An Exclusive Interview with Ranjani Shankar- National Director of Mr & Miss Best Icon India

In a Conversation with Ranjani Shankar

Best Icon India is a National Beauty Pageant headed by Rio Production, which is a renowned modeling and film institute. The mission of the organization is to help modeling aspirants to bring out their best. The winner of Best icon India will represent India at Best Icon Model International, which is also governed by Rio Production.

The winners will not only get an opportunity to enter the national pageant but will also have the chance of becoming the brand ambassador for the international brand and international calendar shoot, which is collaborated with Di Vero Moldova.

Although the pageant is new and is innovative in its very idea, the conviction of the National Director to soar high is praiseworthy. Lately, The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry, which is also the official social media partner of the pageant, got a chance to share the thoughts over the pageant with the National Director, Ranjani Shankar. So without much delay let’s have an insight to the mind of the newly appointed National Director.


Congratulations, Mrs Ranjani for acquiring the franchise of Best Icon India. How are you gearing yourself up for the voyage?

Thank you Vagisha,  My Journey being a mother of 7 year old daughter it’s always tough job to handle both personal and professional life but being the National director of Best icon India 2017 I am as excited as the contestants who are part of it. Apart from that preparing the schedule and connecting with different people is given me a chance to learn a lot new things.

Please tell us more about Best Icon India. How did it come into existence? What is the principle of the event?

Best icon India is National Beauty pageant which is divided into 5 different regionals pageants, Mr and Miss Best Icon South, Mr and Miss Best Icon North, Mr and Miss Best icon East, Mr and Miss Best Icon North-East, Mr and Miss Best Icon West, every regional top 3 winners will compete with each other’s in National pageant.  Well there was a time where I was looking out for opportunities back then but wasn’t good enough and now that I am able to create better platform for the talents of this generations that’s when Best Icon India pageant came into existence.  As mentioned above a proper platform and a better opportunities for the upcoming talents.

Best Icon India is one of the rarest pageants in India which gives a platform to both the genders. Kudos to your team for such a wonderful concept! How did the idea of giving an equal podium to both men and women came to your mind?

I believe Talents doesn’t been measured by gender, when I wanted to create such a platform I never though it I should start with male or female talents but then unisex pageant would be more colorful where you all kinds of talenst under one roof.

In today’s era pageants are fading in terms of popularity and relevance in the Indian society. What do you think are the possible reasons behind this and how will Best Icon India strive to eradicate this scenario?

Any good thing and or a bad thing both has an example, there is huge misunderstanding due fake agency or False promotion to the public about the fashion world or pageant industry which creates uninterested in the public to be part of it or to send their kids for pageants.  Contestants who are part of best icon India won’t be their final step, No matter you win or lose Rio Productions will make sure every contestants are reaching their success life either in fashion world Movie field.


What are your prime objectives for the pageant? What kind of representatives are you looking forward to?

Well as our country’s tag line says Unity in diversity, the main focus of our pageant is to bring the different cultures and talents from across the country.  We are looking for someone who is just not modern but as also who carries all Indian values by heart and proud to be Indian.

Tell us more about your team. Who will grace the panel of official trainer and grooming for the pageant?

Sujeesh shanmughan who runs famous pageant school in Bangalore “Queens and Crowns” will be training all the contestants during all the regional and national pageant of Best Icon India. Sujeesh has also trained various beauties who went on to place and win many other national and international pageants for India respectively.

How is Best Icon India different from other pageants in India in terms of agenda and objectives?

As to bring lots of talents across countries and give opportunities to all we have dived our pageant to 5 different regional pageants, so that every contestant around our country would be more proud to represent her/his state or culture.

What training criteria are you providing to your contestants and delegates under the pageant?

Training such as ramp walk, Personality devolvement, Physical Grooming, Diction, Fitness training etc and more over to be yourself.

What message would you like to give to the pageant enthusiasts, who are reading this interview?

Success isn’t something you get it easy, no matter how long it takes keep looking out for your destiny and believe in yourself.

What message would you like to give to The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry?

First of all thank you so much Vagisha Mishra for giving us a little space to talk about our pageant to the world and the kaleidoscope of Pageantry being one of the best Pageant blogging site in India, we are so happy and pleasured to be associated with you and Thank you Once again.

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