The Best and Worst Evening Gowns of Miss Universe 2017 [Review]

The Gowns That Failed and Impressed at Miss Universe 2017

Miss Universe 2017 will be the 66th edition of the Miss Universe pageant, which is slated to take place on November 26, 2017 at The AXIS, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. During the conclusion of the pageant, Iris Mittenaere of France will crown her successor at the end of the event.

Only five days to go until we see the crowning of Miss Universe 2017. Although fans might not have been satisfied with the dull and downgrade preliminary production by Miss Universe Organization, yet when it comes to Miss Universe pageant, how can we let go off the discussion on the evening gowns. Last night delegates across 92 countries walked the runway in their luscious evening gowns during the preliminary evening gown competition.

The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry brings its most liked and disliked evening gowns from the event, let’s have a look. Please note, that the ranking is not based on the performance but rather the design and appearance of the evening gowns.

Best Evening Gowns

France- Alicia Aylies


Though we have seen a lot of bling on Miss Universe stage when it comes to evening gown competition, this gown still grabs my attention. The design of the gown accentuates her curves and looks very promising on stage.

Thailand- Maria Poonlertlarp


Thailand looked like goddess in that beautiful evening gown. She walked like a dream on stage and that gorgeous gown just added value to her beautiful face.

Mexico- Denisse Franco


The design of the gown would have looked plain on anyone but Denisse carried it well and it seemed as if the gown was exclusively designed for this beauty queen. The gown reflected her curves in a wonderful way and appeared elegant on stage.

Philippines- Rachel Peters


I am in awe with this evening gown. After many years, Philippines have invested so much energy and efforts in making of such a beautiful gown at Miss Universe pageant. This Golden Swarovski evening gown is designed by Val Taguba, the designer who also created Peters’s gown during the Binibining Pilipinas grand finale.

Vietnam- Loan Nguyen


Vietnam knows how to style its beauty queens. This gown was a sheer delight to watch on stage and looked incredibly impressive on this stunning lady.

Worst Evening Gowns

Brazil- Monalysa Alcântara


Brazil had a terrific performance in both the rounds, but the evening gown killed all the charisma build around her in the evening gown competition. This was one of the worst evening gowns Miss Brazil Organization sent to Miss Universe pageant, as it looked like the enhanced version of lingerie. It was ill fitted and did not do justice to her beautiful body and memorable performance.

Great Britain- Anna Burdzy

Great Britain
Great Britain

The gown had too high a slit and the uneven designs made the entire look messy. The mismatched colour made her look all the more dull and appalling.

Italy- Maria Polverino



The evening gown looked extremely simple and too cheeky in colour. The gown looked like it has been made from some remaining pieces of fabrics.

South Africa- Demi Leigh Neil Peters

South Africa
South Africa

South Africa marred its chance to win Miss Universe with this awful evening gown. Demi was the talk of town since day one or rather pre-arrivals but this dull coloured evening gown made with inexpensive fabric along with the bad makeup just killed the chances of going far for this front runner.

British Virgin Islands- Khephra Sylvester

British Virgin Islands
British Virgin Islands

The ill fitted evening gown made her look bulky and short in height. Nor did the colour did justice to her skin tone.

So these were my choices for the worst and best evening gowns at Miss Universe pageant. What were your choices? Do let me know in the comment section below. Meanwhile, have a look at the evening gowns of all the contestants right here. Also, stay tuned as we release our best in evening gown performances review.


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