Miss Universe 2017: Who Nailed Preliminary Swimsuit Competition? [REVIEW]

Miss Universe 2017: A Review on Swimsuit Preliminary Competition

Miss Universe 2017 will be the 66th edition of the Miss Universe pageant, which is slated to take place on November 26, 2017 at The AXIS, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. During the conclusion of the pageant, Iris Mittenaere of France will crown her successor at the end of the event.

This year preliminary competition seems like one of the worst edition in terms of production. The prelims were held in Planet Hollywood Hotel Lobby and the ramp in which the delegates across 92 countries strutted their stuff was too narrow to behold the grandeur of the pageant like Miss Universe. Considered to be one of the most watched and followed pageant in the world, this preliminary competition arrangement is surely going to cost the Miss Universe pageant a lot. Also, no proper live streaming links were provided for the common audience to watch the prelims, which made it even tougher to analyze the body language and gestures of contestants closely.

Keeping that aside, I must say that this batch is highly competitive when it comes to swimsuit competition. This year more than 92 countries are contending for the Miss Universe crown. After watching all the delegates giving each other a tough and nerve wrecking fight, I came up with few performances which impressed me the most in the swimsuit preliminary competition of Miss Universe 2017.

In no particular order, here are my favorites from the Preliminary Swimsuit Round-

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Denisse Franco of Mexico gave an impressive performance and there is no doubt why audience cheered for her so much as soon as she took the center stage. With Danna Hernández, Puerto Rico proves it eminence at Miss Universe pageant. Loved the way she handled herself on the runway. Keysi Sayago again brings back the power of Venezuela sash at Miss Universe with those amazing runway skills. Ksenia Alexandrova from Russia reflected through her performance why she is one of the most talked about contestant in the pageant town right now. Rachel Peters of Philippines shows that this powerhouse is not going to settle down for less.

Sofía del Prado from Spain emerged out as one of the pleasant surprise in the preliminary swimsuit competition. Maria Poonlertlarp from Thailand started off with commendable energy but went overboard as she exited the runway amidst the loud cheer from her fans, however, she knows how to handle herself on finale gala once she paves way to semi-finals. Kára McCullough from USA gave a praiseworthy finish at swimsuit competition. Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters from South Africa though was good in the competition but not great, though considered as front runner for the crown, Demi has a tough competition among her fellow contestants to wear the coveted title of Miss Universe. Dominican Republic wowed me with her performance today, Carmen Muñoz has that “it” factor to ensnare her fans. Brazil as usual sent a terrific contestant to slay the stage with impressive stage presence, Monalysa Alcântara nailed it.

Apart from these candidates, Nigeria, India, Peru, Chile, Haiti, Malta, Colombia and Korea gave a memorable and noteworthy performance. Who were your favorites among the contestants in the swimsuit round? Do let me know in the comment section. Meanwhile, here is the complete gallery of the swimsuit preliminary competition.


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  1. LMFAO!!! How could you rate Malta, India, Korea, and Haiti above Indonesia on swimsuit? Even Honduras was better than them. The only correct pick of yours are Venezuela, Mexico, and Spain. OMG, South Africa was not confident at all. She looked SHY, intimidated, and out-shined by the other contestants.


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