Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2017: Meet The Contestants

Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2017: Meet The Finalists

Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2017 is walking towards finale as the Organization revealed its Top 8 finalists, who will now vie for the chance to represent their country at the coveted Miss World pageant. The Organization first came up with fourteen semi-finalists and then narrowed them down to eighth finalists after assessing the contestants based on various rounds.

The contestants vying to fill the shoes of the reigning Miss World Trinidad and Tobago, Daniella Walcott are-

  1. Jade Mascall
  2. Sherisse Bideshi
  3. Melissa Aquilliera
  4. Tanisha Lalla
  5. Djennicia Francis
  6. Anastasia Mootoo
  7. Chandini Chanka
  8. Zayna McDonald

Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2017

During the conclusion of the pageant, Daniella Olivia Marie Walcott will pass on her crown to her successor as the new Miss World Trinidad and Tobago. Daniella Marie Walcott was appointed Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2016, by Vanessa Sahatoo-Manoo, the President of Oneness Entertainment and the national director of Miss World Trinidad & Tobago pageant after taking into account the weak corporate economic situation in the country. Walcott is also the younger sister of Gabrielle Walcott who was 2nd runner-up at Miss World 2008 and also the cousin of Magdalene Walcott, who made it to the Top 20 at Miss World 2003.
Trinidad & Tobago has one won Miss World crown through Giselle Laronde in 1986 and have gifted the Miss World pageant with several runner ups and semi-finalists.

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