou Crowned Miss Earth Cameroon 2018

Beatrice Doudou Wins Miss Earth Cameroon 2018

Beatrice Doudou was crowned as Miss Earth Cameroon 2018 last night. She succeeds Angele Kossinda as the new Miss Earth Cameroon and will now represent Cameroon at Miss Earth 2018, wherein Karen Ibasco of Philippines will crown her successor as next Miss Earth.

The newly crowned Miss Earth Cameroon 2018, Beatrice Doudou is currently studying masters in Paramedical science. Besides, she is a fourth-year student of telecommunication engineering in Tunisia. Furthermore, she has been a known face in pageantry. She represented Cameroon at Miss Diamond of the World 2017, has been the winner of Miss Africa Tunisia. In addition, she has been the 1st Dauphine Miss Southwest Cameroon and 3rd Dauphine Miss Cameroon 2018.

Beatrice Doudou

As a philanthropist, Beatrice has been involved in many charitable causes. Beatrice is the founder of ‘BETTER WORLD’ by Africa Foundation, a charity represented in 5 countries namely Spain, Cameroon, Benin, Tunisia & Mali. This foundation donates its earnings for the betterment of people in Africa.

In her leisure time, she trains her peers on subjects like personal development, leadership and entrepreneurship. She loves reading and aspires to be one of the most influential women in the world. She is currently writing a book that will be released in the days to come.

Cameroon last placed at Miss Earth pageant in 2017 when Angele Kossinda was adjudged as Top 16 semi-finalist. The country is yet to win its first Miss Earth title.

Meet The Contestants of Miss Earth 2018 HERE!

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