65th Miss Universe: Final Predictions and Concluding Review!

Miss Universe 2016: Final Hotpicks and Concluding Opinions

And after all hullabaloos, speculations and expectations we are finally one step away from the grand finale of 65th edition of Miss Universe pageant.  What an adventurous roller coaster ride this pageant has been, not just for the contestants but also for the pageant enthusiasts who kept on rummaging every nooks and corners of the pageant town with bated breath.

Assumed to be make it or break it round of Miss Universe pageant, wherein you earn what you deliver, I have finally come up with my twelve picks for the title of Miss Universe 2016. The jury panel have already sealed their Top 12 after last night’s preliminary competition and the pageant critics and fans are passionately jotting down their favourites at social media and public forums. So without further delay, I am unfolding my Top 12 for Miss Universe 2016 right here!

Top 3

Topping my leaderborad is none other than Iris Mittenaere from France. It has been ages since France has won the Miss Universe crown and this gorgeous European has everything what it takes to be crowned as the next Miss Universe. She owns a sassy walk, vibrant aura and fierce face to stand out in the crowd. Not only that, she is eloquent enough to gain a spotlight if she enters the Top 6 finalist spot during the interview round. France has won the Miss Universe crown only once and that too back in 1953 and after 64 years Iris Mittenaere can definitely be the rescuer of the glorious nation!


Succeeding right behind France is Mariam Habach from Venezuela. Venezuela is the powerhouse of pageants and it would not be a surprise if Mariam slays the grand finale of the Miss Universe pageant just like the preliminary competition. Initially I wasn’t the fan of Mariam Habach, but as days passed on by her flawless performances at the ramp just made me fall in love with her charismatic aura. In my post preliminary review, I called Mariam Habach the “star of the show”, and I have no qualms regarding it even now. Venezuela already has seven crowns and this pretty woman has everything to be eighth winner from her country if IMG/WME is ready to crown Venezuela soon in the interval of four years.


Completing my top three is Raissa Santana from Brazil. What a wonderful trivia it would be if the reigning Miss USA, Deshauna Barber and Miss Universe would be both black ladies! Raissa Santana with her exotic skin tone, confident vibe and breathtaking styling has proved why she is here in Manila, Philippines. Since 1968, Brazil has not won the Miss Universe crown and I believe this is the moment when the nation can be rest assured for their high notch placement. Brazil is definitely in the race of Miss Universe crown after the power packed performances in preliminary competition.


Top 6

It’s Argentina’s year at Miss Universe. After the elegant, energetic and impressive performance, Estefanía Bernal is certainly in my wish list for the Miss Universe crown. Argentina has won the Miss Universe crown only once and that too in 1962, this time the country can come closest to winning the much cherished title once again without a second thought.


Andrea Tovar from Colombia is another sturdy contestant to watch out for the Miss Universe crown. Colombia’s unwavering performance at Miss Universe pageant is commendable and maintaining that splendid momentum is Andrea Tovar with the sash that screams out loud, Colombia. It is undeniable that Andrea has delivered flawlessly throughout the pageant, but what happened last year in Las Vegas with Ariadna Gutierrez might get compensated when the pageant is happening in Philippines. Andrea Tovar with her ten on ten aura and that extra edge will surely rock the finale the coming Sunday!


Chalita Suansane from Thailand completes my Top 6. I totally loved this lady! What a daunting sensation she gives when she glides like a dream on the ramp! Her preliminary performance was a treat to eyes, especially in the evening gown round. If only she could change her evening gown in finale, her chances of getting far would broaden a lot. Thailand has surely come a long way and after last year’s Top 10 placement expect another fantastic placement of the country this year at Miss Universe.


Top 9

Maxine Medina from Philippines is definitely going to continue its country’s placement at Miss Universe pageant for eighth consecutive time. Maxine Medina is congenial in her appearance and with that great crowd cheering for her pleasant performance would only prove as the cherry on the cake.


Kristal Silva from Mexico is definitely one to watch for! The beautiful woman knows how to own the stage when she walks on it with utter poise, grace and fierce eyes. She smashes and burns the ramp with that palpable charisma. Mexico totally deserves to earn a spot in semi-finals or may be finals this year at Miss Universe pageant.


Completing my Top 9 is Kezia Warouw from Indonesia. Indonesia has been delivering really well at international pageants since last few years and seeing Kezia performing so beautifully is no surprise. Although Kezia tripped during the preliminary evening gown round performance but have we not seen that this tripping has always acted as the lucky charm for ladies in the Miss Universe pageant? 😉 Last year’s winner, Pia Wurtzbach also handled herself gracefully as she tripped during the evening gown round in the finale and that’s why Kezia’s chances of getting a commendable spot in Miss Universe 2016 should not be considered as slim at all. The magic she beholds in her persona is totally worth dying for!


Top 12

I am expecting Alena Spodynyuk from Ukraine to enter the semi-finals after I saw her incredibly graceful and regal performance during the evening gown round in the preliminary competition. The way she carried herself reminded me of Diana Harkusha, who finished as the second runner up to Miss Universe 2014. Alena Spodynyuk stands for royalty, grace and ethereal beauty and she totally has what it takes to crack the semi-finals.


Following her is Marina Jacoby from Nicaragua. She is tall, beautiful and polished. She came across as a stand out in many pre pageant activities and it is not easy to ignore this charming diva. Though the country lacks the sash factor, I believe that Marina’s performance in the prelims was worthy enough to earn her a placement in semi-finals.


Keity Drennan from Panama closes my Top 12. She was great in the preliminary competition and came across as a pleasant surprise of the eve. With that vigorous personality that stands confidently with poise on the stage, she should definitely get her due in the grand finale of Miss Universe pageant.


Almost There

Unlike every year when either fifteen or sixteen candidates compete for the title of Miss Universe in the grand finale, we will witness only twelve candidates vying for the crown. As a consequence, the competition is literally a nail biting one where many things might depend on luck. Had there been fifteen semi-finalists, Caris Tiivel from Australia with her saccharine vibes, Roshmitha Harimurthy from India with her congenial aura and Deshauna Barber from USA with her eloquent persona might have cracked the semi-finals.

So these were my picks for the title of Miss Universe 2016. Who are you rooting for as the winner of much awaited title? Do not forget to share your favourites with me in the comment section.

Miss Universe 2016 will be the 65th edition of Miss Universe pageant. Miss Universe 2016 is slated to take place on January 30, 2017 in Manila, Philippines. This year more than 80 countries will compete for the title of Miss Universe 2016, hoping to be crowned by Pia Wurtzbach from Philippines  as next Miss Universe.

Meanwhile, do not forget to vote for your favorite contestant in this link below. The voting lines closes one day prior to the pageant, until then keep voting! 🙂 Since only two days are left for the poll to close, hurry and make your favourite win. The winner of this poll will get a chance to be featured in a special editorial before the finale.


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