An Insight To Femina Miss India Chattisgarh 2018 Audition: Who Won The Hearts?

An Insight To Femina Miss India Chattisgarh 2018 Audition: First Impressions

Fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2018 begun its first leg of East auditions from Chattisgarh. The state auditions of Chattisgarh took place in the Fbb Store, City Centre Mall, Pandri, Raipur on February 16, 2018.

The auditions was judged by the ace Fashion Designer, Sahil Maggu. The audition witnessed ladies from every nooks and corners of Chattisgarh, who turned up in the hope of succeeding Vinali Bhatnagar as the representative of Chattisgarh at Femina Miss India 2018. Annusriya Tripathi, Sofia Afreen and Spandana Pali got the ticket to East Zone Finals, which is slated to take place on March 22, 2018 in Kolkata.

femina miss india chattisgarh 2018 annusriya sofia spandana

Chattisgarh which is supposedly taken to be a backward state, devoid of any talent, gave an enthusiastic response during the auditions. Being born in Chattisgarh and having pursued my higher education in the very same state, it would not be wrong to say that the state nurtures your soul in a warm way, making you a congenial person, who can easily fit in anywhere. I found the exactly same aura in the atmosphere when I reached the venue of auditions. Not only the contestants but their parents were prudent enough to accept the results warm-heartedly.

The final question and answer round was the best thing of the evening, as the judges made sure not to shortlist a finalist who does not understand the gravity of the Femina Miss India title and the responsibilities the crown brings with itself. Contestants were asked dicey questions like “Why do you want to be Femina Miss India 2018?” to which many of the contestants answered that it is the platform which gives you the chance to be famous, which was then followed up by the question “Why do you want to be famous?” leading to a series of questions making the audience clear to understand if the contestant is ready for the next level of challenge or not. The key to success was spontaneity. While many participants were hesitant of whether their answer shall sound convincing or not, the shortlisted finalists, Annusriya Tripathi, Sofia Afreen and Spandana Pali did not take more than a couple of second to come up with their opinions.

In the final question and answer round, Annusriya Tripathi seemed the most vivacious one, she handled the questions well. Although her answers were not politically correct, but it suited to the beauty of the moment. The way she walked the ramp, reflected her star quality. She was not at all nervous, but was rather enjoying the moment, and I believe this is what will take her far. However, if Annusriya really wants to walk home with the title of Fbb Colors Femina Miss India Chattisgarh 2018, she needs to be watchful of her corporeal frame so as to look in her best shape during the East Zone Finals. There is something about her eyes, you would want to behold her gaze again and again, the way she talks gives a sense of conviction she has for the title. Although she is raw and needs polishing, yet she could be a promising contestant if groomed well, and given the idea that she is a good listener and learner, it shall be great to see her making it to finals.

Next we have, Sofia Afreen. Throughout the competition, Sofia handled herself very well on stage. She was quick to answer all the tricky questions and her walk was comparatively better than her competitors. She is humble, grounded and is active enough to take the criticisms constructively. She nailed the question and answer round when she said that “Although I belong to a Muslim family, which is often considered to be quiet conservative, I am here to set an example to other women, that religion, caste, creed or color can never restrain you from achieving your dreams if you are resolute enough to reach your destination.” While talking to her, I found that she has come with a vision. She is already associated to an NGO and has started working on her Beauty with A Purpose Project. She gave a glimpse of a determined woman, who is ready to learn with all challenges that come her way. Although, she needs to build up her confidence a little and should enjoy the beauty of the moment. It is clearly between Sofia and Annusriya in the zonal finals.

The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry also got the chance to interact with Annusriya Tripathi and Sofia Afreen after they were announced as the finalists for Femina Miss India Chattisgarh 2018.

Up next we have Spandana Pali. Spandana was the tallest contestant among all and she had the maturity to project herself on stage. She was quick to answer the questions asked during the interview and already holds experience of winning two local pageants erstwhile. My suggestion to Spandana shall be to show her vivacious side and have fun while taking up the stage.

One lady whom I would love to come back for Femina Miss India pageant would be Aadyaa Shakti Mishra. She was a Campus Princess finalist and you will be mesmerized if you hear her voice. She is a trained classical singer and has remarkable poise to stand out. Soon after the results were declared I had a conversation with Aadyaa regarding her experience to which she said, “The audition was a learning experience for me and I will trying for Miss Diva pageant in the coming days.” Her mother who had immense proud to see her daughter in Top 5 of State Finals also opined, “I could not believe that my daughter has reached to such a great level. I am filled with the feeling of pride.” 

I was also joined by Annusriya Tripathi’s sister who said, “I am so happy and I was surely expecting that my sister would be announced as the finalist for Fbb Colors Femina Miss India Chattisgarh 2018.” On being asked if she too has plans to join pageants next year now that her sister has enlightened her way, she said “My family has always been so supportive regarding Annusriya’s decision to go for Femina Miss India, may be I will think about it.” The beauty who is just 16 years old hopes to see her sister wearing the sash of Chattisgarh at Femina Miss India 2018. She added, “Work hard, and may be one day you will also be here.”

Also, the jury of the Fbb Colors Femina Miss India Chattisgarh 2018, Sahil Maggu had all good things to say about the Femina Miss India team and the participants.

So with this I conclude my review on Fbb Colors Femina Miss India Chattisgarh 2018. For more updates keep watching this space and stay tuned to the Facebook and Instagram page of The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry! Until then! 🙂

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