Opinion: Who Is The Most Active Reigning Beauty Queen?

It has been quite a while since the beauty queens of the leading pageants have been crowned. While it has been four months since our Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth are reigning, Miss Grand International has been reigning since five months.

Moderately speaking, the queens have now completed half of their reigns, and have managed to infiltrate in the hearts of the people around the globe with their advocacy, red carpet appearances and words of wisdom during press meetings. Meanwhile, while all the reigning queens are putting their best foot forward to make the best of their reigns, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry brings you an insight of which beauty queen has been the most active in her reign and had made the most momentous changes in these past few months.

1. Miss World 2017- Manushi Chhillar



It would not be wrong at all to say that the reigning Miss World has determined to make the best use of her reign as she does not take a moment to rest before embarking on any new project. Right since the moment she was crowned as Miss World 2017, her journey has been worth watching and following. She came home to a grand homecoming in India and within just one week, her native state announced the free circulation of sanitary pads in the schools located in the remote areas to promote healthy menstrual hygiene among rural women, which was also her ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project during Miss World pageant.

She was also one of the celebrity speakers at the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Summit held in Hyderabad and was announced as the brand ambassador for Anaemia Free Haryana. Her Beauty with a Purpose campaign called as Project Shakti was given government support of $2.8 million. Later, she was also honoured with the Special Achievement Award at the 2017 CNN-IBN Indian of the Year Awards for winning Miss World. She received Proud maker of India award at Six Sigma Healthcare Leadership Summit 2017 in New Delhi and she later went on to become the guest speaker at the 10th C4IO by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise as a representative of today’s youth and their enthusiasm to fulfil their purpose at Pushkar.

She visited Indian cities Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi during her 42-day Beauty with a Purpose tour. Along with Miss World team, Manushi was invited by CCTV to star in the biggest live event Chinese New Year’s Gala in China and later landed in Indonesia in continuation with the humanitarian tour. During her stay in Indonesia, Manushi visited The Golden Bridge, a Beauty with a Purpose project which was completed by Miss Indonesia 2014, Maria Rahajeng, participated in humanitarian activities and also crowned Miss Indonesia 2018, the representative of Indonesia for Miss World 2018.

Subsequently, she along with Miss World team landed in British Virgin Islands. They met governor of British Virgin Islands and worked to raise funds for the beauty with the purpose project of Miss British Virgin Islands 2017, Helina Hewlet.

Manushi was also a presenter and a performer for a 16 hour TV show, 44th Variety Children’s Charity Telethon on ABC and raised $3.76 million in association with Variety Telethon team for the annual fundraiser which donates all proceeds to children who desperately need support.

In past few years, never have we seen a Miss World so active in such short span of reign. In these four months, Manushi has covered India, United Kingdom, Indonesia, China, British Virgin Islands and United States of America as part of her ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ Tour. Manushi Chhillar at the age of 20 is the youngest among all reigning beauty queens. Besides, she is the most followed reigning beauty queen on Instagram with about 3 million followers. She has graced the cover of renowned magazines like Cosmopolitan and Grazia and has been part of Dabboo Ratnani’s Calendar shoot.

2. Miss Grand International 2017- Maria Jose Lora

miss grand international maria jose lora.jpg

Maria’s reign by far has been very exciting as compared to her predecessors. This gorgeous Latina beauty has been going places since her crowning as Miss Grand International 2017. Soon after winning the title, she visited China and crowned the representative of China for Miss Grand International 2018.

Thereafter, she visited Las Vegas in the United States along with the President of Miss Grand International Organization with regard to the organization meetings. Soon after this visit, Maria gave a wonderful appearance on the red carpet of Miss Grand Thailand. She also addressed the press during the event.

Later, Maria visited Indonesia and announced the formation of Miss Grand Indonesia Organization in Indonesia, a separate national pageant for choosing an Indonesian delegate for Miss Grand International. She was also invited by the Ministry of Tourism in Indonesia for formal talk.

In addition, she shot for the cover of “Ellos & Ellas” Magazine. This was followed by her homecoming visit in Peru where she also crowned her successor as the representative of Peru to Miss Grand International 2018. She was also a part of Live TV show in Peru, which is known as, “Amor De Verano” followed by a meet and greet event for her fans in Peru.

She then visited Venezuela for crowning Miss Grand Venezuela 2018 and later on visited Colombia for the crowning of Miss Grand Colombia 2018.

She is currently in Thailand fulfilling her advocacy of being the ambassador of Peace and ‘Stop the War’ campaign. During her reign, she visited Thailand, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, China, Indonesia and United States of America.

3. Miss Universe 2017- Demi Leigh Nel Peters

miss universe demi leigh nel peters.jpg

While the reign of Miss Universe always is exhilarating, this year the case seems to be different. Even after crowning a wonderful lady like Demi, looks like IMG and WME have very rare opportunities and platforms to showcase the advocacy of the reigning queen. Just like her predecessor, Iris Mittenaere, Demi seems to be lost and inactive subsequent to her crowning.

Her first public appearance was in 75th Golden Globe Awards where she was invited by her fellow South African Miss Universe, Margaret Gardiner to grace the event. Her first tour outside the native country and the headquarters region began in December when she visited the Philippines to promote Tourism of Philippines on being invited by the Department of Tourism.  During the same visit, she was also a part of charity fashion show in the Philippines. Thereafter, in the United States, Demi became a part of New York Fashion Week.

She is currently in Indonesia for the crowning of Puteri Indonesia 2018, wherein the representative of Indonesia for Miss Universe 2018 would be elected.

In her four month reign, she has visited South Africa, Philippines, United States of America and Indonesia. She is followed by 1 million people on Instagram.

4. Miss International 2017- Kevin Lilliana

kevin lilliana miss international 2017.jpg

Being the first Miss International from Indonesia, Kevin not only brought laurels to her country but was also appreciated by the pageant fans across the world. Soon after her crowning, Kevin visited Toba International Hotel and UNICEF in Japan, where she met the National Directors of UNICEF in Denmark and Japan. Several days after the Miss International Activities in Japan, she flew back to Indonesia wherein she had a media tour from all the biggest networks in the country, where she discussed her advocacy.

In addition, Kevin has also become the brand ambassador of Aloha Salads and was featured in Aloha Salads grand opening magazines. Kevin was also invited to speak in the event of Safe Medicine and Safe Cosmetic for Public Awareness, held by National Agency of Drug and Food Control of Republic of Indonesia. She has been featured in Panasonic Beauty advertorial and Femina (Indonesia) Magazine, in the January 2018 edition.

5. Miss Earth 2017- Karen Ibasco

miss earth 2018 karen ibasco.jpg

The fourth Filipina to win Miss Earth pageant, Karen Ibasco has visited Cambodia and Vietnam during her reign apart from the headquarters of Miss Earth Organization, Philippines. In November 2017, Karen took part in social activities such as cleaning of schools, tree planting and other environmental activities in Cambodia, where she also visited Angkor Wat and Siem Reap.

In January, Karen Ibasco arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam to attend the opening ceremony of Tuyet Le Fashion Boutique. She has been a part of several environmental activities in her native land, Philippines.

6. Miss Supranational 2017- Jenny Kim

jenny kim miss supranational 2017.jpg

During her reign as Miss Supranational, Jenny Kim, apart from the headquarters of the organization in Poland has visited Vietnam, China and Indonesia.

Jenny Kim since her crowning has visited Vietnam for the grand opening of HD Korea Beauty Centre along with the reigning Mister Supranational, Gabriel Correa. Thereafter, she went to China to fulfil her duties as Miss Supranational while attending few vital events of the organization. She later visited Indonesia for the crowning of Miss Supranational Indonesia 2018. Prior to that, she was a part of several activities in the country.

So that is how the reigns of our reigning beauty queens are going on! Whose reign are you enjoying the most and why? Do let us know in the comment section below. Until then, see you. 🙂

Vagisha Mishra

Picture Credits: Social Media Handles Of Reigning Beauty Queens


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