Paving Way to Top 40, Miss World 2017 Head to Head Challenge Winners Announced

Meet The Ten Shortlisted Quarter-Finalists of Miss World 2017

Just six more days to go before we see the crowning of Miss World 2017. The pageant is on fire with its new format and with Head to Head Challenge being welcomed open heartedly by all pageant fans and critics, Miss World 2017 is gaining a lot of attention for the right reasons.

The contestants all across 120 nations were divided in twenty groups, who sat in an open discussion and interview together. The video was then released on the official social media handles of Miss World Organization asking people worldwide to vote for the best. After calculating the Mobstar, Facebook and Youtube votes, Miss World Organization announced the results of eight Head to Head Challenge Rounds.

miss world 2017 top 40 finalists.jpg

The first Head to Head Challenge Group comprised Angola, Austria, Bahamas, Georgia, Guadeloupe and Italy and Miss Italy, Conny Notarstefano emerged as the winner.  The second Head to Head Challenge Group consisted Albania, Argentina, Bolivia, Cote D’Ivorie,  Israel and Mauritius, and Miss Argentina, Avril Marco was titled as the winner. In the third group, Belgium, Cameroon, Chile, Guinea, Madagascar and Nepal contested for quarter finals entry and Miss Nepal, Nikita Chandak won the contest. The fourth group included, Armenia, Australia, Egypt, France, Germany and Jamaica and Miss France, Aurore Kichenin emerged as the winner. In the fifth group, Colombia, Cook Islands, Curacao, Gibraltar, Paraguay and Portugal vied for the quarter final spot and Miss Colombia, Maria Daza came as the winner. The sixth group comprised Bangladesh, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Ethiopia and South Africa, among which Miss Bangladesh, Jessia Islam was adjudged as the winner. The seventh group included, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Dominican Republic, Guam, Honduras, Iceland and Macau China, among which Miss Macau,  Cloe Lan Wan-Ling was titled as the winner. The eighth group comprised, Cyprus, Kenya, Mongolia, Ireland, Russia and Singapore and Miss Mongolia,  Enkhjin Tseveendash emerged as the winner.

At this stage, we have ten shortlisted candidates in Top 40 quarter-finalists for Miss World 2017-

  1. Argentina – Avril Marco
  2. Bangladesh – Jessia Islam
  3. Colombia – Maria Daza
  4. Dominican Republic – Aletxa Mueses (Sports Winner)A
  5. France – Aurore Kichenin
  6. Italy – Conny Notarstefano
  7. Macau – Cloe Lan Wan-Ling
  8. Mongolia – Enkhjin Tseveendash
  9. Nepal – Nikita Chandak
  10. Nigeria – Ugochi Ihezue (Top Model Winner)

The 67th edition of the Miss World pageant is slated to take place on November 18, 2017 at the Crown of Beauty Theatre, Sanya, China PR. During the conclusion of the pageant, Stephanie Del Valle of Puerto Rico will crown her successor as the new Miss World.

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Nigeria Wins Top Model Round at Miss World 2017




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