Femina Miss India 2017: Who is Evolving as a Good Orator?

Femina Miss India 2017: A Review on Travel Videos !

Femina Miss India had one of the most charged up inauguration this edition! And the Cox & Kings Getaway Travel Videos by the thirty gorgeous finalists just worked as a cherry on the cake. The videos were released last evening by the Femina Miss India Organization and I must say, those videos were vibrant enough to give me goose bumps.

Being born and brought up in India, I completely cherish the rich heritage we have and the diverse culture we are surrounded with! However, after seeing many of the Cox & Kings Getaway Travel videos I was deeply astonished by many unknown beautiful places, delicacies and culture which I am yet to perceive. Hence to judge the story of a state over other would not only be futile but also debasing. Therefore, I am here with a review on these travel videos where I would be ranking the delegates not on the basis of video presentation or the story of their states but on diction, body language, gestures and personality.

Since the introduction videos are yet to be released therefore I used these travel videos in order to get a glimpse of the veiled personality of the delegates and how wonderful orator they actually are!

Claiming the zenith over all the contestants is none other than the last year Top 5 finalist, who is representing the vibrant state, Punjab this year, Navpreet Kaur. Navpreet is incredibly confident, vibrant, full of life and highly energetic. She begins her video with her local dialect for which I would give her a ten on ten! She comes across as a wonderful story teller, conversing about the history, romance, delicacies and culture of her state, Punjab.

At second position is Anukriti Gussain from Uttarakhand. Anukriti Gussain has already represented India at an international pageant and has won the runner up title at the same, this has surely worked wonders in her favour and she is now enhanced in her eloquence. Although the video presentation might not be at par but Anukriti spoke well and her voice shows the confident aura she now possess.

Grabbing the third position is none other than Sana Dua from Jammu and Kashmir. This girl is growing on me with every passing day. Sana is vibrant and has a very impressive way of talking. She didn’t beat the bush and was precise in her exhibition. She is surely here to go a long way!

At fourth spot is Maira Choudhary from Delhi. She is elegant, graceful and speaks like a dream as I said in my pre-arrival review. Although the video presentation might not be excellent, the way Maira narrates the story of her home state, Delhi, is worth to be smitten for! Having lived in abroad for many years does not waver this effervescent beauty to feel the real essence of Delhi.

At fifth place is Mannat Singh from Kerala. Mannat looked like a doll in this video. She is beautiful, poised and bold. Her video covers all aspect of her home state, showcasing the natural beauties, cuisine and culture.

So these were my five favourite speakers from the batch! Who won your hearts with their witty and gracious words? Do tell me in the comment section below! 🙂

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