Puteri Indonesia 2018: Final Predictions and Concluding Hotpicks!

Puteri Indonesia 2018: The Final Review 

Tomorrow we will witness the new representatives of Indonesia for Miss Universe 2018, Miss International 2018 and Miss Supranational 2018. Puteri Indonesia 2018 is grander than ever in this edition, with three reigning international queens, Demi Leigh Nel Peters, Kevin Lilliana and Jenny Kim gracing the event. Meanwhile, like every year we are here to unveil our favourites for Puteri Indonesia 2018. So let’s get started!

Sumatera Selatan – Berliana Permatasari


Her fierce aura and captivating smile can turn million heads. If she goes on to win Miss Universe Indonesia 2018, she will definitely earn a lot of momentum with the angelic beauty she possess. No wonder why she is a heavy favorite for the title of Puteri Indonesia 2018 among many pageant aficionados and critics.

Jawa Tengah – Kidung Paramadita


Smart, resolute and determined, Kidung is considered to be one of the most devoted candidates among all. For those who have met her in person, believe that she has a warm and congenial aura to leave an unforgettable impression. She is a performer and while representing a strong sash like Jawa Tengah which has won the title of Puteri Indonesia thrice, her chances in the finals seem to solidify.

DKI Jakarta 4- Jesslyn Lim


Jesslyn Lim might not be your stereotyped beauty but she has it all to gain the limelight. She could be a very promising candidate of the country in a pageant like Miss International or even Miss Supranational. She has an impressive command on the camera and she speaks out her mind wisely.

Sumatera Barat – Resti Asda


How can we leave this beauty of the list of front runners! Look at her simple yet glowing face. She deserves all the attention. Looks like she is having the moment of her life in the pageant days without trying too hard to impress. She is effortlessly gorgeous and stands out effectively.

Sulawesi Tengah – Sinar Wulandary Falembay


She reminds me of Ariska Putri Pertiwi. That spontaneous aura and striking smile, she seems to be full of life. I would like to see her following the footsteps of the first Asian Miss Grand International and show her best during the finals of Puteri Indonesia 2018.

Jawa Barat – Tria Devitasari


After winning the Miss World Indonesia crown, Jawa Barat is aiming for Miss Universe Indonesia, and who could be a more wonderful candidate from the province than Tria. She has striking features to stand out in the crowd.

Papua – Yuliana Pitornella Fotanaba


Vivacious, bubbly and oozing with vitality, she is Yuliana Pitornella Fotanaba. Her happy to go lucky attitude is her biggest strength and she may surprise everyone on the coronation eve.

D.I Yogyakarta – Dilla Fadiela


Another charming woman in the race to crown. Many Indonesia fans are rooting for this beauty!

Sulawesi Tenggara – Diviayu Wulandari


Soft and supple beauty of this wonderful woman can give many ladies a run for money. She is in the race for sure!

Sulawesi Selatan – Nadhila Maharani


Watch out for this young lady, she has the potential to play her cards well if she makes the first cut.

Puteri Indonesia 2018 will be the 22nd edition of the Puteri Indonesia pageant which is slated to take place on March 9, 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia. During the conclusion of the pageant, Bunga Jelitha of Jakarta Special Capital Region 5 will crown her successor as the new Miss Universe Indonesia, who will then represent Indonesia at Miss Universe 2018 wherein Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters of South Africa will crown her successor as next Miss Universe. During the same event, Kevin Lilliana of West Java will crown her successor as the new Miss International Indonesia, who will represent the nation at Miss International 2018, hoping to succeed Kevin Lilliana as Miss International 2018. Meanwhile, Karina Nadila from East Nusa Tenggara will crown her successor for Miss Supranational 2018.

Who do you think would win Puteri Indonesia 2018? Do let us know in the comment section below!

Picture Credits: Puteri Indonesia Facebook

©The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry

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