Miss USA 2017: Final Hotpicks And The Concluding Review

Miss USA 2017: Final Thoughts and Predictions

Lingering after months for the Miss USA 2017 grand finale we are finally here! Just one day left for the crowning of new Miss USA and the pageant aficionados all across the globe are glued to what is happening at Miss USA 2017. But before we reach the grand finale of Miss USA 2017 pageant, I am here with my hotpicks for the crown like every year. So without any further delay let’s reveal the Top 10 favourites of The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry.

Miss USA 2017 winner

Top 3

  1. NEW JERSEY- CHHAVI VERG- This Indian origin beauty has all what it takes to be the next Miss USA in my opinion. Not only is she flawless on stage but she also has that charismatic confidence to wear the sash of USA at Miss Universe. She is a great orator and definitely fits the bill of being a beauty queen with a substantial personality. Her captivating eyes do all the talking for her!
  1. NORTH CAROLINA- KATIE COBLE- Katie Coble is another hot favourite to win the title of Miss USA 2017 with those fierce yet at the same time graceful vibes she exhibits when she is walking the ramp. Along with having one of the perfect bodies in the entire batch she is incredibly confident and poised.
  1. FLORIDA- LINETTE DE LOS SANTOS- The way Linette walks on the runway is like a dream gliding the clouds effortlessly. She has got a remarkable stage presence and definitely comes across as one of the strongest candidate when she flaunts her oomph while performing.

Top 5

  1. MISSOURI- BAYLEIGH DAYTON– Missouri is perhaps one of the most underrated contestants vying for the title of Miss USA this year. Bayleigh Dayton pulled out a pretty decent performance during the preliminary competition of Miss USA 2017 and is one of the most interesting orator of the batch, don’t be surprised if she paves her way to the finals.
  1. NEVADA- LAUREN YORK- The host girl, Lauren York is here in my final five picks not just because of the fact that she is the host delegate but rather because came across as one of the finest candidate in the batch, who could justify the notion of “Confidently Beautiful”. She is polished and has the aura which can fiddle with any circumstances.

Top 10

  1. CALIFORNIA- INDIA WILLIAMS- Nadia Mezia surely raised the bars high for her successor but India Williams is totally set to bring on the glory of her sash with such striking performances she has been giving at the pageant since day one. She is modelesque and certainly is someone to watch for in the finals!
  1. TEXAS- NANCY GONZALEZ- Nancy Gonzalez represents one of the strongest sashes at the Miss USA pageant, Texas. Needless to say, Nancy comes across as someone who is well prepared for the challenges that are coming her way. She is fierce and is surely not someone who could be ignored in the pageant.
  1. LOUISIANA- BETHANY TRAHAN- She may not be tall as other contestants but there is surely something captivating in the beauty of Bethany Trahan. She has an impressive stage presence and one can vouch for her great presence during the finale night.
  1. RHODE ISLAND- KELSEY SWANSON- She might not be the talk of the town right now but she is positively going to create gigantic waves at the time when it would be needed most. Another strong woman to look for!
  1. HAWAII- JULIE KUO– Initially there were a lot of expectations from this stunning candidate and she did lived up to them when she gave a terrific performance during the preliminary competition. Julie Kuo knows how to slay with her expressions when she is walking the runway.



So these were my picks for the title of Miss USA 2017. Do not forget to share your opinions in the comment section below! Until next time! 🙂

Miss USA 2017 will be the 66th edition of Miss USA pageant, which is slated to take place on May 14, 2017. At the end of the Miss USA 2017 pageant, Deshauna Barber of District of Columbia will crown her successor as the next representative of United States of America to Miss Universe 2017.

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