Miss Universe 2017: Pre-Arrival Favorites and Inceptive Review

Miss Universe 2017: First Leaderboard

The world’s most talked about pageant, Miss Universe is here! Miss Universe 2017 is all set to kick off with the arrival of contestants in the host city, Las Vegas. While some of the major front runners for the title have already landed in Las Vegas, United States of America, others have left their homeland to begin the journey towards Miss Universe 2017 crown. But before the competition takes an exciting shape, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry brings its pre-arrival favourites for the title of Miss Universe 2017. So let’s begin!


Leading my leader board is none other than Miss Thailand, Maria Poonlertlarp. I believe she has everything what it takes to be crowned as next Miss Universe. Her departure videos gave me shivers of excitement as she left for Las Vegas. She was not just calm and composed but also sounded very witty and reflected the vibes of winner with that ethereal grace. She is beautiful and could end the long drought of Thailand for Miss Universe crown.


Next in my leader board is not a surprise. She is Miss South Africa, Demi Leigh Nel Peters. Effervescent as ever, this beauty looks wonderful in candid shots as well as photoshoots. She has done her homework well and looks extremely prepared for the competition in her departure videos. She exudes confidence and has it all to gift South Africa the Miss Universe crown this year.

south africa
South Africa

Next in my list is Miss Colombia, Laura González. Do not be surprised if she gives her country fourth consecutive Top 5 at Miss Universe, as she deserves it at this stage of time. Oozing with confidence, spark and liveliness, Laura is my bet for Top 3 at this moment.


Up next is Miss Australia, Olivia Rogers. What a beauty she is! She looks fresh and confident and exudes Olivia Jordan vibes. Aussie beauties could never be underestimated at Miss Universe pageant. She is here to take the vengeance of last year non placement of her nation, proving that Australian sash can never diminish.


Joining the Finalists Spot in my leader board is Miss USA, Kára McCullough. Completely different and unique, Kara is here at Miss Universe 2017 to break the clichéd image of USA. She is bold, smart and has the poise to put fire at the ramp. She has the spark to shine radiantly in the crowd. Watch out for this lady!

22280264_1237111589724027_2461945635696279552_n (1)

Following up is Miss Philippines, Rachel Peters. When it comes to training and grooming, no one can beat the Filipino beauty queens. Rachel is a sheer delight to watch on stage. She is there to leave an everlasting impression and would go beyond all odds to make her presence felt.

21224347_1969219626627203_3883039057109843968_n (1)


On number seven we have Miss Mexico, Denisse Franco. This Mexican beauty stands out in the crowd with that charming face and irresistible aura. She radiates energy. I am rooting on to this lady.


Next we have Miss France, Alicia Aylies. Her doll like features and exotic beauty gives her an edge over others. She is yet another French intellectual queen in the competition and is not to be underestimated.


Following up is Miss India, Shraddha Shashidhar. Completely passionate to take home the third Miss Universe crown for India, Shraddha has proved out to be a fighter in the competiton. Being crowned one month prior to Miss Universe finals, she has given her all to shine and there she is making waves in the pageant world.


Last but not the least, we have Miss Brazil, Monalysa Alcântara, who amazes everyone who watches her on stage. Not only does her exotic beauty gain spotlight but also her charm is something difficult to resist.


These are my top ten picks for the title of Miss Universe 2017 before the pageant kicks off, who all have earned a special place in your heart? Do let me know in the comment section below. Also, you can vote for your favourite Miss Universe 2017 contestant in this link to make her win People’s Choice by The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry. Until then, see you! 🙂

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