5 Things You Didn’t Know About Alya Nurshabrina- Newly Crowned Miss Indonesia 2018!

Alya Nurshabrina- The Queen With Beautiful Mind and Heart

It has been only few days since Alya Nurshabrina has been crowned as Miss Indonesia 2018, but the pageant town cannot simply stop loving her! While some are calling her a potential delegate for Miss World 2018, some believe Indonesia has played it cards very smartly. Meanwhile, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry here brings you some of the lesser known facts about the newly crowned beauty queen, stating why she is a force to reckon with in the upcoming edition of Miss World.

Alya Nurshabrina Crowned By Manushi Chhillar and Achintya Nilsen

1. Accolades Of International And National Achievements

The wise and well groomed mind of Alya Nurshabrina was evident in her performance during Miss Indonesia 2018, but the seeds of this visionary mind started blooming long ago. Alya has been honored as UNPAR’s Most Outstanding Student 2016 and Google Indonesia’s Inspiring Women for International Women’s Day 2016. She has also been a part of International New York Times Writing Competition 2016 in Hong Kong, UNPAR delegation to Harvard National MUN 2016, Boston and has been adjudged as the first winner of Photo Essay Competition at Dies Natalis FISIP 2015.

In addition, the proficient, Alya Nurshabrina has been awarded with the Best Spokeperson and Presenter at 15th MIYD Declaration at Melaka International Youth Dialogue 2015 and also won second position at UPH Call for Paper “Towards ASEAN Community: Indonesia’s Efforts to Ensure the Welfare of Foreign Citizens and Minority Rights”. She also gained the limelight by grabbing titles like UNPAR’s Most Outstanding Student 2015 and Best Delegation on Jakarta MUN 2014.

2. Beauty With A Purpose

Alya Nurshabrina is a philanthropist even before she joined Miss Indonesia pageant. She is an active volunteer in the movement of Sahabat Peduli Indonesia, which teaches the art and recycling garbage techniques around Southeast Maluku Ngurbloat Beach since 2017. In 2016, Alya participated in the school building program that collapsed due to earthquake in Yamuna Danda village. In February 2017, she attended the Social Venture Challenge at Harvard National Model United Nations.


3. An Artist With Vision

She is not just blessed with a beautiful mind and heart but also has a flair in creativity. She has been a part of various noteworthy art events like the Caricature Competition in Malang 2013, Freedom festival, FIGHTbdg Organization Bandung 2013, Paint Your Atmosphere, 6th Music Gallery Jakarta 2016, Demosnesia Unpar Bandung 2016, Cup Drawing Throwdown and Coffee Cult Bandung 2016. One of her international achievements is to win the Social Venture Challenge at Harvard National Model United Nations in February 2017.

4. Modeling and Pageantry Stint

Alya was formerly featured in 2012 GADIS Cover and has been a winner of Femina Face 2014. She is photogenic and has been part of various modeling projects. Considering this, she might pull off a great performance in the Top Model Round at Miss World pageant.

5. The Queen With Melodious Voice

Apart from putting her paintings in exhibition, Alya has a melodious voice and she loves to sing. Expect some good piece of presentation from Miss Indonesia in the Talent Round of Miss World 2018 for she is here to make her mark felt!

Vagisha Mishra

©The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry

Picture Credits: Miss World 

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