Miss Grand International 2017: An Insight To Final Question and Answer Round!

Beauties Speak Their Hearts and Minds in Final Round of Miss Grand International 2017

María José Lora from Peru was crowned as Miss Grand International 2017 in the fifth edition of Miss Grand International, which took place on 25th October 2017 at Vinpearl Resort & Villas, Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam. At the conclusion of the pageant, Ariska Putri Pertiwi from Indonesia passed on her crown to her successor.

However, after having discussed all the fun facts, trivia and highlights of the grand finale of Miss Grand International 2017 in the foregoing review, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry brings you the final question asked in the final round to the Top 5 finalists, which lead them to win their respective titles in the event through their illuminating answers. The final question was common to all the contestants, which was

“If you had to issue a law to punish criminals of war and violence how would you punish these people and why?”


Nikola Uhlírová- Miss Grand Czech Republic 2017

“I guess I can’t punish these people but together we can do it, together we can stop the war and violence, together!”

María José Lora- Miss Grand Peru 2017

“If I have to issue a law that punishes people that make the war and violence, I will take them to live in refugee camps so they can feel the pain, the suffering, and the devastation these families go through because of the war and violence. I will take them, for a certain amount of time to live in refugee camps. That would be my law for the people that create war and violence. Thank you so much,”

Brenda Azaria Jiménez- Miss Grand Puerto Rico 2017

“The law that I will create is, by obligation they have to do chivalrous work, work for the society because I am an ambassador of ‘Stop the War and Violence’ and I am not going to punish these people with more violence. One person can bring a change in society, so these people are going to work for the society to make a new one and a better one.”

Tulia Rosa María Alemán Ferrer- Miss Grand Venezuela 2017

“I am a person that believes in god, I believe that the law of god is the most important one, so the way I would stop the war would be by implementing love, respect and values.”

Elizabeth Durado Clenci- Miss Grand Philippines 2017

“They say a nation is judged not by criminals and the crimes they commit, but how the nation punishes them. If I were to create a law, it would be to implement mental rehabilitation because character is such a complex phenomenon. We cannot judge someone’s character based on the crimes that they commit. If we punish somebody just as equally as the crimes they have committed, then what does that say about us? I would implement mental rehabilitation. Thank you.”

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