Yoana Gutiérrez from Mexico is TKOP Readers’ Choice for Miss Grand International 2017

Mexico is Reader’s Choice for Miss Grand International 2017

Yoana Gutiérrez from Mexico has been chosen as the The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry Readers’ Choice for Miss Grand International 2017. She received total 25,720 voted contributing to 14% of total votes.

Twenty two years old, Yoana hails from the city of Jalisco and stands 1.76 m tall. She is a graduate in Accounting from the University of Guadalajara and is not new to the glitzy world of pageantry. Formerly, she participated in Miss World Mexico 2016, where she was adjudged as Top 5 finalist. Later on, she was handpicked by the Miss Mexico Organization to represent Mexico at Miss Grand International 2017.


Mexico has never won a Miss Grand International crown and Yoana Gutiérrez is aspiring to be the first peace and goodwill ambassador from her country by contending for the title of Miss Grand International.


Following her in the Readers’ Poll is Sanjeda John from Malaysia, who gained 11,903 votes contributing to 6% of total votes. Thereafter, on third place is the crowd favorite from Indonesia. Dea Goesti Rizkita acquired 5,303 votes, contributing to 3% of total votes. The poll received total 185,393 votes from 77 countries all across the globe. Here are the Top 10 of Miss Grand International 2017 Readers’ Choice Poll-

  1. Mexico- Yoana Gutiérrez (25,720 votes)
  2. Malaysia- Sanjeda John (11,903 votes)
  3. Indonesia- Dea Goesti Rizkita (5,303 votes)
  4. Netherlands- Kelly Van den Dungen (4,793 votes)
  5. Thailand- Pamela Pasinetti (4,628 votes)
  6. Philippines- Elizabeth Durado Clenci (4,160 votes)
  7. Wales- Nadia Suliman (4,145 votes)
  8. Denmark- Natasha Bendix Helms (4,013 votes)
  9. New Zealand- Meghan Kenney (3,967 votes)
  10. Canada- Maddison Fysh (3,885 votes)

You can follow the entire poll here at this link.

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