Reality Check: The Three Most Influential Miss World Titleholders Of The Decade

The Queens Who Made An Impact

Miss World pageant is one of the oldest talked about pageant and its vitality could be understood from the fact that the pageant witnesses maximum participation from the countries all across the globe as compared to any other pageant. While many of the Miss World titleholders have become huge names having gained the celebrity status, it is imperative to dig in a deeper and look back at the past decade.

Few days back we presented the Three Most Influential Miss Universe Titleholders of the Decade, today let’s talk about the Miss World titleholders who have managed to create a powerful impact socially, ethically and morally during their tenure as Miss World. So let’s begin the voyage down the memory lane.

1. Rolene Strauss- Miss World 2014 (South Africa)

rolene strauss miss world 2014.jpg


Rolene Strauss undisputedly deserves to be the queen of the decade, ruling not just over the Miss World throne but also hearts. When she was crowned as Miss World 2014 no one dared to raise a question, she conquered the crown fair and square. Rolene is an asset to the Miss World Organization, coming from a rich medical background. Not only did she accomplished her medical studies as soon as she finished her reign as Miss World, but she also married the love of her life, D’Niel Strauss in 2016 after one year of courtship. In 2017, she gave birth to her son. Despite of being a mother, Rolene is active enough to keep up with the world, attending not just the gym but also slaying the red carpets of noteworthy events.

Lately, the beauty queen has laid down a charitable trust named as The Strauss Foundation along with her husband, with the idea of promoting good health and education among the less privileged members of the society.

The first test tube born lady to win the title of Miss World, what sets her apart is her aspiration to reach the goal without wasting a moment. In the world full of procrastinators, we need someone like Rolene, who can illuminate the paths of the women hoping to tread on the same path.

2. Megan Young- Miss World 2013 (Philippines)

megan young

Being the first Filipina to be crowned as Miss World, Megan Young already etched her name in history when she won the title of Miss World 2013. Never did this beauty queen took her title for granted and continued to be a part of Miss World family either by hosting the coronation eve or visiting different countries as part of the Miss World Organization for philanthropic causes. [Also Read: Success Story of Megan Young]

She has been part of several TV shows in Philippines as an actor and host. The twenty seven years old beauty queen has been modelling and hosting since the age of 15 and is celebrated for her vivaciousness and lively spirit. Keeping her relationship status low key, Megan believes to be the action rather than a mere voice!

3. Manushi Chhillar- Miss World 2017 (India)

manushi chhillar from india is miss world 2017

The first ever Beauty with a Purpose winner to win the title of Miss World, Manushi has achieved various accolades for her philanthropic project. Although it is too early to include her in the list, as her reign has just begun, but look at the momentous feat she has achieved in these three months as Miss World. While the Miss World beauties in last few years fade after the coronation gala, Manushi has maintained the momentum right from the beginning to present. [Also See: Success Story of Manushi Chhillar]

The way she initiated the Beauty with a Purpose Tour in India by being part of several media interactions and philanthropic events, speaks magnanimously about her strong demeanor.

The magnitude of impact caused by her awareness programmes can be gauged from the fact that her state has announced free supply of sanitary napkins in the schools to promote the importance of menstrual hygiene. She has graced many imperative red carpet events and was even awarded as the Indian of the Year by CNN IBN, no wonder why she is one of the most followed Miss World on Instagram following Priyanka Chopra. She has visited many schools across India invoking discussions related to women health and hygiene. Being the youngest reigning beauty queen of 2017, Manushi is definitely going to leave a legacy behind and shall be remembered for her noteworthy work in the years to come!

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