How This Winning Reaction of 2016, Won The Hearts!

The Best Crown Winning Moment of 2016

2016 just bid adieu and we are here in a brand new year to foresee even more thrilling pageant moments. But like every year, I am here with my yearly review on the beautiful kaleidoscopic moments of 2016, and this inauguration begins with the theme of “Best Winning Reaction of 2016”. So let’s gets started.

In every pageant, there comes a time when two beautiful women are standing holding hands on the stage, with million eyes glued to their sparkling yet anxious faces and ears bonded to the voices of presenters. The couple of seconds become the longest and most noteworthy moment of the coronation gala when the name of new beauty queen is about to be announced, and bang! There are graffiti, cheers, fireworks and applauds all over on the announcement of the new beauty queen. Indeed one of the best moments of any pageant! So which winning reaction won the hearts in 2016?

Without further delay, let’s break the ice! The best winning reaction of 2016 goes to Stephanie Dell Valle from Puerto Rico, who was lately crowned as Miss World 2016. This was Puerto Rico’s second win at the Miss World pageant, the first being 41 years formerly when Wilnelia Merced became the first ever Puerto Rican to get crowned as Miss World in 1975.  Since 23 years, no Caribbean contestant was able to clinch the crown of Miss World, and this year Puerto Rico accomplished the hard-hitting task.

The record of Puerto Rico at Miss World pageant is not as exceptional as it is in other pageants. Puerto Rico last placed at Miss World in 2013 in Top 30 quarter finalists spot under the representation of Janelee Marcus Chaparro Colón. Puerto Rico’s highest placement till 2016 came when Amanda Victoria Vilanova Pérez was crowned as the second runner up at Miss World 2011. Therefore, for a country which is not a prevalent sash at Miss World, Top 5 finish too is a big deal.


As Stephanie Del Valle confessed in an interview that she was not expecting her to win but rather was hoping Philippines or Kenya to be crowned as the new Miss World, when Julia Morely, the Founder and Chairperson of Miss World Organization announced “Puerto Rico” as the new Miss World, she indeed showed her most spontaneous, lively and vibrant reaction which made her glitter with surprise, awe and gratitude. Stephanie Del Valle’s winning reaction as Miss World would always be remembered as one of the best in pageant history as it is something the pageant fanatics have not seen since a long time in pageants. Alongside, the cheering motivation of her co-contestants shouting proudly “Puerto Rico” at the time of announcement reflects how gregarious the beauty queen must be in person!

Before taking an off take a look at other priceless winning reactions of 2016 which made these beauty queens glow even more vibrantly! 🙂

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Stay tuned to keep a track on more best and worst moments reviews of 2016!

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