Sophia Dominguez Heithoff Crowned Miss Teen USA 2017

Sophia Dominguez Heithoff From Missouri Wins Miss Teen USA 2017

Sophia Dominguez Heithoff, who was representing the state of Missouri at Miss Teen USA 2017, has been crowned as Miss Teen USA at the conclusion of the pageant held in Symphony Hall in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday, July 29, 2017. She succeeds Karlie Hay from Texas as the new Miss Teen USA.

Missouri Miss Teen USA 2017 Sophia Dominguez Heithoff.jpg

The pageant was hosted by celebrity personal trainer and author Heidi Powell and E! correspondent Erin Lim, also showcasing the performance by ace Mexican singer, Jorge Blanco.

At the same event, Vanessa Matheson from Oregon was titled as the first runner up, Alexis Smith from Nevada was adjudged as the second runner up, Paige Robinson from Indiana was announced as the third runner up and Jaanu Patel from California finished as the fourth runner up.

Sophia is the second Miss Teen USA titleholder from Missouri. Prior to her win, Missouri had only one Miss Teen USA in the courtesy of Marissa Whitley, who won the crown of Miss Teen USA back in 2001.

The newly crowned Miss Teen USA graduated from high school a year early this past spring and is going to start her undergraduate studies next fall. Sophia, who is a Kansas City native, plans to attend law school and pursue a degree in Political Science and Ethics. As a philanthropist, Miss Teen USA 2017, Sophia Dominguez Heithoff previously created Community and Scholars Cooperatively (CASC), an organization which focused on making community service opportunities fun and easy for teenagers. Sophia devotes herself in uplifting the people suffering with Down Syndrome, and has indulged in helping many organizations that support the disabled. She has also worked along with Missouri state legislators to create policies that provide them with the best quality care.

Complete Results


  • Miss Teen USA 2017- Missouri – Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff
  • 1st runner-up- Oregon – Vanessa Matheson
  • 2nd runner-up- Nevada – Alexis Smith
  • 3rd runner-up- Indiana – Paige Robinson
  • 4th runner-up- California – Jaanu Patel

Top 15 Semi-Finalists:

  • Arizona – Karly Riggs
  • Iowa – Carley Arnold
  • Oregon- Vanessa Matheson
  • Nevada- Alexis Smith
  • Indiana- Paige Robinson
  • Maryland – Taylor Spruill
  • New York – Isabella Griffith
  • Oklahoma – Baylee Ogle
  • Texas – Kirby Lindley
  • Utah – Rachel Bell
  • Vermont – Kelsey Golonka
  • West Virginia- Olivia Hutchison
  • Wyoming – Autumn Schieferstein
  • California- Jaanu Patel
  • Missouri- Sophia Dominguez Heithoff

Special Awards:

  • Miss Congeniality- Rhode Island – Alexa Papigiotis
  • Miss Photogenic- New Jersey – Briahna Reinstein


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