Miss Grand International 2017: The Final Hotpicks and Concluding Verdict!

Miss Grand International 2017: Final Predictions and Concluding Review

The fifth edition of Miss Grand International is scheduled to take place on 25th October 2017 at Vinpearl Resort & Villas, Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam. At the conclusion of the pageant, Ariska Putri Pertiwi from Indonesia will pass on her crown to her successor.

With just few hours left for the grand finale of Miss Grand International 2017, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry is here with the final predictions of the pageant after going through all the live sessions, preliminary competition and pre-pageant activities. So without delaying it much, let’s get started:

Top 5 Finalists

top 5 miss grand international 2017.jpg

Miss Grand Peru, Maria Jose Lora tops the leaderboard with her terrific performance both in the preliminary competition and pre-pageant activities. She has the beauty, poise, oomph and vigour to take home the crown. She is not just the crowd’s favorite but also fits in the bill of Miss Grand International Organization, who loves the fierceness in ladies. The cards are in her favour.

Following up is Miss Grand India, Anukriti Gussain. Anukriti with that angelic face created waves before she landed in Vietnam. She is probably one of the strongest Asian candidate contesting for the title of Miss Grand International and her vivacity proves it time and again!

Closely following is Venezuela. Tulia Rosa María Alemán Ferrer is one of the strongest contestant, the powerhouse nation has ever sent to this pageant. She is here with an aim to earn the title, and she is spot on her game.

Miss Grand Vietnam is next in line. It is hard to ignore the beauty like, Nguyễn Trần Huyền My, who is not just beautiful but also elegant. She won the crowd last night during the prelims and is pretty likely to earn her spot in the finals not just being the host country but also as a wonderful performer.

Miss Grand Philippines is at number fifth position. Elizabeth Clenci is undeniably strong at the runway. She knows how to slay the audience with those killer poses and charming runway skills. Do not underestimate this beauty!

Top 10 Semi-Finalists

top 10 miss grand international 2017.jpg

Miss Grand Mexico takes the lead on number sixth position in the leaderboard. Yoana Gutiérrez Vázquez was amazingly impressive in the preliminary competition and has given her all to shine in the finals of Miss Grand International 2017. She has the body, she has the face, she is certainly going to dazzle.

Miss Grand Netherlands follows up at number seven. Kelly Van Den Dungen is one of the most gorgeous faces at the Miss Grand International 2017 pageant. She has the grace to leave people spellbound.

Miss Grand Indonesia is next in our chart. Dea Rizkita is one of the best fighter to contend for a back to back in such a remarkable way. She has never disappointed the audience and has been a sheer pleasure to witness throughout the competition.

Subsequently, we have Miss Grand USA in the line. Taylor Kessler  is the bubbly diva, who steals the spotlight with a dazzling smile. She is here to leave an enchanting impression of her sash.

Miss Grand South Sudan locks her spot in Top 10 with that stellar preliminary performance in both the rounds. She truly does justice to the label ‘Barbie’ associated to her. She is a lovely performer.

Top 25 Quarter Finalists

top 25 miss grand international 2017.jpg

On eleventh spot we have Miss Grand Paraguay, who left the audience stunned with her fierce evening gown preliminary performance. Following up is Miss Grand Haiti, who knows how to impress the audience with her magical voice and killer poise on runway. Grabbing the thirteenth position is Miss Grand Thailand. She is yet another brilliant lady, the nation has sent to Miss Grand International, her performance is treat to eyes!  Miss Grand Jamaica steals the number fourteenth spot with the regal aura she embodied during the prelims and pre pageant activities. Miss Grand Ukraine is here on number fifteen with her killer looks and graceful performance. She oozes royalty in her body language and reflects charm in her aura. She is definitely worth paying attention!

Thereafter we have Costa Rica, who despite of tripping badly in the evening gown round gave a stellar performance in the swimsuit round of the prelims. She conveys the idea of perseverance and confidence. Next we have Laos, who has proved out to be a pleasant surprise in the competition. She is impressively graceful. On number eighteenth, we have, Australia. She has shined effectively since day one and cannot be ignored.  Following her is Cambodia, Colombia and Hungary. Fiji, Sweden, England and Ecuador complete the quarter finalists spot.

Miss Grand International 2017 Final Hotpicks.jpg

So these were my picks for the crown of Miss Grand International 2017. Who are your picks for the crown? Share your opinions with me in the comment section below and do not forget to stay tuned on the Facebook Page of The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry tomorrow at 18:00 IST onward to catch all the live updates of the pageant. Until then, see you! 🙂

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