The Winning Evening Gown of Miss South Africa 2017: HIT or MISS?

Miss South Africa 2017 Evening Gown: HIT or MISS?

Miss South Africa 2017 concluded with the crowning of Demi Leigh Nel-Peters last Sunday and the audience could not help but fall in love with the effortless beauty of the newly crowned beauty queen. But amidst the sea of admiration, as every pageant fanatic and pageant expert would not fail to notice the kind of evening gown, Demi Leigh Nel Peters was donning, I too fell into web of opinions on noticing the winning evening gown of Miss South Africa 2017.


The light teal coloured evening gown of the newly crowned Miss South Africa 2017 was totally a hit in my opinion. The subtle designs and soothing effect of the evening gown was definitely accentuating the effervescence Demi Leigh Nel Peters was carrying with her vivacious smile. The trail at the back of the evening gown highlights the royalty of the beauty queen making her seem all the more regal and majestic, reflecting her as someone who owns a personality of substance.

Furthermore, the hairdo of Demi Leigh Nel Peters just works as a cherry on the cake as it highlights the design of the evening gown in all grandeur. The nude heels allows the audience’s attention to be placed intact on the evening gown and that is why I give this look a ten on ten, labelling it as a complete HIT.

So what’s your take on the evening gown of Miss South Africa 2017? Do let me know via the comment section right below the screen. 🙂

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