Miss World 2017- Final Leaderboard and Ultimate Picks For Crown!

Miss World 2017- Final Predictions and Concluding Review

The 67th edition of the Miss World pageant is slated to take place on November 18, 2017 at the Crown of Beauty Theatre, Sanya, China PR. During the conclusion of the pageant, Stephanie Del Valle of Puerto Rico will crown her successor as the new Miss World.

In twenty four hours the world will know the brand ambassador of “Beauty with a Purpose” motto. In twenty four hours we will have a new queen carrying forward the legacy of Miss World pageant and like every year, I am here to unfold my favorites for the title. Let’s get started!

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Topping the leaderboard is Achintya Nilsen from Indonesia. Indonesia has constantly proved its worth in all the fastrack rounds be it Talent, Top Model or Beauty with a Purpose, she has proved out to be one of the most well prepared candidate for Miss World crown. Her Beauty with a Purpose project is proof enough of her dedication towards the cause of Miss World. After winning Best in Designer Dress and showing impeccable presence of mind in Head to Head Challenge, I am sure that Indonesia has the charm to win its next big title tomorrow.

Next up is Manushi Chhillar from India. Apart from having magnanimous beauty, Manushi has the elegance and grace to stand out in the crowd. I love her for being spontaneous, bubbly and substantial. Apart from nailing her Multimedia presence, Manushi has been making waves in pageant world after asserting her strong Beauty with a Purpose project on menstrual hygiene. She has made her place in Top Model Round and Beauty with a Purpose round and her Head to Head Challenge was just a cherry on the beautiful cake she presented throughout the course of her journey. If rumours mill are to be believed, Manushi is also going to conclude the Dances of the World segment on finale gala.

On third place we have Aurore Kichenin from France. Exotically stunning and irrevocably congenial, I love the way she presented herself in the competition. Solidifying her place already in semi-finals by winning Head to Head Challenge, France has proved its mettle with strong Beauty with a Purpose and Top Model placement.

In fourth place we have Polina Popova from Russia. Though a not great speaker, Russia has been visible in the competition from Day 1 to Present Day. She has placed in important segments like Beauty with a Purpose and Top Model Round. Her popularity might land her a place in final five.

Completing the fifth spot in finals is Esma Voloder from Australia. Her angelic face is something difficult to forget. She is a head turner and surely has played her cards well in the competition by placing in Beauty with a Purpose fastrack. She is here to make her presence felt.

In sixth position we have Clarissa Bowers from United States of America. Clarissa was one of my favourites to win the Miss World crown but her absence in Beauty with a Purpose segment semi-finals make me suspicious about her win. However, having said that she is difficult to resist.

Climbing up in seventh place we have, Enkhjin Tseveendash from Mongolia. She has already won her Head to Head Challenge and has placed in all remarkable Fastracks including Sports, Top Model Round and Beauty with a Purpose. She is energetic and lively and her personality demands attention for all the right reasons.

On eighth place is Andrea Meza from Mexico, who too has shown remarkable performance at Miss World 2017 by pacing in Sports, Talent and Top Model Round. Her multimedia segment is also a highlight among pageant fans and I won’t be surprised if she makes it to Top 10.

Next at number nine we have, Elisa Tulian from Spain. After the successful victory of Mireia Lalaguna, Spain has sent yet another charmer to the Miss World pageant. She has the “it” factor to shine in the crowd as she speaks with ease while interacting with the audience and interviewer. Her Head to Head Challenge is a delight to watch and her placement in Top Model and Sports makes her worthy of all the appreciation.

On number ten we have, Dominican Republic. Many people were surprised to see the magic Aletxa Mueses embodied in her Head to Head Challenge, but that charm was intensified when she won the Sports Round and grabbed direct entry to finals of Miss World 2017. Her Top Model placement is proof enough to see her vivacious side.

Next we have, Patlada Kulphakthanapat from Thailand. It was lovely to see how she handled her Head to Head Challenge. Having placed in Top Model Round and Beauty with a Purpose segment, Thailand has solidified its root in finals.

Following up is Magdalena Bieńkowska from Poland, who has shown good results in Sports and Top Model Round. Subsequently we have, Polina Tkach from Ukraine, who dazzled remarkably in Talent Round. Followed by Laura Lehmann of Philippines, who effervescently represented her nation in the competition. On number fifteen we have, the very talented, Nikita Chandak from Nepal, who placed in Top Model and Beauty with a Purpose Round and proved out to be one of the most active and energetic contestant in the batch.

These were my favourites for Miss World 2017 crown. Who all your bets for the title? Do let me know in the comment section below and do not forget to stay tuned with The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry Facebook page tomorrow at 5:00 PM (IST) for Miss World 2017 updates, until then have a good day! See you 🙂

Head to Head Challenge Winners of Miss World 2017


Mongolia Wins Multimedia at Miss World 2017



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