Femina Miss India East 2018: A Post Pageant Review!

An Insight To Femina Miss India East Zone Grand Finale

Fbb Colors Femina Miss India East 2018 grand finale came to culmination on March 22, 2018 in Swissotel, Kolkata, West Bengal. The coronation eve of Fbb Colors Femina Miss India East 2018 witnessed the crowning of North East states, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura, Manipur, Sikkim, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh along with the crowning of East zone states like Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal.

I had the wonderful opportunity to witness the coronation eve live at the venue, and I was totally exhilarated about the same. So as promised, I am finally here with the insights of the pageant, sharing all imperative facets I came across by during the glitzy evening.

The pageant begun with the wonderful video showcasing the crowning moments of all the Miss World titleholders from India, leading to a huge applause by the audience. Thereafter, Meiyang Chang made a grand entry on the stage saying, “Kemon acho Kolkata? Nomoshkar. And with this, my Bengali knowledge ends.”

Subsequently, Chang welcomed the judges and introduced the contestants. The pageant was judged by East Zone mentor Pooja Chopra, Tollywood actress Subhashree Ganguly, actor Bonny Sengupta, director Srijit Mukherji and fashion designer Kommal Sood.

Thereafter, the representatives from North East were crowned by the east zone mentor and former Miss World India, Pooja Chopra.  Mary Khyriem was adjudged as Femina Miss India Meghalaya 2018, Lily Lalremkimi Darnei was titled as Femina Miss India Mizoram 2018, Sunaina Kamath was crowned as Femina Miss India Assam 2018 and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia was titled as Femina Miss India Manipur 2018. Besides, Osin Mosu was crowned as Femina Miss India Arunachal Pradesh 2018. Unfortunately, Femina Miss India Nagaland 2018, Ruopfuzhano Whiso could not make it to the east zone finale due to her board exams.


The show began with the contestants flaunting their chic style in the Fbb apparels. Thereafter, Usha Uthup and Manasi Scott wooed the audience with enchanting music numbers. Soon, the contestants walked the ramp for Joy Mitra and later the results were announced before the audience.

During the coronation gala of Femina Miss India East 2018, Bhavna Jain was crowned as Femina Miss India Bihar 2018, Spandana Naidu was adjudged as Femina Miss India Chhattisgarh 2018, Shrutiksha Nayak was titled as Femina Miss India Odisha 2018, Stefy Patel was crowned as Femina Miss India Jharkhand 2018 and Prarthna Sarkar was titled as Femina Miss India West Bengal 2018.


After witnessing the Femina Miss India East 2018 pageant and meeting some of the contestants, I could not withhold my curiosity to share my opinions on some of the vital facets of the event with you all, so here it goes!

Crown Contenders

This year East is stronger than ever at Femina Miss India. In the batch of thirteen state winners, at least three of them could possibly clinch the crown of Femina Miss India 2018, so let’s find out who these ladies are!

1. Mary Khyriem

Mary Khyriem

This lady is an epitome of perfection! It would not be wrong if we say she is the flag bearer of the East zone. Mary was such a pleasure to gaze at the stage. She looked incredibly calm, composed yet at the same time highly promising and resolute. Her chiseled smile is a reason enough to turn million heads. In the very first meeting, Mary came across as a highly optimistic person, who has a vision. While talking to her I found out that she was not merely celebrating her state victory, but has come with a belief to go quite far. I would be more than glad if she wins the title of Femina Miss India World and represent India at  Miss World 2018. With such a melodious voice and amicable aura, Mary can be a force to reckon with. Not to forget, she won two subtitles in the evening, Miss Glowing Skin and Miss Talented, so brace yourself, for Meghalaya has made a very strong move by crowning Mary as their representative for Femina Miss India 2018.

2. Lily Lalremkimi Darnei

Lily Lalremkimi Darnei

Another strong contestant to watch out for! I must tell you all that Lily had the best stage presence and runway skills among her fellow contestants. She was incredibly prepared when she took the stage, and the moment she walked the runway, the entire audience gasped in awe. Lily won three subtitles in the event, Miss Congeniality, Miss Body Beautiful and Miss Fashion Icon, sweeping all the significant subtitles in her kitty. She was noticed by everybody and the moment she was called on stage, people whispered that this pretty woman will go quite ahead in the journey to Femina Miss India 2018 crown. Thereafter, when I met Lily in the green room, she was incredibly cordial and warm while interacting. I loved how she smiled while making the conversation. Her body language was very optimistic and I am sure that she is going to impress everyone in the finals with her stellar performance, fierce body and impeccable personality. She can win a crown this year for sure!

3. Stefy Patel

Stefy Patel

Stefy Patel was the star of the night that day! Every time she took the stage, she mesmerized me with her killer smile, perfect runway skills and charming stage presence. She seemed to be the most confident woman among her fellow contestants from Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal. Stefy is a known name in pageant industry and her expertise in the same reflected brilliantly during the grand finale of Femina Miss India East 2018. Stefy won two most vital subtitles of the eve by bagging Miss Photogenic and Miss Rampwalk, which says all about her caliber. She is undoubtedly here to win it, and I do see her making it to Top 5 as of now. She has the face and the attitude to shine and stand out! Jharkhand for sure is strong this year.

4. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia

Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia

Her tall stature and gorgeous face are her biggest weapons in the battle to Femina Miss India 2018 crown. This Manipur beauty stands out in the crowd and has a charming stage presence. The pageant which suits her the most would be Miss Grand International, as she has got the fierce body and beautiful face needed to make a mark in the said pageant. She can make a good come back of India at Miss Grand International after 2015.

Honorable Mentions

1. Aishwarya Jena


I was surprised to see Aishwarya Jena not making the cut after such a lovely performance. She speaks well, looks well and walks well. It is still a mystery why this wonderful lady could not go ahead in the journey. However, it is not the end of her destination and I would love to see her competing for some other pageants in future, especially Miss International India pageant, as she has the potential to give a strong performance internationally.

2. Bhawna Choudhary


Bhawna has a photogenic face and right attitude to shine. She must come back for Miss Diva pageant.

3. Simran Singh


Simran looked fabulous on stage. She was comfortable, confident and fiercely graceful. I would love to see her making a come back.

4. Rhea Patranabis


She has a lovely face and graceful aura, the kind you would be glad to gaze again and again. Although I could not get to meet the pretty woman, she seemed very mature and composed. I would love if she works on her body and come back stronger next time.

5. Sofia Afreen 


How can we not talk about this amazing woman! She is a lovely person and besides that an ardent learner. She has a vision and she is waiting to execute it. She possess an awe-striking corporeal frame and can easily give others a run for money with her fit body. A little more polishing on her runway and communication skills and she will be ready to leave an everlasting impression. Wait for this fighter in Femina Miss India 2019!

6. Annusriya Tripathi 


It would not be wrong if I say, Annusriya Tripathi was the face of the Femina Miss India East 2018 pageant. She is a perfect example of sophistication and her facial beauty is something which can make anyone her fan. She is more telegenic than photogenic. If she works on her body and comes back prepared polishing her runway skills, she can go a long way.

7. Priya Kansagra


Such an amazing woman! Priya is incredibly congenial, photogenic and graceful. She is the perfect example of the kind of women, who become stronger by lifting others. She is a Campus Princess find, and this gives her an edge over others when we compare the kind of exposure she has gained in these last few months. I would be pleased to see her making a come back in Miss Diva or Femina Miss India.

8. Aditi Basu Bal


I remember the statement of my friend, Ritika Pal, when she saw Aditi during the day of auditions. Ritika said that although this girl is raw but she is going to go a long way. At that time many people could not estimate the potential of this fighter. Aditi had a huge competition from her state with Stefy already being a pageant veteran and Bhawna already being trained by a reputed pageant camp. But none of these features let her waver from her path. During the grand finale, Aditi slayed the runway with an impressive walk. She was super confident and carried her look very well. I was amazed by the kind of body language she projected on stage without any professional training. Even the official glamshot, I suppose was her first professional photoshoot, yet she gave a stellar performance. She will be coming back for Miss Diva 2018 and I am waiting to see her more enhanced version.

The Outgoing Titleholders

The outgoing queens were nostalgic with their reigns coming to an end, but they were also glad to be on the other side of the stage, where they didn’t had to worry about being judged. The beauty queens were enjoying their moment of sisterhood with former fellow contestants.

I got to meet Priyanka Kumari, who earned the highest placement from the east zone last year at Femina Miss India pageant, and thereby represented India at Miss Intercontinental 2017. Just as she seems, she is a warm and congenial woman, who wins hearts with her innocence and adorable childlike behavior. She is one wonderful find of the Femina Miss India Organization.

Priyanka Kumari

Thereafter, I had the opportunity to interact with Rinky Chakma, who represented Tripura at Femina Miss India last year. Rinky Chakma is so full of life and her lively conversations will make anyone fall for her. Such a vivacious person to have around, there is a reason why she earned a special place in people’s hearts last year and also bagged the most important subtitle, Beauty with a Purpose.

Rinky Chakma Presenting Miss Shining Star Award To Bhavna Jain

Later, I met Kaheli Chophy, who represented Nagaland at Femina Miss India last year. Kaheli is a very sweet woman, who not only looks beautiful outside but reflects the same charm inside. She is a lovely person and looked super gorgeous during the coronation gala.

Kaheli Chophy Presenting Miss Photogenic Award To Stefy Patel

Christeena Biju looked amazing on the coronation eve. She represented Odisha last year at Femina Miss India pageant at the time when she was quite raw. She has shown remarkable transformation in this one year and looks mesmerizing in person. She is a more polished and chiseled version of herself, and it would be great if we could see her in Miss Diva some day.

Christeena Biju

So this was all about my Femina Miss India East 2018 experience. Do let me know in the comment sections if you would like to have my opinion on something specific, and I will be glad to answer them all. Until then, see you! 🙂

Vagisha Mishra

Picture Credits: Siddharth Sarkar

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