An Interview With Sindhura Kaviti- Femina Miss India Andhra Pradesh 2017 Finalist

In a Conversation With Sindhura Kaviti

Femina Miss India 2017 is all set to crown the south zonal winners on March 5, 2017 but the pageant fanatics have already chosen their favorites, and among one of those shining gems is the very gorgeous Andhra Pradesh finalist, Sindhura Kaviti.

Sindhura Kaviti, who is a trained Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi dancer is vying to represent her state at Femina Miss India 2017. Since last ten years, this beauty has been working for the upliftment of blind people. Lets know a little more about this diva through this interview-


Hello Sindhura! Many many congratulations for making it to the finalist spot of Miss Andhra Pradesh 2017. How are you feeling right now?

Thank you so much. As incredible and exciting it is. It’s a beginning towards an inexplicable journey. A stepping stone. It’s something I must put in my all to conquer. And all I can think of right now is the number of ways I can ready myself and gear up to experience and win every bit of what I will learn and earn from this moment on!

How are gearing yourself up for the coming auditions? Any insights to your preparations or future goals?

I’m always haunted by the fear of leaving a learning behind and not working enough. Even when I’m assured that I’m doing great by people around me. So prep has been great so far but there’s still so much more to learn! 🙂 And I need to perfect my present to let the best future unfold. So incredible plans for the present!

Who is your biggest inspiration and how has he/she helped you to strive the challenges that have come your way?

My mother, undoubtedly! My life is complete because of her. Whatever I aspire to be, is only to reach up to becoming the magnificent woman that she is. Her ideologies are what I Swear by and with time I’ll reach out to the world with all I’ve been taught one day.. and the world will agree, oblige and believe in the values that my mother has instilled in me. This is me being irrevocably honest.

What quality do you think makes you different from other contestants?

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. My Strength is the value and understanding I have of my life. I’m giving it my best shot and only time will tell if my best if better than the rest.

If you go on to win Miss Andhra Pradesh, how will you use your title and platform in your future endeavours?

Winning this title will help me take a big leap into my life. There is so much I want to give back to this world. I will be able to reach a larger audience and voice every world problem that ever got me crying to sleep. I’d soar higher. I’d never stop learning. Also, Immediately after winning I would throw a party only for my sister and her friends since they’ve always been so excited and happy for me!

How confident are you about winning this title?

I’m winning this. There’s no space for another option in the box. Haha!


Tell us something about your leisure pursuits and your veiled personality.

I am a Doctor and I find solace in my work. I love Sketching, nail art. I have a small animal shelter where I take care of 6 abandoned dogs. I love training dogs. A trained Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi dancer. I took a course in Belly Dancing which I find so enticing! I’m an ambivert who enjoys learning about people’s experiences and journeys above everything!

As you know, Miss World rests its prominent focus on the “Beauty with a Purpose” project. What will be your BWAP Project for Femina Miss India 2017, if you’re chosen as one of the Top 30 finalists?

My BWAP will be about something I’ve been working for, for years now. Visakhapatnam is also home a heart warming blind school wherein over 200 blind children learn and grow. However, not many of us contribute to places such as this one. In association with a Eye donation bank that I got in touch with recently, I want to be able to do as much as I can for all these kids. I believe Eyes are useless when the mind is blind. And when we meet these kids, we realise how much potential we’re missing out now. So yes. This is what I’ll be working towards!

Have you started working over your “Beauty with a Purpose” project? How are you raising funds and awareness for your project?

As I already mentioned, I’ve been working for this since 2007. And I’ve already managed to get several families contribute for a lot of children and their education throughout the year. But a long way to go!

What do you think is the most important quality every beauty queen should possess and why?

Beauty Queen for me is someone who is incredibly strong and has the power to Bring a positive idea to life someone who can influence her people with her opinions and voice.


What incident in your life made you realize about your passion in pageantry? Who assured you that beauty pageants are totally your cup of tea?

Kudos to everybody around me that told me I must take this up! My family, friends, always believed that I must aspire higher and quoting some of them- “You belong there, Sindu!” . I hope it works out for me 🙂

What message would you like to give to The Kaleidoscope of Pageantry and your fans reading this interview?

I would reach out and thank each and every one of you if I could for being so encouraging towards us and a 100 warm hugs for always trying to bring out the best in us! Thank you so much!

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