Julia Scaparotti Crowned Miss Massachusetts USA 2017

Julia Scaparotti To Represent Massachusetts at Miss USA 2017

Julia Scaparotti was crowned as Miss Massachusetts USA 2017 on November 19, 2016 at Lowell Auditorium, Lowell, MA. She succeeds Whitney Sharpe and will now represent Massachusetts in the coming edition of Miss USA 2017, wherein Deshauna Barber of District of Columbia will pass on her crown to her successor.

Miss Massachusetts USA 2017.jpg

During the coronation gala of Miss Massachusetts USA 2017. Amanda Soucy was titled as the first runner-up, Gabrielle Tavaras was adjudged as the second runner up, Heidi Duran was announced as the third runner up and Allison DeJesus finished as the fourth runner-up.

At the same event, Caitlyn Martin bagged the Miss Teen Massachusetts USA 2017 crown. She will represent Massachusetts at Miss Teen USA 2017, whereby Karlie Hay of Texas will crown her successor.

Complete Results

Miss Massachusetts USA 2017:Julia Scaparotti
First runner-up:Amanda Soucy
Second runner-up:Gabrielle Tavaras
Third runner-up:Heidi Duran
Fourth runner-up:Allison DeJesus


Jenna Kelley
Norissa Morse
Roxanne Ribot Gonzalez
Mary Beth Bjork
Nicole Vicino
Melanie Chhouy
Amanda Soucy
Allison DeJesus
Taylor Higgins
Julia Scaparotti
Samantha Hawkins
Gabrielle Taveras
Heidi Duran
Samantha Hartwell
Bridget Durkin

Special Awards:

Photogenic – Briana Zimmerman
Style – Eleanor Doran
Spirit – Andrea Barros
Congeniality – Gabriela Taveras

Miss USA 2017: Meet The Contestants Here!

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