Miss Nicaragua 2018: Final Predictions And Concluding Verdict!

Miss Nicaragua 2018: Final Hotpicks And Concluding Review

Nicaragua is all set to crown its new representative for Miss Universe pageant. After crowning strong contestants like Marina Jacoby and Daniela Torres, who missed the semi-final cut with whiskers, Nicaragua is hoping to crown a candidate who has the potential to walk on the footsteps of Nastassja Bolívar who put Nicaragua on the map of Miss Universe in 2013 by paving way into semi-finals and winning Best National Costume Award.

Without further delay, let’s talk about the ladies who have the potential to be addressed as Nicaragua at Miss Universe 2018 and Miss International 2018.

1. Adriana Paniagua

CHINANDEGA, Adriana Paniagua
CHINANDEGA- Adriana Paniagua

Adriana has the beauty to stand out sharply among her co-contestants. Not only is she photogenic, but she also has the charm to impress her spectators when she takes over the runway. Her facial features are striking enough to carve an unforgettable impression about her. She could be Nicaragua’s strong bet at Miss Universe this year and could possibly end the non-placement drought of the country.

2. Laura Ramírez

MANAGUA, Laura Ramírez
MANAGUA- Laura Ramírez

A perfect blend of beauty and fierceness, Laura reminds me of the Venezuelan beauties who would make waves in the pageant town even before Miss Universe kicked off. Although she is raw, but if proper grooming is proffered to this beauty she could be an amazing candidate to watch for in the Miss Universe or Miss International pageant.

3. Belén Espinales

CHINANDEGA, Belén Espinales
CHINANDEGA- Belén Espinales

She is fierce and confident on stage as well as off it. She knows her best angles, and she exudes her persona with grace and oomph whenever she faces camera or the audience on runway. Not only that, she has a strong profile of being a student in Actuarial and Financial Sciences. With proper grooming she could prove out to be a great candidate in the quest to crown.

4. Omara Muñoz

MANAGUA, Omara Muñoz
MANAGUA- Omara Muñoz

I love the way she presents herself. Be it her body language or fit corporeal frame, she is a head turner in this competition. A Business Administration student by profession, Omara would definitely not go unnoticed in the grand finale of Miss Nicaragua 2018.

5. Nayris Davila

CORINTO, Nayris Davila
CORINTO- Nayris Davila

18 years old, Nayris is a student of Fashion Designing and it reflects in her impeccable styling during the pageant activities. She has got a wonderful smile and I love the way she plays with the camera oozing playful expressions. She is one to watch for.

6. Ingger Zepeda

MANAGUA, Ingger Zepeda
MANAGUA- Ingger Zepeda

Resolute and determined, Ingger holds a strong profile being a Bachelors in Law and Business Management. She is fiercely beautiful and has certain “it” factor to steal all the limelight. Watch out for this diva!

Miss Nicaragua 2018 is slated to take place on March 24, 2018. During the conclusion of the pageant, Berenice Quezada from El Rama will crown her successor as the new Miss Universe Nicaragua, who will then represent Nicaragua at Miss Universe 2018 wherein Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters of South Africa will crown her successor as next Miss Universe.

Who is your favorite for the title of Miss Nicaragua 2018? Do not forget to share in the comment section below!

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Picture Credits: Miss Nicaragua Facebook

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