An Exclusive Interview with M. Shankar- International Director of Best Icon Model International

In a Conversation with M. Shankar- International Director of Best Icon Model International 

Best Icon Model International is an International Beauty Pageant headed by Rio Production, which is a renowned modeling and film institute. The mission of the organization is to help modeling aspirants to bring out their best. The winners will not only get an opportunity to enter the international pageant but will also have the chance of becoming the brand ambassador for the international brand and international calendar shoot, which is collaborated with Di Vero Moldova.

Although the pageant is new and is innovative in its very idea, the conviction of the International Director to soar high is beyond praises. Lately, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry, which is also the official social media partner of the national pageant, Best Icon India, got a chance to share the thoughts over the pageant with the International Director, M. Shankar. So without much delay let’s have an insight to the mind of the newly appointed International Director.


Congratulations, Mr. Shankar for acquiring the franchise of Best Icon Model International. How are you gearing yourself up for the voyage?

Hi! Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to speak about our pageant and  we looking forward for  new fresh face look model for the international from different part of country and culture to bring to the good platform

Please tell us more about Best Icon Model International. How did it come into existence? What is the principle of the event?

Best icon model international bringing to different part of the country and cultures based on the cultures we bring to the international for all in the world.

On what criteria will the delegates be judged?

The title itself says it. The winner should be the icon for the people. They should have a strong personality to inspire and influence the future generations.

Will the preliminary activities carry some marks in final scores of the contestants or merely grand finale will work as the decisive factor in the final judgment?

Yes of course, preliminary rounds like one-on-one interview carries a lot of importance to crack the first round.

How many countries are going to be part of Best Icon Model International?

Well as of now 18 to 25 countries have confirmed the participation and many more to go.

During what time of the year will we witness the grand finale of the pageant?

You can witness the pageant by 2018 August.

Will the pageant be conducted on the home turf, India or overseas?

Well, this being the first edition we want to do it in India but there are lots of proposals and invitations from overseas Sponsors, so you may see the 2019 editions overseas.

Will the pageant have former beauty queens on the jury panel or would it invite experts from different fields?

Judges from different fields would make the pageant better and fairer but you can also see many beauty queens being on board to be part of grooming and help the contestants during pageant.


Best Icon Model International is one of the rarest pageants which give a platform to both the genders. Kudos to your team for such a wonderful concept! How did the idea of giving an equal podium to both men and women came to your mind?

Very simple, its one big platform for all talents. I don’t want to divide the talent basis of gender that’ was my main motto.

Tell us more about your team. Who will grace the panel of official designer and trainer for the pageant?

We have very fine people from the industry and there will be huge press meet regarding the same and every one from the board will be revealed soon.

How is Best Icon Model International different from other pageants in terms of agenda and objectives?

As I mentioned before its Unisex pageant, that itself is unique. There is hardly few pageant in the world which is for both men and women. Its good to wait and watch the surprises instead of opening it now . But I promise this is going to be very different.

What message would you like to give to the pageant enthusiasts, who are reading this interview?

Believe in yourself, don’t ask for the courage but ask for the opportunities where you can prove yourself.

What message would you like to give to The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry?

Its our honor to have TKOP on board as Online media partner and responsible to pick up People’s choice winner for national pageant. All I want to say is that it’s my pleasure and I am honored to work with the reputed person, Vagisha Mishra from the Pageant industry.


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  1. This is one of the greatest opportunity and platform provided by Rio production and is not possible without M.Shankar Sir.
    This is surely going to be best high class event across countries.


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